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9 Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage

Even if your doctor doesn’t specifically direct you to undergo prenatal massages, doing so can greatly benefit both you and your baby. There are a number of advantages to a prenatal massage, many of which are listed here.

1. Alleviate Joint Pressure

A prenatal massage can help reduce the extra stress that your musculo-fascial structures and joints are subjected to during pregnancy. As your baby develops, the extra weight can have a negative impact on your joints, bones, and muscles. A professional prenatal massage can reduce this pressure.

2. Reduce Normal Pregnancy Pains


There are a number of painful or uncomfortable sensations associated with pregnancy. Upper and lower back pain, sciatica, headaches, stiffness, and tension are just some of the conditions a massage can alleviate. For this reason, many pregnant women invest in a massage chairs. If that’s a route you’re considering, a glance of the best massage chair reviews can help you select the right product for your situation.

3. Boost Blood Circulation

A prenatal massage enhances blood flow, which will help your baby as much as it will benefit your own circulatory system. In addition to delivering a higher concentration of nutrients and oxygen to your baby, stronger blood flow will stimulate your lymph system. This helps eliminate toxins from the blood supply, while also boosting the strength of the immune system.

4. Regulates Blood Pressure

The improved blood circulation also means your blood pressure will be better regulated. A normalized blood pressure means a healthier heart for the mother, but also ensures a safer pregnancy. If your blood pressure is higher than it should be, regular prenatal massages may be necessary. Also see the top 10 best blood pressure monitors for home use

5. Better Mental Health

healthy brain with cognitive activity

As you already know, pregnancy is a time plagued with raging hormones and that can have a chaotic effect on your mental state. Pregnant women often suffer from anxiety, depression, and stress due to these hormonal changes. Prenatal massages can naturally control the release of hormones resulting in a better state of mind. Symptoms of depression and anxiety are either reduced or eliminated, which, in turn, controls your stress levels.

6. Reduce Edema

During pregnancy, the mother’s body will retain more fluids, causing swelling and weight gain. A prenatal massage can encourage the process of eliminating the excessive water, while encouraging lymphatic drainage. Similarly, swelling in the legs and ankles is often reduced.

7. Improve Mobility

When a woman gets pregnant, her body releases hormones specifically designed to relax the ligaments and tendons to help accommodate the developing fetus. A prenatal massage supplements this process by relaxing the muscles. This can help the mother increase her flexibility throughout the pregnancy, which enables her to maintain a higher degree of mobility.

8. Better Sleep

woman sleeping and relaxing on bed

Once the baby comes, getting a full night of quality sleep will be a rare occurrence. That’s just one reason it’s important to get as much quality sleep during pregnancy as possible. Prenatal massages relax the muscles and nerves throughout the body, which helps to calm the brain. This process creates a condition more conducive to sleep.

9. Get a Better Labor Experience

Labor is a painful experience for the mother, but regular prenatal massages can help to better prepare the body for delivery. Additionally, massages given during labor and at the time of birth can reduce the time the mother spends in labor, stimulating better contractions. Additionally, upper back pain is reduced through the delivery process.

Receiving prenatal massages can help the mother have a better pregnancy experience, as well as ensuring a healthier development of the baby. By relaxing muscles, increasing blood flow, and controlling the release of hormones, massages can keep the mother and baby more relaxed, as well. This encourages a less stressful pregnancy and an easier delivery.

Paul Hickman