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4 Ways Jumping Rope Helps Your Sport Performance

jumping rope

Jump rope training can improve your sport performance, but it does requires mental discipline. When Jump roping you have to maintain concentration in order to synchronize the right movements of several muscle groups to execute each jump. Jumping rope can give you a competitive edge by building key factors in sport performance.

Here’s 4 ways jumping rope helps:

#1 Aerobic Exercise

aerobic exercise

Jumping rope can become aerobic and elicits a training response when you preform it for 10 minutes or longer in your aerobic zone. You can do jump rope workouts to replace jogging or running, it gives you greater and quicker cardiovascular response.

#2 Quickness


The reason boxers and MMA fighters use the jump rope is for reaction time. It targets quickness of hands and feet. When jump roping your feet movement is involved in each jump, the faster you jump the quicker your hands moves too, this coordination together also helps to build a quicker connection between your hands and feet.

#3 Speed

jumping rope speed

Having concentration while jump roping can develop your speed. Speed is your quickness over time. Jump rope allows your speed to increase through longer periods by operating in your anaerobic zone.

#4 Agility

rope jumping

Once your jump rope skill develops overtime, you can really build up your agility. It can helps you gain, your ability to accelerate, decelerate, and quickly change directions without losing balance. Most sports require athletes to make movements quickly with changing directions.

Paul Hickman