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10 Best Blood Pressure Monitors – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2020)

Best Blood Pressure Monitor 2019

The high blood pressure or hypertension is one of the most common health conditions that effects a large group of population around the world. Talking about US alone, one out of three Americans suffer from this serious condition. High blood pressure can severely damage arteries, heart, kidneys, eyes or other major organs if left unattended. It is also known as “silent killer” as it can also turn out to be fatal in some cases. For all these reasons, it is very important for you to stay on top of your blood pressure readings at all times.

The best blood pressure monitor will not only help you to check and record the BP at home but also keep it under control. It will provide you all the nice data to motivate yourself and make the right lifestyle changes to get your pressure levels back to normal range. With lack of accurate data and proper record, your doctor won’t be able to prescribe the proper medicine to control BP and recover your health.

When shopping for the best blood pressure monitor, you must be able to pick the right option to ensure accurate readings and precise results. It is always a good idea to list down the most important features that you need in a blood pressure machine. You can allocate a suitable budget according to your requirements to buy the most appropriate fit. In our opinion, a top-rated bp monitor must be super comfortable, easy to use, ultra-portable and highly accurate. The risks and dangers associated with high blood pressure make it critical to own a top-of-the-line blood pressure monitor today.

There are many great BP checkers available in the market right now. We have chosen 10 digital smart devices that offer the best overall features, value for money, budget-friendliness and cutting-edge technology. You can have a look at the top pick in our comparison chart and read our buying guide to help you pick the most suitable option according to your needs. We also reviewed each blood pressure tester in much detail, so that you completely know each item before making a buying decision.

Comparison Chart: Top 10 Best Blood Pressure Monitors

The bp monitors below are likely to suit everyone ranging from youngsters to seniors. No matter if you are recently diagnosed with hypertension or suffering from this condition for a long time, there’s little something for everyone. Each of our selected devices comes from a trusted brand with solid reputation on the market right now.

ProductTypeTotal Readings StorageCuff Size
Omron 10 SeriesUpper Arm2009" - 17" in
Omron EvolvUpper ArmUnlimited within App9" - 17" in
Omron 5 SeriesUpper Arm1009" - 17" in
BeemonUpper Arm1008.6" - 16" in
Care Touch Wrist605.5" - 8.5" in
PanasonicUpper Arm90up to 17" in
Omron 7 SeriesWrist1005.25" - 8.5" in
iProvenUpper Arm1209" - 17" in
QardioArm Upper Arm-8.7" - 14.6" in
Vive PrecisionUpper Arm5008 ¾” - 16 ½” in

1. Best of the Best: Omron 10 Series Wireless Upper Arm

omron bp786n series 10

Omron 10 Series is the best blood pressure monitor for home use. There are many reasons why it is our favorite pick when it comes to choosing a high-quality machine. First of all, we were really impressed by the built-quality of the unit itself. It is very comfortable to use due to comfit cuff and large display digits on the backlit screen. As far as accuracy is concerned, we compared the readings with the manual BP monitor and they looked almost identical.

The Omron monitor can store multiple readings for maximum 2 users. It can record last 100 readings each in its memory storage, so that it’s easy to keep track of readings over a certain period of time. When using the BP checker, you only need to wrap the cuff around your arm and press the start button. The unit can take 3 readings over the period of 10 minutes to provide you an average figure. The 10 Series Wireless Monitor takes each reading with one minute gap as guided by the American Heart Association. We also like the fact that you cannot only check systolic, diastolic but also the pulse rate to notify any irregularities in heart rate.

We also love the Omron free app which enables you to connect your favorite blood pressure monitor with the smartphone or tablet. The Bluetooth embedded in the unit enables compatibility with iOS and Android devices. The mobile app is able to store unlimited readings unlike the limited memory offered in the monitor. These readings can be easily shared with anybody via email including your doctor. Omron 10 Series is also compatible with Amazon Alexa. When you open the package, you will see the BP checker unit, one cuff (wide range 9” to 17”), instruction manual, quick start guide and couple of batteries.

Overall the Omron 10 Series is a top-notch product for home use with lots of amazing features. The brand itself is well-trusted and built solid-reputation over the years.

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2. Best Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor: Omron Evolv

Omron BP7000

Looking for the best wireless blood pressure monitor? Well, look no further as Omron Evolv is the ultimate wireless product for the money. If you are someone who loves technology and innovation, you will definitely adore this monitor. What’s even better about this monitor is the one-unit manufacturing without any use of wires or tubes. So, you can easily move it around and travel without hassle.

The Evolv BP7000 is a compact and sleek unit that makes portability a lot easier. Since, it is wireless you can also connect it with your smartphone or tablet to sync and transfer data via Bluetooth. The Omron App is responsible for making the wireless connection with Android and iOS devices.

The Omron Evolv BP device uses an exclusive heart rate algorithm with advanced accuracy. This technology is capable of eliminating possible interference generated from movements to deliver highly accurate readings to the end-user. Just like other Omron devices, the monitor is also compatible with Apple Health. It is one of the best wireless blood pressure monitors currently available in the market. Yet, this BP checker is also from Omron because they make some of the best monitors with high standards of quality manufacturing.

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3. Best Value: Omron 5 Series Upper Arm BP Checker

Omron BP742N

Here’s the 3rd best blood pressure monitor which also comes from Omron. There’s a reason why our all top 3 BP checkers belong to the Omron Brand. It’s because they manufacture some of the best products available on the market.

The Omron 5 Series is a value-choice and provides great value for your money. It is specifically focused on the budget conscious consumers who don’t want to spend much on a BP checking device.

This particular model is much similar to the 10 Series, however there are few features that have been trimmed down to reduce price. For instance, the capacity to store readings are decreased to only 100 for both users. On the other hand, there is 200 readings storage capacity for each user in Omron 10 Series.

Overall, it is a reliable bp monitor. You can expect the same level of performance from 5 Series as compared to 10 Series, however you can expect both models to look a bit different.

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4. Best Budget Option: Beemon Upper Arm BP Monitor

Beemon Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor ReviewThe Beemon is highly affordable yet it provides you precise readings without compromising on quality. There are date and time stamps available for each of the last 100 readings stored within the device. It comes with a large and clear LCD display to show you each result.

However, this unit does have a limitation that it will not inflate beyond 290 mmHg. Other than this drawback, it’s a perfect device with a lot of value for the money. The contoured cuff is slightly lesser in size as compared to Omron BP checkers. Beemon offers the circumference of 8.6” to 16” inches.

When using this monitor, it averages your last 3 results to display the most accurate stats. Additionally, the pulse rate is also displayed so that you can monitor any irregular pulse. During actual usage, it is important to stay still and avoid unnecessary movements. The cuff must remain at level of your heart for best readings. Unlike Omron products, you need to take a manual break between 3 consecutive readings to get most accurate results.

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5. Best Wrist BP Monitor: Care Touch Automatic

care touch blood pressure monitor

The Care Touch is one of the most popular choices among wrist BP checkers. It is extremely portable due to smart and slim size. You can easily keep a strong check on your blood pressure readings while on the go. With Care Touch machine, it’s possible for you to store up to 60 readings. Each of these readings is crisp and clear to read on the large LCD display. The average response time for each reading is about one minute. When not in use, the unit automatically switches itself off. There are mainly 2 indictors embedded in the monitor that show you irregular heart beat and when battery is considerably low.

What we really like is that it comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty. You can return this product without any hassle, if you are not happy with the purchase.

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6. Most User-Friendly Machine: Panasonic EW3109W

Panasonic EW3109W

Panasonic is one of the most reliable and trusted name in world of electronic appliances. And, their portable blood pressure monitor is no different. It boasts itself being the first portable arm unit in the whole industry. The device is very accurate and comfortable in the day-to-day use. You just need to wrap the cuff around your arm and push the start button. It will provide you the most accurate readings, thanks to the Digital Filter Technology for super precise measurements.

The large LCD display on the machine is perfect for majority patients including the seniors. The big numerals display on the screen which makes it fairly easy to read. The memory storage allows you to store about 90 readings to track and compare over time. Overall, the monitor is ultra-portable and very simple to use. There are no fancy backlights and it just provides you the basic operation. But, the most important thing is that it delivers those functions perfectly and that’s exactly why you need to buying a good bp monitor.

We also like the flash warning system feature which blinks each time you’re having hypertension. The system automatically activates itself when the reading fluctuates above 139 (systolic) and 89 (diastolic). That said, the device is quite inexpensive and due to its lower power consumption, you will notice that the batteries used to last for a long time.

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7. Compact & Lightweight BP Tester: Omron 7 Series

Omron BP652N

The Omron 7 Series is a wrist blood pressure monitor that is slim, stylish and comfortable to wear. The ultra-portable monitor is easy to carry around in your office or home. You will notice the automatic inflation feature when your wrist is at the heart level.

Moreover, the BP checker is silent and quick when being used. It is capable of storing your last 100 readings, so that you compare and analyze them whenever you want. The Heart Zone Guidance makes ensures to give you accurate readings by alerting you to keep wrist at the heart level. There is also a warning function that activates itself when you heartbeats become abnormal.

Overall, this is a nice machine from Omron and offers some of the excellent features at modest price.

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8. Small yet Accurate Device: iProven BPM-337

iProven BPM-337

iProven is yet another awesome pick among Bluetooth bp checkers. Its cuff wraps around the arm and you can record accurate readings within just few seconds. The monitor comes equipped with Double Pulse Detection Algorithm that provides accurate readings each time you check.

When using it, you will notice that it’s quite comfortable and inflation process is quick. The results become available as soon as the monitor starts the inflation process. It takes only 30 seconds to generate the systolic and diastolic readings. Just like other blood pressure monitors reviewed by us, this device also warns about significant variations in pulse rate.

The Bluetooth function facilitates users to connect the iProven BP monitor with free health app available at PlayStore and App Store. This connectivity allows to transfer and keep record of your health stats at your fingertips. You can store a total of 120 readings in iProven monitor for two users. We love the big blue backlit display showing large figures of each reading. The BP monitor is readily portable, comfortable and handy in your daily routine.

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9. QardioArm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor


The QardioArm is a smart choice available on the market right now. It is wireless and compatible with many operating systems including iOS, Android and Kindle. The free Qardio App empower users to connect, download, upload and share their BP data conveniently. Some of the other unique features include reminders, geo-tracking, relaxation mode, triple measurement average calculation, etc.

In comparison to other machines, QardioArm is fully compatible with Apple Watch. You can also use this BP checker with Apple Health and Samsung Health. The family and friend notifications are some of the other fantastic features we love about this blood pressure monitor.

With Qardio Arm, you can view and compare your results with World Health Organization chart. This great feature enables you to observe current trends and graphs and to analyze your comparative results for better understanding.

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10. Vive Precision BD4006 Blood Pressure Machine

vive precision

Vive Precision is a compact unit that provides you the convenience to actively store large number of readings. Unlike other monitors, you can manage up to 500 measurements with date and time for easy tracking. However, there is limitation of 2 user profiles, so you can record 250 measurements max for each user. The push-to-start design makes the BP monitor very easy and comfortable to use. The cuff measures 8 ¾” to 16 ½” in circumference, which is pretty much standard to fit majority of the users.

It presents a large and easy to read backlit LCD screen. You can see all your stats on the big screen including systolic, diastolic, pulse rate with date and time. There is a solid guarantee of 2 years that shows the confidence of manufacturer to back-up their reliable device.

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A Complete Buying Guide for Blood Pressure Monitors

blood pressure monitor

Before buying the any blood pressure monitor, there are few things that you need to consider first. By asking yourself the right questions, you will be able to pick the best product to comply with your needs in the long run.

Types of Blood Pressure Monitors:

There are four types currently available on the market. These are categorized as upper arm, wrist style, manual and digital blood pressure monitors.

  1. Upper Arm:

The upper arm are more common as compared to the wrist monitors. In homes and hospitals, the upper arm monitors are the preferred choice as they are highly accurate. However, you will find them a bit bulky and difficult to carry around as compared to the wrist options.

  1. Wrist:

When it comes to the wrist monitors, you will find them extremely portable and lighter in weight. A wrist blood pressure machine can easily adjust in your pocket as it is quite small in size. The main drawback is that wrist monitors are not as accurate as upper arm monitors.

  1. Manual:

The manual devices are also called sphygmomanometers and these are somewhat old fashioned. However, they are the most accurate and cheapest blood pressure testers out there. As compared to digital units, these do not require any electricity for use. However, there is certain level of skill or training required to use manual monitors to record readings.

  1. Digital:

The digital or automatic machines can self-inflate and display results on a digital screen. These require electricity to operate that is supplied from batteries or A/C power adapters. In fact, these are the most latest and modern monitors. Some of these are capable of connecting with the smartphones using their wireless capability.

What Features are Important to Consider When Buying BP Monitors

best blood pressure monitoring devices

The best blood pressure machines come with most advanced features. On the other hand, if you pick the simplest unit, it will only provide you the basic functions. So, it’s important for you to list down all the features you want in a top rated bp checker. Some of these main features can include capability to record and graph multiple readings, connect with mobile phones or tablets and save profiles of multiple users.

  • Full and Accurate Readings:

Your chosen machine must be able to show the accurate and full stats. Whenever you check any reading, there are 2 numbers being mentioned (120 and 80). These measurements are called systolic and diastolic, which must remain normal (neither above nor below these numbers). It is also important to buy a bp machine that also comes with the integrated pulse rate function.

  • Cuff Size:

No matter which type of device you may choose, it will always include a cuff. So, it is important for you to pick the right tester that carries neither too big nor too small size to fit your arm comfortably. If the cuff size is too small or large, you won’t be able to use the bp monitor properly. As a result, you will fail to get the right BP readings due to awkward fitting.

  • Manual or Automatic Device:

top rated blood pressure monitoring system

When searching for a blood pressure device, you will see two types of devices. The manual are more typical and old fashioned, however their reading results are the most trusted and accurate.

For this review, we mainly kept our focus on the automatic bp checkers. It is because they are modern and use the most advanced technology in their high-quality manufacturing. These are also very convenient for majority of users and do not require any special skill to check the blood pressure. Even a small kid can use the automatic unit with just push of a button after wrapping cuff around the arm or wrist. These automatic BP checkers are our preferred choice as they don’t require any expertise at the user’s end. They are fast, accurate, comfortable, easy to use and quite portable.

On the other hand, if you want to use a manual device you will first need to learn on how to use it properly to fetch accurate readings. The rubber bulb must be pressed repeatedly by hand to push air into the cuff wrapped around the arm. Once it’s filled, you will need to release the air and observe readings and hear heartbeat through stethoscope. The whole process is kind of complicated and it requires good experience to record correct results each time you test.

  • Convenience:

wrist blood pressure monitor

Most bp monitors range from simple to advanced currently on the market. It fully depends on you as which type of product will suit your needs based on its overall features and price. If you need the most advanced features, the price will be definitely high. When picking a blood pressure monitor, make sure that it is easy to use and provides you all good functions you need in everyday life.

  • Time Consumption:

The best blood pressure monitors are very fast and accurate. These are the 2 main characteristics you need in any selected monitor. Majority of the products take about few seconds to one minute to observe and generate a proper result. Although this time frame is short, however it can make a significant difference if your top priority is getting the best results instantly.

  • Warranty:

Always check the warranty before making a final buying decision. The warranty of each device can vary but normally range from 1 to 3 years tops.

  • Calibration:

Majority of the machines need calibration after 2 or 3 years. You need to check with the manufacturer about calibration details as when and how to do it perfectly.

I hope you enjoyed our blood pressure monitors review. We sincerely hope that it would help you make the right choice for home. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment or send us an email for more detailed and definitive answer.

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