Best Electric Shavers 2018-2019 for Men: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

man using electric razor on his beard to cut the hair

If you follow contemporary trends, you know that today’s guy gets a second look simply by cutting back on his shave time each morning. A bit of stubble isn’t just cool-it’s also sexy. If women are complaining about stubble, they’re not saying anything.

For men, not having to shave every day doesn’t mean that they abandon trusted grooming practices. In fact, that hint of hair could require an equal amount of attention (sometimes more) if it’s to turn a man into a hunk rather than The Hulk. As a result of this need to trim, electric shavers remain hot gift picks and sellers-especially for guys who want the look but not at a price.

Historians claim that man has been shaving for 100,000 years using primitive tools that would bear National Safety Council warnings if they were employed today. Among the natural elements used to cut facial hair back when it was a liability (if it got wet, frostbite ensued) were clam shells and obsidian flakes (think arrowheads).

Egyptians took the torture one step further, say anthropologists, in their quest for all bodily hair removal by mixing ingredients like arsenic, quicklime and starch in concert with pumice stone rubbed over the skin to remove all traces. Disturbed by the idea of a close shave? Remember the Egyptians when you complain.

From Straight Razor to Electric

In order to get to the current state of electric shavers, society had to go through a long evolution of product development that wasn’t always the most hygienic. Slabs of metal served as razor blades in the 18th century until French inventor Jean-Jacques Perret dreamed up the first safety razor by taking the day’s most advanced straight razor and attaching a sliver of wood that acted as a safety guard.

You’ll recognize the name of the next mover and shaker in the realm of commercial razor development: A man with the improbable name of King C. Gillette took issue with the German version of the safety razor that had to be re-sharpened after every use.

His novel idea? why not replace blades instead? As a traveling salesman around 1895, he was able to take his new razor on the road and by 1906, the first double-edged safety razor was selling at the rate of 300,000 units annually.

Given America’s entrepreneurial spirit, it stood to reason that the advent of electricity at the turn of the 20th Century would trigger thoughts of electrically-driven razors. But until retired Army Colonel Jacob Schick patented a design that would actually function, the future didn’t looked bright.

That’s when the U.S. Stock Market crashed leaving all innovations in the dust because nobody had money to invest in their ideas! That didn’t stop Schick. By 1937, he was selling 1.5 million electric razors, becoming the king of the “dry shave” market, even though that happens to be Gillette’s first name.

Top 10 Best Electric Shavers for 2018-2019 (Comparison Chart)

NameTypeWet & DryAvg. Battery LifePrice
Braun Series 9 9290CC
(Editor’s Choice)
FoilYes50 minCheck Price
Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV95-SFoilYes45 minCheck Price
Braun Series 7 790ccFoilNo50 minCheck Price
Philips Norelco 9700RotaryYes60 minCheck Price
Panasonic Arc 4 ES8243AFoilYes42 minCheck Price
Philips Norelco 4500 AT830RotaryYes50 minCheck Price
Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV65-SFoilYes45 minCheck Price
Remington F5-5800FoilNo60 minCheck Price
Wahl Professional 8061FoilNo90 minCheck Price
Hatteker Mens Electric ShaverRotaryYes30 minCheck Price

Striking comparisons is no easy fete for reviewers when there are so many choices to be had that emanate from overseas and domestic manufacturers. Further, the electric shaver market is fiercely competitive and when one company produces a novel product, others follow suit and may even improve on the innovation.

In many respects, your history with one brand over another could be the determinant for the electric shaver you choose. It’s not unusual for men to favor one manufacturer or another after being influenced by male family members or being susceptible to advertising messages.

That stated, we’ve compiled the following list of 10 current best sellers, looking for the features and benefits you seek. We’ve also delved into international sales numbers, consumer feedback and company reputation for quality control so you receive a complete picture of each product’s pedigree.

1. Braun Series 9290CC Men’s Electric Foil Shaver

Call-out: The most intelligent, intuitive razor on the planet.

There’s a reason the Braun 9290CC gets rave reviews from ordinary guys and the harshest critics around: This Braun Series 9 9290CChighly-tested electric groomer beats the competition on nearly every every level and there’s a Braun study waiting to be read if you’re a skeptic that proves it.

Efficient, gentle and eager to tackle facial hair on everything from beards grown over a long weekend to a 5-o’clock shadow, the Braun 9290CC has been called the only wet and dry shaver/razor guaranteed to eliminate more hair on the first pass.

Two titanium-coated trimmers deliver 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute that remain on the face once the shaver’s blades do their job. That vibration is called SyncroSonic technology that follows facial contours. Further, the motor that drives this powerhouse senses hair density so even wimpy whiskers won’t escape its wrath.

For some guys, lineage is everything. Grandfather to father and then to son, traditions and mementos are passed on for generations. For Braun, the 9290CC comes by its lineage legitimately. The most recent iteration of brand’s Series 9 established a veritable beachhead on the market back in 2015, so it’s no surprise that this shaver is packed with power.

Sleek, lightweight, balanced and comfortable in the hand–whether it’s used wet or dry–you can thank ergonomic experts for everything from the silver body texture that provides an extra-firm grip to the time you save by getting the shave you crave without spending more time at the bathroom mirror than a teenage girl.

The Braun 9290CC does not come into your life alone. It’s packaged with a Clean & Charge station that charges the battery in your absence and handles the pesky chore guys dislike most of all: cleaning their razors. You may already be sold on the merits of this tool, but before you buy, read the pros and cons that follow this overview.

Braun 9290CC is our best electric shaver for 2019-2018.

  • Cutting elements include 2 OptiFoils that remove hairs close to the skin and a direct cutter that trims hairs growing in different directions.
  • A novel HyperLift & Cut trimmer literally lifts up flat-lying hairs and guillotines them in one fell swoop.
  • Titanium Nitride coating, a ceramic compound known for edge retention on anti-corrosion properties, means the 9290CC won’t wimp out after a year or two.
  • Range of motion is amazing. Cutters sit on a head that pivots in 10 directions.
  • This electric razor can be submerged in 5 meters of water and keep on performing like a charm.
  • Driven by a 5-level battery with 5-minute quick charge capability so it’s always ready to go.
  • Comes with a cord, travel case, one cleaning cartridge and brush plus a user’s manual.
  • Given the price and technological advances, you could be surprised that some parts are made of plastic.
  • Although the razor’s surface has been dimpled, it can still get slippery and fall from the hand.
  • A full battery charge takes an hour, so that quick-charge feature may not appeal to you.
  • The long-hair trimmer feature could feel dull, requiring you to go over the same area multiple times.
  • If you rely upon the automatic function of the cleaning station, shaving cream could clog up the works.
  • The drying station can be hazardous if it gets soaked; never put the wet razor into the cleaning station.
  • Replacement cartridge for this razor are not inexpensive.

Video Review (4:11 Minutes)

2. Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 Electric Razor, Men’s 5-Blade Cordless

Call-out: Best time saver; delivers 70,000 cross-cutting actions per minute!

If you want a shave that also meets the “snob test,” the “premium, award-winning” Panasonic Arc 5 may be Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV95-Sexactly what you seek. Instead of the Braun’s aforementioned 4 blades, this facial hair tool is fitted with 5 precision-honed, 30-degree blades designed to skim your skin expertly to remove every last hair.

The power source speaks multiple languages! The AC 100-240V power source gives you Automatic International Dual Voltage Conversion capability so you can take it abroad, but what matters is that the motor within the appliance delivers 14,000 cuts per minute (70,000 cross-cutting actions). If you currently spend an endless amount of taming your beard, you can start thinking about what you’ll do with that extra time instead.

Engineers have installed a built-in beard sensor into the inner workings of this razor. It’s intuitive, estimating beard density as it moves across the face, automatically adjusting cutting depths so you don’t wind up with bits of toilet tissue covering up nicks.

The Multi-Flex head pivots like a nimble tennis player, skimming jawline, chin and neck effortlessly. In fact, there’s no facial contour the Panasonic Arc 5 hasn’t met and conquered.

In addition to the razor itself, the product package also includes a Premium Cleaning and Charging Station that attends to the product’s hygienic needs simply by pressing a single button. Once it’s tidy, the charging process begins so the Panasonic Arc 5 is always ready for duty.

But that’s not all you’ll find in that package. You also get a pop-up trimmer that does double duty as a wet or dry sideburns and mustache tamer giving you pinpoint accuracy every time you groom those areas. You don’t even have to be alert to know the status of your tool because a 10-stage LCD indicator will tell anything you need to know.

Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 is the runner up among our list of top 10 best electric shavers 2019 – 2018

  • Offers men 5 hypo-allergic Nanotech blades driven by a 14,000 cpm linear-driven motor
  • Head pivots intuitively to self-adjust for varying beard hair depths, whether in dry or wet mode.
  • Comfortable and easy to control featuring LCD capability for shaver functions.
  • Use wet or dry and then clean in sonic vibration mode to disinfect the razor.
  • Comes with clean/charge station, AC recharger, detergent packet, safety lock, travel pouch, pop-up trimmer.
  • If you’re on a budget, you can purchase the razor alone without the clean/charge station to save few dollars.
  • Distinctly-patterned Lift-Tech Foil features reverse-tapered edges to tackle flat-lying hairs.
  • Critics refute performance claims, particularly those who return the product to Panasonic.
  • Cutting power isn’t always up to par; you might have to use lots of pressure before hair is completely off.
  • Because it cuts so close, men with sensitive skin complain they run into skin irritation issues.
  • You may not get uniform results if you shave your head, no matter how much time you spend trying.
  • The price tag doesn’t guarantee satisfaction, say consumers returning their products.
  • There have been complaints that the product stopped working after a relatively short amount of time.
  • If the foil comes apart-and it has-you could injure your face and realize it too late.

Video Review (4:32 Minutes)

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3. Braun Series 7 790cc Men’s Cordless Electric Foil Shaver

Call-out: Out-performs competitors strokes by a factor of 2-to-1, says IPI Research Institute

While trolling for feedback, data and manufacturer’s information about the Braun Series 7 790CC, we were Braun Series 7 790cctaken aback by the legal disclaimer that stated: Must be at least 18 to purchase. We know very few 17-year-old college freshmen eager to bring their moms razor shopping, so we began this journey on a curious note.

The Braun 790CC is advertised as “a smart shaver” that reads skin surfaces and adapts to the variety of hair growths usually found on men’s jawlines, necks and mustache areas. There are 4 synchronized shaving elements that work in concert to double down on the power of every stroke.

Tested by the IPI Research Institute back in 2015, results on 3-day-old beards proved valuable: every stroke, say scientific project leaders, bettered competitive brands by showing it does “in one stroke that others do in two.”

What’s behind these results? Sonic technology that employs 10,000 micro-vibrations to trap and cut each hair. The ActiveLift trimmer doubles back to remove flat-lying hairs in areas that give men the most problems. Both are driven by an intelligent Auto-Sensing motor that gauges hair density and delivers a proper cut.

Choose from 5 Turbo/Sensitive Modes to ensure the effectiveness of that cut. Whether your beard is so dense, you could pose for lumberjack ads or you endure sensitivity that requires you to be very selective about the razor you choose, push-button control gives you options.

Use the dedicated cord set with integrated Safety Extra Low Voltage power supply to charge this shaver, but buyer beware: Unlike electric razor/shavers profiled in this review, the Braun 790CC is not returnable under any circumstances, so keep this in mind before you make a decision. That stated, if you choose this product, you’ll get the shaver, a cleaning unit, cleaning cartridge, travel case and electric cord.

  • Delivers 30,000 cross-cuts per minute.
  • Contour flex head moves in 8 different directions.
  • Sonic technology identifies hair density and direction for a smoother cut.
  • Use wet or dry; with shaving cream or gel in the shower.
  • Men with extreme skin sensitivity swear this razor is less painful to use than others.
  • Satisfied shoppers report years of daily use without registering a single complaint.
  • Comes with a cleaning center/charge station.
  • Defective foil screens seem to plague this Braun model; they wear down and require replacement in record time.
  • Due to the company’s non-return policy, you may have a fight on your hands if it stops performing.
  • Dramatic price increases related to this model and replacement heads could frustrate you.
  • Battery leakage has been reported by razor owners forced to fight customer service to get satisfaction.
  • Made in Germany, this isn’t the shaver for those preferring to buy products made in the U.S.A.
  • There’s that weird “must be over 18” tag to deal with.
  • This shaver isn’t returnable under any circumstances.

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4. Philips Norelco 9700 Rotary Electric Shaver

Call-out: Be prepared for sticker shock; this is the priciest razor of all.

Expect to open your wallet wide if you decide this product is exactly what you need to deal with your beard andPhilips Norelco 9700 mustache. True, this shaver does a yeoman job of getting around the face thanks to the shaving head that moves in 8 different directions.

The love child of a pairing of two well-known brand names, Philips and Norelco, this wet/dry system stands ready to tackle any beard length, though we’re not sure that includes the facial hair grown by the rock group ZZ Top.

Because this is a rotary shaver, you’ll avoid problems that plague foil-style electric razors, but you still gain the advantage of wet or dry grooming. Guys who admit to loving facials find special places in their hearts for the facial cleansing brush attachment because it comes closest to delivering a hygienic scrub.

The Philips Norelco 9700 gives you speed options that suit your unique needs: A fast, high-powered shave, medium-thorough grooming and an ultra-slow shave that’s so skin-friendly, you may find shaving each morning to be more luxurious than tedious.

You’ll always know where you stand in terms of your appliance’s readiness to deliver a close shave because this shaver’s brain informs you when it needs to be charged and cleaned, but it goes beyond those pedestrian signals. Indicators tell you when the battery level gets iffy, the head needs replacing and if you use the travel lock, the LCD read will even ask you to turn that lock off. All of these functions are digitally interfaced.

Considered by industry pundits to be a prime example of state-of-the-art design, this facial tool belongs to a category of 9000 series shaving implements given an iF Design Award for international quality and style, so if you love the look of your razor as much as you count on performance, you may not care that the price tag is the biggest one of all in the company of the other shavers in this review.

  • Superior closeness per pass on beards that have been ignored for up to 3 days.
  • Featuring Contour Detect Technology, the proprietary head system that moves independently in 8 directions.
  • V-track Precision blades trap hair in optimal cutting positions for a comfortable shave that’s 30-percent closer.
  • Comes with a cleaning cartridge, precision trimmer, cleansing brush, power cord and travel case.
  • You can plug the charger cord directly into the outlet, bypassing the charging station if you prefer.
  • Manufactured in the Netherlands, known throughout the world for precision engineering excellence.
  • Highly rated by consumers and critics for the ease of cleaning not always found in foil razors.
  • Not everyone is willing to spend this much cash on a rotary electric razor.
  • Replacement blades are expensive and they’re only made to last about a year.
  • While the shaver is made in the Netherlands, the Smart Clean system is made in China.
  • Could deliver a patchy-looking shave requiring a “manual razor” rescue.
  • Can’t be used and charged at the same time. Try and you could destroy this tool.
  • It takes a long time–about 3 hours–to go through a complete cleaning cycle.
  • The stand serves no purpose, say owners who find it flimsy.

Video Review (4:45 Minutes)

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5. Panasonic Arc 4 ES8243A Electric Razor

Call-out: Best value for the money (and it’s attractive, too)

The folks at Panasonic are out to prove that price doesn’t define quality with the introduction of its Arc 4, a top Panasonic Arc 4 ES8243Apick of critics and consumers alike who are perfectly delighted to look well-groomed without feeding the dog cheap food to offset spending more on a pricier model.

The Arc 4 is no shrinking violet in terms of its substantive output and here’s proof: The pricier Braun cordless model profiled above delivers just 10,000 cuts per minute, but this shaver improves on that number by making 13,000 cuts.

This foil-style electric shaver offers guys 4 ultra-sharp Arc4 Nanotech blades fabricated to zip across facial hair quickly while babying the skin with comfort. The stainless-steel blade edges conform to all levels of facial contours, besting pricier electric razor models.

Yes, the razor head pivots gracefully as the head passes varying densities of facial hair and in concert with those 13,000 cuts per minute, it maintains its peak power levels because the battery holds a solid charge thanks to a quality battery.

Take this grooming tool into the shower to maximize your time each morning; it’s 100-percent waterproof. A 10-stage LCD display issues mini-status reports that cue you to attend to maintenance issues. Like more expensive foil razors, this one also features sonic vibration mode and there’s a pop-up trimmer as well.

There is no docking station available for this electric shaver, but you may not care when you figure out how much you save by opting for this wet-dry appliance over its pricier cousins. Get a leisurely 45-minute shave thanks to the tenacious, re-chargeable Lithium battery. Made in Japan, this affordable foil razor may be just what you’re looking for in terms of clean shaves and long-term service.

  • Dispels myths that you can’t get a great electric shave without paying a high price.
  • Won’t cause razor cuts or burns, especially if you use a little shaving cream.
  • It’s important to adjust to foil blades so go slow at first and the results are worth the wait.
  • Replacement blades are cheap and could last up to a year.
  • Men with course beards and those who shave their heads sing the praises of this razor.
  • The intuitive LCD display on the handle delivers accurate readings.
  • Can easily and efficiently be cleaned using liquid soap and water; you don’t have to buy cleaning solutions.
  • Power button location is awkward; you could keep turning the unit off unintentionally in mid-shave.
  • Even using shave gel or cream, the foil blades could cause razor burn and nicks on sensitive skin.
  • May not be the best choice for African-American guys with thick beards.
  • It could take more time to achieve a clean shave than a rotary alternative.
  • Panasonic customer service isn’t the best, even if the razor is still under warranty.
  • The product’s original Lithium-ion battery could present charging problems.
  • LCD display could malfunction and become unreliable or simply go dark.

Video Review (6:53 Minutes)

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6. Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 (Model AT830/46)

Call-out: A best bet if you’re a no-frills consumer groomer

If you ascribe to the philosophy of KISS (keep it simple, silly), the Philips Norelco 4500 may be your destiny. Philips Norelco 4500 AT830This rotary electric shaver has no shortage of bells and whistles despite being both affordable and reliable. This shaver’s heads feature holes and slots to capture and shave facial hair of all lengths.

Are you a fan of shower shaves? This Philips Norelco shaver offers Aquatic Technology, so while it can’t take you scuba diving, it can deliver a smooth face, especially when used with gel or foam. Don’t worry; shave dry and this tool won’t disappoint.

In terms of convenience, it’s the little things that count. For example, you don’t have to fight your way through impossible packaging to retrieve you shaver because it ships in “frustration-free” packaging. You’ll only have to replace the shaving head every 12 months and you can still take that Caribbean vacation because replacement heads won’t cost an arm and a leg.

The integrated pop-up trimmer makes quick work of sideburns, moustaches and customized trim areas that require targeted attention. The shaver’s proprietary Pivot, Flex and Float system adjusts itself to accommodate facial contours, moving through varying hair densities effortlessly.

Despite being a reasonably-priced electric shaver, you’re not getting a bare-bones appliance if you choose this Philips-Norelco razor. It features patented Super Lift and Cut Dual-blade performance that literally lifts hairs, so they can be removed at or below skin level for a smooth finish.

The comfortable shape conforms to the hand so there’s no chance of suffering shaving fatigue and when you’re done, the unit is designed to be washed easily by hand in just a minute or two.

Fully charge this shaver in 8 hours. That charge delivers 50 minutes of shave time. You can also take advantage of the 3-minute quick charge feature to enjoy one cordless shave before it runs out of juice. You’ll know when it needs attention because display indicators inform you when the battery is getting low and when it’s fully charged.

FYI: Though pricier Philips Norelco shavers like the one profiled above are made in The Netherlands, this cheaper razor model is fabricated in China, which can account for the lower price.

  • If you love the brand, you’ll love the price just as much-especially if you like to comparison shop.
  • Use a light, flexible grip and you’ll find it doesn’t matter that the head doesn’t pivot.
  • Inexpensive replacement batteries could keep you going for years on end.
  • An improved version of popular and older 4500 models with the bugs worked out.
  • Easily cleaned without fuss by rinsing and allowing dry. No cleaning station needed!
  • For some, rotary blades are far superior to foil blades in both performance and affordability.
  • Since it’s 100-percent battery powered, motor noise reduction is a definite perk.
  • Razor won’t operate while it’s being recharged so it can’t damage the shaver.
  • Not every owner finds that cleaning the cutting blade is a breeze due to difficulty aligning the retainer ring.
  • Never immerse this razor when you clean it, or you could destroy the inner workings.
  • If you don’t like buying products made in China, even a low price may not compensate.
  • May cause razor burn and neck irritation in men whose skin is sensitive to a rotary blade.
  • Charging feature could go haywire long before you’re ready to part with the 4500.
  • If the battery malfunctions, be aware of the fact that this shaver isn’t designed for easy battery swaps.

Video Review (2:41 Minutes)

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7. Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor, Men’s 5-Blade Cordless

Call-out: Delivers an impressive 70,000 cross-strokes per minute

In the war for men’s electric shaver dominance, battles are likely to be won on the battlefield of cross-cutting. Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV65-SThe Panasonic Arc5 seems to have a physical and literal edge on competitors: this is a 5-blade system that delivers around 14,000 actions per minute per blade. In sum, this is no product to bet against because even if you’re not a math whiz, you can count on around 70,000 cross-strokes.

But the Arc 5 doesn’t hang its hat on a record number of cross-strokes: those blades are precision-honed at a 30-degree angle so if you’re looking for close shave, you may have met your march.

The driving force behind all of this cutting action is a shaving sensor that acts a lot like your lawnmower: it moves deftly across areas on the face, adapting to contours (or lawns if you’re taking this literally) effortlessly. It matters not how dense your beard happens to be. If you find this razor to be the ideal pick for your grooming needs, you’ll get a customized, comfortable shave.

But cuts don’t matter a bit if there’s no powerhouse motor behind the blades to drive the shaver relentlessly. In fact, Panasonic has placed the company’s most compact Hyper Performance linear motor into this razor, proving once again that technology needn’t be big to be dynamic.

Tested on men whose hair density ranges from thick to sparse, the Arc 5 is a sleek, easy-grip wet-dry appliance fitted with a quick-pivoting shaving head that requires no power outlet tether, so you can charge it up and take it where you need to go, trusting that the hypoallergenic Nanotech blades will pamper your skin. Sound like your kind of razor?

  • Consult the illuminated 10-stage LCD display to check this razor’s status.
  • Replace the foil and/or blades with easy-to-find accessories sold individually or together.
  • Clean-up is a breeze. Set the shaver for sonic vibration cleaning mode and run it under water.
  • Take the Arc 5 on the road by taking advantage of the handy travel pouch and safety lock.
  • The Multi-Flex pivoting head and sensor system deliver a customized shave minus skin irritation.
  • The pop-up trimmer makes quick work of unruly sideburns and mustaches.
  • The cleaning station does a better job than previous iterations and even battery life is improved.
  • You could find the price of this electric razor off-putting.
  • Some purchasers claim it takes 10+ strokes to clean up an area.
  • Despite claims to the contrary, you could experience skin irritation.
  • Expect to devote a good deal of time to shaving your head with an Arc 5.
  • There have been reports of rashes, especially in the chin/neck region.
  • The self-cleaning mechanism could die an early death.
  • While undertaking the cleaning process, foils could come apart.

Video Guide (5:05 Minutes)

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8. Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver

Call-out: This razor is an all-American classic.

Nostalgia fans, take note: Remington has been around for almost as long as the iconic rifle-not as an electrical Remington F5-5800appliance, of course, but the company started long enough ago to justify homeland manufacturing pride. You’ll find reviews from WWII vets who discovered Remington straight razors and never abandoned the brand.

If you tend to shave on the run, you’ll celebrate the 5-minute quick charge function that gives you enough juice for one complete shave, at which point you can do a full, 2-hour recharge that gives you 60-minutes of shave time (20 days on average).

No fancy clean-up station accompanies this tidy electric shaver because like pioneers of old, you’ll clean up the old-fashioned way by running this inexpensive appliance under the faucet and air drying it. Not brand new to the market, the Remington F5-5800 holds its own in today’s crowded electric razor market despite being the quintessential no-frills appliance.

Get a close shave, even in trouble spots like the chin, jawline and neck courtesy of what Remington calls its Intercept Shaving Technology. This advanced feature is found between the foils and its only job is to pre-trim longer hairs, so the foil takes them out more efficiently when it moves in.

Affordably priced because the design and manufacturing emphasis is on the razor itself rather than adding a collection of extras that can drive up prices, this foil shaver is a relatively simple engineering accomplishment which means that there’s less to go wrong! That stated, if you’re a bit obsessive about batteries, you should know up front that the battery that drives this product isn’t lithium, so weigh that when you make your buying decision.

  • One of the most affordable electric razors on the market driven by a push-button starter.
  • Easy-to-understand use instructions get you up to speed in minutes.
  • This appliance doesn’t require you to be heavy-handed: light pressure is all it takes for a smooth shave.
  • Get a close shave in problem areas courtesy of the flexible shaving head and Intercept Technology.
  • Ergonomically-designed handle for comfort, especially if you shave your head.
  • Easy-to-clean using soap and water and there’s no “station” to clutter up small sink area.
  • Intercept Technology could put an end to rashes and skin irritation suffered when using pricier shavers.
  • May be louder than your previous electric razors and it could develop an annoying vibration.
  • The F5-5800’s biggest draw, Intercept Technology, can make cleaning a more laborious process.
  • Not everyone wants a cordless razor powered by a non-lithium battery.
  • If foil screens are defective or pop out, you could cut or nick your face.
  • There have been reports of the trimmer breaking off as a result of dubious quality control checks.
  • You may have to replace foil screens more often than manufacturer claims.
  • Some plastic parts could break off and batteries have died an early death.

Video Review (5:56 Minutes)

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9. Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Finale Finishing Tool #8164

Call-out: Best performance by a professional electric razor

Excuse the pun, but if you’re sick and tired of being up against a hair wall every time you try to vanquish your Wahl Professional 8061super-beard, it could be time to call in the cavalry. This Wahl Professional 5 Star Finishing Tool doesn’t even call itself an electric shaver. Because it isn’t. It’s designed to combat stubble and does it like no other razor.

In a universe dominated by marketers who use the word “professional” indiscreetly, this product is the real deal. Intended only for professionals-or anyone who thinks of themselves as a skilled practitioner in the art of facial hair grooming-you’ll enjoy the versatility of this appliance. Hypoallergenic gold foil screens treat the most sensitive skin to a spa-quality finish as the tool glides over facial hills and valleys.

You get the ultra-powerful shave lots of companies promise at a price that boosts Wahl’s reputation as a leader in the industry and the solid lithium battery doesn’t mess around when it keeps the motor speeding along for up to 90-minutes per charge.

There’s no shortage of accessories included with this Wahl shaver: get the tool, foil guard, automatic recharging stand, wall charger, cleaning brush and easy-to-follow instructions. But don’t get too excited about your future as an owner of this highly-rated electric shaver: it’s only available from authorized dealers, so if you live to comparison shop on the Internet, we advise you of this, so you are not disappointed.

Unlike competitive electric razors, this Wahl tool is made in the U.S.A., so if you pride yourself on buying American whenever you have the opportunity, go for it. Despite all of its prestige and credentials, the retail price will amaze you, so think of the time you’ll save searching for a deal when the ultimate shave can be had directly from an authorized dealership.

  • Designed to tame stubble, this is the brand preferred by professional hair groomers.
  • Quiet, uniform performance that won’t jolt you awake first thing in the morning.
  • Unlike other Wahl products, this one has a stronger cutting bar.
  • The Finale Finishing Tool battery can’t be overcharged, and a single charge could last for 2 weeks.
  • You won’t have to put pressure on this electric shaver for it to do a terrific job.
  • Especially helpful for men who shave their heads and don’t want to spend an entire day doing it.
  • Recommended by barbers, hair cutters and stylists for myriad trim jobs.
  • To achieve the best result, one must move the tool in different directions; sensitive skin could be irritated.
  • You may have to resort to the Internet if there’s no retailer near you who sells professional tools.
  • You must trim your facial hair first or you may not like the result. This tool is made to groom stubble.
  • Pricey replacement foils could set you back around 20 bucks+ every 3-4 weeks.
  • Despite the brand name, the quality of the Finale could disappoint.
  • Owners complain that foil heads come off too easily in mid-shave.
  • Some units are arriving at user destinations with no charging stands.

Video Review (6:06 Minutes)

Click here to see the price of the Wahl Professional 5 Star Series on Amazon.

10. Hatteker Men’s Cordless Electric Rotary Shaver

Call-out: Get to know the brand name; you’ll be glad you did!

Like the aforementioned Wahl shaver that makes no secret of the fact that it’s not designed to vanquish deep,Hatteker Mens Electric Shaver thick beards, This Hatteker product is also engineered and marketed to be the finishing touch you crave when you’re devoted to daily facial hair grooming.

Another difference you’ll note from the get-go is that Hatteker, not a household name, is unafraid to flaunt the company’s 1-year guarantee; an assurance that comes with a 100-percent satisfaction promise. Why is this important? Because plenty of men purchase electric razors without reading the small print and since this is a grooming aid, you want every opportunity to find out whether this tool is for you.

If price is your decider, you can stop right here. As the least expensive model on our list, you’ll keep the raised numbers on your credit card intact if you order one for yourself and then enjoy many of the benefits this cordless electric shaver delivers. Like 90-minute battery charging that is likely to give you 45-minutes of shave time.

While the cordless functions are powered by a 1XLi-ion battery, the recharge mechanism makes use of a USB adapter and you can monitor the status of the battery via the LCD display that tracks the percentage of life left in the battery on a scale of zero to 100-percent charged.

There are lots of interactive features associated with this razor that you won’t find on competitor models. That LCD display hosts a range of signals that start out flashing and then go solid red, so you know you’re running on empty. This Hatteker shaver will tell you when it wants to be cleaned and when it’s locked.

If you’re all about getting a lot of stuff for a very low price, this electric shaver comes with everything but someone to make your morning coffee: the tool itself, a hair clipper with comb attachment, cleaning brush, charger plug, USB charger cord, travel bag and a user manual. As we said earlier, this is a name you want to know if you want a quality product at a reasonable price.

  • Even skeptics rave about the quality of this shaver, comparing it to pricier products.
  • You get two charging options: the wall outlet and the USB cord.
  • Easy to clean using a water rinse to dislodge hairs and flush them down the drain.
  • Users are so enthusiastic about battery indicator system, they could form a fan club.
  • It only takes about 10 seconds to change heads thanks to clever engineering.
  • For folks who want grooming tools to look as good as they function, this razor is sleek and handsome.
  • Remember that this is a 2-head system so one tackles a beard and the second delivers the smooth shave.
  • You’ll have to break this razor in slowly by adapting to its foibles if you want good results.
  • Razor could stop working for no reason after a few uses; save the box just in case.
  • You might have to spend more time grooming your beard if it’s thick and uneven.
  • There have been complaints about cheap materials used to construct this razor.
  • May be louder than you prefer, especially if your previous electric razors have been ultra-quiet.
  • Due to the double duty head system, sensitive skin could take a beating.
  • Because the brand is new, availability could be a problem if you don’t buy on the Internet.

Click here to see the price of the Hatteker Men’s Cordless Electric Rotary Shaver on Amazon.

Your Electric Shaver’s Buyer’s Guide

electric razor rotary with comb form and shaving items on table

Having reviewed the 10 styles profiled above, you may still have questions about the shaving experience and selection of products that can help you make a more educated buying decision. That’s why we offer you this buyer’s guide.

Whether you are confined to a specific price range, your beard requires attention that not every electric razor can deliver, you refuse to own a corded model or you’re weary of owning a tool that requires accessory and parts replacements often, the following information is designed to help you winnow down your choices.

– What will you Pay for your Electric Razor?

Having offered you a wide range of prices via our reviews, you may be interested in knowing that the average price shoppers pay is around $60. But your purchase doesn’t conclude with the razor itself because you’re likely to replace heads and foils at regular intervals that cost from $25 to $45. And once the rechargeable battery expires, add that to your shopping list.

– Before you Buy…

First, check for a return policy, warranty or any statement that allows you to take the razor back if you’re dissatisfied. Experts suggest giving the product a 3-week trial before you throw in the towel, especially if you’re making the transition between a razor blade and rotary or foil model.

– What’s your Type?

Once upon a time, guys owned a straight razor and the only decisions they had to make was which blade to buy for the best shaving experience. Not today. Men’s electric razors come in two specific categories: foil or rotary. Foil screen heads glide over facial contours as cutters move behind the screens. Rotary shavers are easy to spot: beard cutters spin beneath 3 or 4 coil-like heads.

– Your Best Bet might be a Rotary Shaver

This type of electric razor is quieter than a foil shaver and according to testers, it’s easier to clean them without too much drama. Rotary shavers may do a better job of cutting long hair that grows in different directions due to the spinning head design.

– Your Best Bet might be a Foil Shaver

If your skin is sensitive and you shave every day, the thin foil screen that grooms facial hair doesn’t come into direct contact with the skin. But it’s a trade-off. Thick long beards won’t necessarily benefit from a foil shaver as much as a rotary and buzzing noise could be irritating.

– Cord versus Battery, which will it be?

Ideally, having multiple options is a plus but since nothing is simple in the electric shaver realm, you’ll need to identify one of three power styles when making your purchase: 1) battery-powered (AA refills); 2) plug-in charging (using a station) and corded (requiring a wall plug). Corded units seem to be going the way of the dinosaur. Plug-in stations are preferred these days and some offer quick-charges that deliver a single shave. On the other hand, battery-powered razors are great for daily use because they don’t consume as much power.

– The Skinny on Wet/Dry Razors

There’s no denying that shaving in the shower saves time and can even make facial hair easier to remove, but there’s always the chance that creams and gels can cause cleaning/charging stations to clog up and you may not get your razor to a hygienic state if you’re always having to dig out particles and hairs. Further, wet/dry razors can’t be used when they’re plugged in. This safety measure was added to prevent users from being electrocuted.

– Why Cleaning Capability is so Important

Electric razors not properly cared for can land a user in all sorts of trouble. If the shaver isn’t properly cleaned, infections and skin irritation can lead to more serious health issues. As mentioned earlier, foil screens are easier to clean than rotary styles, but those screens are more fragile, and could come off. The more sophisticated the razor, the more likely it is to come with a cleaning station that may even disinfect at the same time it cleans.

– Other Factors to Consider:

  • Is mobility of prime interest to you? You’ll likely be more satisfied with cordless/plug-in charging unit.
  • Do you need a shaver that travels? Choose a battery-powered unit for convenience.
  • Are your travels overseas? Buy a unit that doesn’t require a converter.
  • Are you plagued by physical challenges? Look for a handle that’s ergonomically designed to fit your hand.
  • Interested in economizing? Buy a product that comes with a second set of foils and blades or rotary heads.
  • Are you impatient about battery charging time? Check the package so you don’t buy one that takes 12 hours.
  • Safety minded? You’ll never regret buying a model with an automatic shutoff mechanism to save battery life.

A Final Word: Best Electric Shaver for your Money?

best Electric shaver with conventional razor on wooden table

If you feel as though you are suffering from information overload, you’re not alone. Technological advances made over the past few years in electric razor product development can be pretty overwhelming.

And of course, the diversity of the shavers profiled in this review is intentional: every man’s facial hair growth patterns are unique.

Having absorbed the information gathered for the buying guide and comparing brand reputation, pricing, features and benefits described in each review, it’s wise to use the process of elimination to make your final decision.

Remove from the list any electric razor that exceeds the budget you set. Next, move on to criteria we believe can’t be dismissed: Brand reputation. This includes not only a thorough understanding of guarantees and warranties, but return policies and customer service assessments.

If you’ve ever been given the runaround by a customer service representative when all you want is the answer to why the product you bought isn’t working, you know how important a brand’s commitment to customer service can be.

Finally, don’t discount word-of-mouth reviews! We live in an opinionated world. People aren’t afraid to weigh in on subjects, so asking friends with whom you work, socialize and play about their electric razor experiences is likely to yield some great feedback.

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