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5 Handy Vacuuming Tips for Hassle-Free Cleaning


A clean house can benefit you in many ways, but not everyone enjoys cleaning. If you find that you love to relieve a little stress by organizing and cleaning your home, you aren’t alone.

However, if you find you love a clean house but you dislike the work involved in cleaning, you’re also not alone. One of the most tedious aspects of cleaning is the vacuuming process.

It takes time, and it can be such a hassle in some instances. Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can employ to help make vacuuming your home less stressful.

1. Vacuum More Than Once

You can’t vacuum the carpet one time and see results. If you or someone you love has allergies, you might find a once-over isn’t enough. The best way to remove all the allergens from deep inside your carpet fibers is to go over the floor twice. The first run removes anything from the surface of the carpet, but the second run digs deeper and removes pet dander, dust, dust mites, and dirt from deep inside the fibers.

2. Pay Attention to Settings On Your Machine

Most robot vacuum cleaners are equipped with multiple settings designed to help you best robot vacuumget the deepest clean. However, if you’re not using the correct setting in your home, you’re not getting a deep clean. You must adjust the settings to work well with your needs.

For example, your indoor carpet might be longer and plusher than the rugs on your lanai, which means you must adjust the settings to outdoor carpet settings when you move from inside to out. This might not seem like such a big deal, but it makes a substantial difference when you’re cleaning.

3. Clean the Clutter

Before you vacuum, remove anything that’s too big to get sucked into the vacuum cleaner as well as any object that might damage the machine. For example, you don’t want to suck up half a cookie or a paper clip. Do a once-over in each room to check for objects you don’t want to be vacuumed up, remove them, and then get to work. Your vacuum will last longer, your floor will turn out cleaner, and you’ll spend less time cleaning up your own messes.

4. Use Preventative Methods

If you want to ensure your vacuuming is as stress-free as possible, do yourself the favor of enlisting irobot vacuum cleaner for pet hairpreventative methods in your home. The fewer allergens introduced to your carpet in the first place makes cleaning easier and more efficient. Ask guests to remove their shoes before they walk into the house. Don’t let the dog on the carpet. Put doormats inside and outside of each door to trap allergens before they reach the carpet. These help you keep your carpet cleaner in general.

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5. Clean Regularly

It’s easier to maintain a cleaner carpet if you vacuum regularly. If you have kids or pets, a quick vacuum at the end of each day can help you make your life less stressful. If you live alone or you don’t have kids or dogs, you can try vacuuming every two or three days to keep your carpet cleaner. Quick once-overs like this help you keep carpet cleaner without spending hours deep-cleaning fibers once or twice a month.

Your carpet is only as clean as you make it, but you don’t need to spend all your time ensuring it’s clean. You can use these tips to make vacuuming less of a hassle without much effort. It’s also helpful to purchase the right pet vacuum by choosing one with great reviews, one that’s high-quality, and one that fits your specific household needs.

Paul Hickman