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10 Amazing Benefits of Abdominal Massage

massage stones for improved blood circulation

An abdominal massage involves manipulating the stomach area in a soothing way. These types of massages are much like other forms of massage, which provide an array of benefits to the person receiving it. Abdominal massages are popular among many not just for their medical advantages, but for their cost-efficiency and lack-of-need for a professional. Read on to discover all the benefits of an abdominal massage.

1. Alleviates Stress

stress and headache

Like other types of massage and the use of foot massagers, massage cushions, and massage chairs, an abdominal massage could be great for your mental well-being. It can help calm and relax you, relieving stress and digestive-issues related to stress. When your body and mind are relaxed, they are able to perform their functions optimally.

2. Improves Digestion

Studies have found that the stimulation your entire gastrointestinal system receives from abdominal massages (long-term) can help maintain the health of the system overall. These massages, when regularly performed, can help your entire digestive system work and run at its best. You can reduce the risk of constipation, bloating, indigestion, and even other, more-serious issues.

3. Stimulates Internal Organs and Increases Blood Circulation

Massages help to stimulate certain nerves, muscles, and tissue within the body. An abdominal massage helps stimulate vital organs in the area; kick-starting its natural detoxification process and increasing oxygen levels. With increased oxygen and blood supply in the abdominal cavity and organs, overall blood circulation is increased. The better your blood circulation, the better your body is able to perform its daily functions.

4. Tones Muscles

toned muscles with great body

This type of massage helps strengthen the muscles in your abdomen, which is the powerhouse of the body. That area contains more important organs, muscle, and body-systems that most other areas of the body. An abdominal massage straightens the muscles and eliminates toxins from them. This is especially beneficial in attempting to lose weight or improve tone.

5. Relieves Constipation

Abdominal massages can help people who suffer from constipation or cramps from indigestion, since science indicates that it can improve overall bowel function. The massage helps food travel faster through the digestive system and also improve the function of your colon. This helps clean out your system and remove and stagnant matter.

6. Decreases Bloating

Bloating mostly happens when your body’s metabolism is hindered in some way. Whether it’s from gas, constipation, menstruation, or another stomach concern, bloating can be uncomfortable and painful. Abdominal massages help to minimize waste build-up and regulate metabolic function; reducing the uncomfortable feeling of bloating.

7. Improves Pain or Discomfort

female massaging her neck due to pain

In general, massages alleviate pain in the surrounding area. They stimulate muscles and tissue that could be sore from bloating, indigestion, menstruation, or injury. Performing abdominal massages regularly can also prevent the cause of the discomfort in the first-place. The simple touch alone provides an uncomfortable area with comfort and heat, while abdominal massages can also alleviate pain associated with constipation, indigestion, and other gastrointestinal problems.

8. Aids in Weight-Loss

By getting rid of backed-up waste and promoting the proper digestive-function of your stomach, each system within the body starts to speed up. This includes your metabolism, which promotes weight-loss and a healthier digestive tract. Not only does this help you lose unnecessary weight, but it can help keep the weight from coming back.

9. Promotes Healthy Menstruation

Menstrual cycles can put a serious damper on your entire abdomen, and everything in it. Abdominal massages reduce cramps associated with menstruation and even decrease the heaviness of menstrual bleeding (when performed a week prior to the start of your period). Some women experience extreme pain and discomfort during menstruation and performing regular abdominal massages up to a week prior to menstruation can help minimize symptoms.

10. Realigns Important Parts

Aside from alleviating symptoms related to menstruation, abdominal massages can also help keep a woman’s pelvic area (bones) and the uterus aligned in their proper place. A woman’s reproductive system can take some serious hits, from child-birth, to monthly periods, cramps, ovulation, cysts, and more. Abdominal massages help keep these areas in alignment so they can do their jobs properly.

While you may not think of the abdomen as the first place to start massaging, you may change your mind. If you suffer from any type of digestive ailment, menstrual symptoms, or abdomen-related pain, an abdominal massage can get you back to feeling like yourself and promote the future health of your gastrointestinal system.

Paul Hickman