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10 Best Home Foot Spa Machines: (Reviews & Guide 2020)

best foot spas

If you are new to foot spas, you may not know it yet, but these are among the best luxuries in modern life. Relieving sore feet can have a tremendous effect not just throughout your body but in terms of your mood and stress level. These machines can help you get a spa like massage at comfort of your own home. What we love most about using foot spas is giving your feet the top-notch treatment they deserve without visiting and paying excessive fee at any local therapy center.

A foot bath can be as simple as a basin. In these reviews, we focused on the best foot spa massagers that provide heat and at least bubbling but other massage actions as well.. When it comes to the best of foot care, there are many options on the market, so our mission here is to answer the most common questions consumers have and to showcase the top foot spa machines available.

Comparison Chart: Best Foot Spas of 2020

In our comparison table, you’ll find some basic technical info about each model that is further down in our review section. We’ve reviewed and ranked all of these products based on their features, durability and overall value provided to the consumer. You can read more about each item by scrolling down in our review section. We kept the same order of products downwards, so that it is easy for you to reference and correlate.

NameSizeWater Temperature
Gideon Luxury Foot Spa Bath Massager
(Editor’s Choice)
15” x 17” x 11” Up to 118F°
Kendal Foot Spa Massager16.5" × 13" × 9"Maintains constant temperature
Brookstone Heated Aqua-Jet Foot SpaUp to Men's Size 14Up to 115F°
All-in-One Foot Spa by BinxinUp to Men's Size 17Up to 120F°
Ivation Foot Spa Massager16.5” x 14.9” x 9.2” Up to 122F°
NURSAL Foot Spa MassagerUp to Men's Size 13Up to 118F°
Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall MassagerUp to Men's Size 14Up to 118F°
PIBBS Foot Bath Massager14” x 15” x 6.5” -
Conair Foot & Pedicure Spa7.5" x 14.6" x 16.6"-
Revlon Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa14.3" x 7.1" x 17"-

1. Best Overall: Gideon Luxury Foot Spa Bath Massager

Gideon Foot Spa Bath Massager Review

This all-in-one foot massager is our best foot spa of 2020!

It’s also among the higher-priced items in our rankings and so certainly a high-end choice, but we’re confident it’s worth it if you’re seeking a versatile, durable bath you’ll use for many years to come.

Gideon describes the product as all-in-one, and what that means is that the water is heated and agitated through bubbling action and that there’s also a rolling massage. The unit features six deep-massaging rollers altogether: two are motorized and there’s an additional four standard rollers.

Another aspect that makes the Gideon the best heated foot spa is that it delivers precise digital control through a digital LCD interface. See the precise temperature and adjust it up and down a unit at a time depending on your preference. The easily accessed control panel also features buttons to activate and deactivate the heat, bubbling action, motorized rollers and so forth.

The basin is mounted on four wheels, which is a nice touch since it makes the unit easy to move around when its filled and to get it into that perfect position. Once you’ve found your spot, simply lock the wheels into place, and you can be confident that the bath won’t go anywhere until you unlock them.

Overall, Gideon is an excellent foot spa and provides great value for the money. Consumers and critics alike love this machine, and it even comes with a convenient handle and drain that makes it rather easy to empty and clean when you’re finished using for the day.

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2. Best Overall Runner-Up: Kendal All In One Foot Spa

Kendal foot spa

The hardest aspect of these home foot spa reviews may have been the choice for number one!

Not only does this Kendal Massager tends to be a bit less expensive, but it also offers a high frequency vibration massage. It means that you get heated water, agitated water, massage rollers and vibration. It also features red light therapy and oxygen bubbles massage, which are beneficial for overall skin health and definitely not harmful.

So, why we chose Gideon? It came down to the wheels mostly. This model has a nice four-legged base, but you have to fill it in at a stationary place or fill to carry it to your desired spot, and that can be a hassle. If that’s an inconvenience you can live with, then we can make a strong argument for this model.

As with Gideon, the Kendal features an easily accessed control panel that allows you to adjust temperature and enable or disable various other features. It does not feature any LCD readout to tell you the exact temperature as we found in Gideon product.

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3. Best Bubble Action: Brookstone Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa

brookstone aqua spa foot jet

The Brookstone heated aqua-jet foot spa is among the most popular foot baths around!

And while it isn’t our top choice, we can certainly see why the Brookstone foot spa is popular. This product featured the water jets that we liked most overall. They’re quite powerful, and so the overall agitation of the water was better than with either the Gideon or Kendal foot baths.

The Brookstone also has a second water jet mode for those times when you desire a calmer and less vigorous experience. This is also the best foot spa for large feet we’ve ranked so far as the previous two models are a bit inconvenient for feet beyond 11 inches.

An optional pumice stone is also supported, and the product even includes one in the box that you can simply inserted near the rollers. It’s a nice touch. On the downside, this manufacturer recommends not using magnesium sulfate—Epsom salts—and we know that will be a deal-break for many.

The Brookstone heats the water well all the way up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s no digital readout unfortunately, and there’s also no precise control. You either use it at 115 degrees or unheated, and that may be an issue for younger people as well as adults with sensitive feet.

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4. Best Tai Jai Machine: All-in-One Foot Spa by Binxin

bixin foot spa

The all-in-one foot spa by Binxin features tai jai and shiatsu rollers as opposed to the more traditional rollers. Your choice of roller type comes down to a matter of preference. While we didn’t mind this approach, we preferred the conventional style, but we wanted to highlight at least one bath with such rollers for those consumers who favor the design.

Roller style aside, what puts the Binxin among the best foot massager spa machines is because it does it all. You get heated water, agitated water, motorized rollers and manual rollers with a number of different scrapers at various positions to take care of your feet.

This best water foot massager features a well-designed control panel and an LCD display. You can adjust temperature between 95 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. We found the feature that helps to maintain temperature throughout a session among the best we tested.

Noise level is pretty phenomenal as well, but that does come at the cost of force it seems. The movement of the water was not generally high enough for our liking. On the other hand, we do love that it has lockable wheels as well as a drainage line that makes it super-easy to empty and clean.

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5. Best Pedicure Option: Ivation Foot Spa Massager

ivation foot spa massager

The Ivation foot spa does a number of things really well. The first of those we’d like to emphasis is that it may be the best foot spa for large feet that we’ve reviewed. Not only does it accommodate large, manly dogs, but its design makes it easy to get them into and out of the basin, which is a big plus.

The unit is also aggressively priced, which puts it in our mid-range category, and it even competes with—but perhaps falls just a bit short of—our best rated foot spas at the high-end.

Nevertheless, it’s a full-featured product that provides a heated bath, automatic massage rollers, a textured basin, adjustable temperature control, three separate pedicure attachments, a convenient handle, a medicine box dispenser and much more.

It also features an LCD readout and display. Easily see what your current temperature is as well as make adjustments to the various features. In addition to the oxygenating bubble action, the unit vibrates to help encourage circulation and soothe weary feet even more. It even includes an infrared light so that you can add red light therapy to your personalized mix of foot care and relaxation.

Overall, this is the best foot spa massage machine at the mid-range, and unless you’re willing to go up to the Gideon or Kendal price level, you can’t go wrong with this choice.

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6. Best Mid-Range Runner-Up: NURSAL Foot Spa Massager

nursal foot spa massager

The NURSAL is another excellent mid-range option that gives the Ivation a run for its money.

Convenience is one area that makes the NURSAL the best foot spa at the mid-range. Our team liked the handle design a bit better and felt it was more comfortable to move around overall. In addition, we liked the drain plug design and how simple it made the bath to empty and clean.

Another feature that we found really clever was the full cover. After setting it to heat up, you can extend the cover so that no dust or other particulates or contaminants get into the water.

This best home foot spa offers controlled heating up to 118 degrees Fahrenheit, and the product features an LCD readout and control panel. The bubble massage is quite nice and forceful, but one area where it comes up short is the lack of motorized rollers. All of them are manual. On the plus side, you can remove the rollers if you prefer a flatter and more comfortable experience.

Build quality and design are really good at this price level. The product includes a timer, an infrared light and a medicine box, and all salts, oils and various additives are supported. The timer can be set for a period as short as 10 minutes or as long as 60 minutes.

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7. Best Foot and Leg Machine: Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall Massager

carepeutic ozone waterfall spa

The Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall is the best foot bath massager that also accommodates your legs as high as your calves. What allows for this is that the product is quite a bit higher at 23 inches tall than most of the other spa machines we reviewed.

Be mindful that there’s a tradeoff here. Accommodating your calves means that the machine is larger, bulkier and heavier, which is a worthwhile inconvenience if you want to target your calves but not so much if you don’t. It also adds to the price to a noticeable degree.

That aside, one aspect that we really liked compared to the other best heated foot spas we reviewed is the motorized water drainage. This doesn’t necessarily speed the process up that much, but what it does do is eliminate the hassle of getting the last quarter and then that final puddle out of the machine.

The Carepeutic machine is quite feature-rich as well. It offers four motorized rollers as well as a textured basin. The water jets are quite powerful and let you choose between either a jet or waterfall action. The jet action is vigorous and creates lots of bubbles, and the waterfall action is much more relaxing.

The digital display is sophisticated and provides access to the readout, temperature control, timer and buttons for all of the other features. There are also two separate internal containers, with the smaller one being intended for mineral and herbal additives.

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8. Best Simple Foot Bath: PIBBS Foot Bath Massager

While there’s certainly a trend with the best foot spas with heat getting more advanced, we know there are some consumers—including on our team—who want something a bit more straightforward.

For those people, we offer the PIBBS model FMA383OA as the best heated foot bath available. This model doesn’t have motorized rollers but does offer vibration along with a gently textured basin.

You can’t set an exact temperature, but it does maintain the temperature well at about 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Be aware that this kind of foot bath isn’t a fast heater. We recommend hot water from the tap since if you fill it will cold water, you may be waiting 20 to 30 minutes for a comfortable temp.

This product has a wide opening, so it’s easy to get even large feet into and out of the ample basin. PIBBS puts no limitations on the Epsom salts and other additives that you can use, and washing and disinfecting the machine is relatively simple too thanks to the open design.

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9. Best Economy Option: Conair Foot & Pedicure Spa

conair foot spa pedicure

If you’re looking to spend less, then you’re in luck!

The Conair Foot & Pedicure with vibration and heat is among the best foot spas of 2020 when you consider the price. It’s a quite attractive machine as well and available in two color themes: either lavender and white or purple and white.

It doesn’t feature motorized rollers like most of the best heated foot spas, but it does offer a reasonably intense vibration that provides soothing water action and also lets you take better advantage of the various foot massage elements, such as a textured nodule you can use to rejuvenate your feet.

Our team also enjoyed the toe-oriented controls that let you enable and disable the vibration and even adjust the temperature with your big toe rather than bending over. And while there isn’t precise temperature control, there are options so that it’s neither too hot nor too cold for you.

Still we can spend a great deal of time to discuss about pros and cons of this machine, but we do not want to lose sight of the fact that this is a low-cost foot spa and can often be purchased for less. It’s really an amazing value at this price point and good option as a beginner foot spa. You can take it with you without worrying too much about damaging this machine.

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10. Best Economy Runner-Up: Revlon Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa

Revlon bubbling massager

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Conair model, look to Revlon brand.

The Revlon Foot Spa is an excellent economy option and only lost out as the best budgeted heat model because it costs about 20 percent more.

Note that the Revlon model we reviewed is a newer version of a Dr. Scholl’s foot massager that’s also available. We’re not exactly sure how the licensing works or why it changed. We do know that the machines are similar and that you shouldn’t worry too much about the name if you get a better price.

One area where we like this model over the Conair—our choice for best foot spa of 2020 at the budget level—is the roller. It’s not motorized but coupled with the vibration, we did like it a bit better than the textured nodule that Conair opted for instead.

Overall, at this price, the machine is really well-made and an excellent value. It’s convenient for larger feet as well and rather easy to clean and disinfect thanks to the open design. It also features a pumice stone, which is completely optional and can be removed if you prefer.

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A Complete Buying Guide for Foot Spas

What is a Foot Spa and How it Helps?

A foot spa, also known as foot bath is a small plastic tub that contains warm water, essential oils and added salts to massage soaking feet. It helps to detoxify your body toxins, increase energy, stamina, provide relaxation by massaging your feet. Some of these foot spas are pretty basic and only provide few manual features to apply. For instance, you may need to heat up water yourself and pour into the tub. They come with manual rollers and scrubbers to clean and massage feet. On the other hand, if you automate all these functions electronically, it increases the price significantly. Majority of the top foot spas available on the market provide all the features electronically and hence their price is also high. All you need to do is to plug in, sit back and relax to enjoy your favorite foot massage at comfort of your own home.

How these Foot Spas were Tested and Selected

checking out facts and figures after testing

Selecting the best foot spa for 2020 is not a simple process but an enjoyable one. As you imagine or may already know that foot soakers and in particular foot massagers really feel good. They are certainly tremendous after a hard day at work or after working out, but we were testing these at various times throughout the day and always felt good as long as we maintained moderation.

Our team also enlisted some outside testers because we wanted to determine, for instance, the best foot spa for arthritis, the best foot spa for neuropathy and so forth. We paid careful attention to the various massage mechanisms, such as water movement, air bubbles, Tai Jai rollers and so on, and we also noted not just the effectiveness of each but the combinations that we enjoyed.

We did as a group tend to gravitate toward to foot baths that offer more options and let us mix and match action. Warmth was also an important factor not just in terms of how it felt but how adjustable it was and how precise that control was. Our goal was to answer questions such as how improved was blood flow in the feet, was this an effective stress reliever and how were headaches affected.

Each tester assigned points to both objective and subjective categories, and we used that list as a starting point. Then, we discussed and discussed and discussed some more until we came up with the rankings you’ll find above. Even though we needed an order, final selections were hard, and we made sure to add contextual notes. Many products are made with women in mind, and if you are a man or just have larger-than-average feet, the best foot spa to buy will undoubtedly be quite different..

Who Should Use a Foot Spa?

best foot spa

Let’s start by pointing out that you don’t have to be a particular kind of person or have a certain condition to benefit from the foot baths. These massage machines release stress, just feel good in general and relieve sore feet and even headaches in some cases.

You also don’t have to spend a small fortune to own one of the best foot spa machines on the market, so our opinion is that everyone should use them: men and women, young and old and so on. That said, there are certain conditions that make owning a home foot spa particularly beneficial.

Mental health professionals often recommend them for anyone dealing with depression, anxiety or excessive stress. Doctors who specialize in migraines will often have patients test a heated foot spa to see if it makes a difference, and it does for many people, including with lesser headache types.

The foot spas for arthritis are rarely a primary treatment but can substantially reduce discomfort and other symptoms. Likewise, the foot spas for neuropathy can help to alleviate common symptoms of that condition, including numbness, extreme sensitivity and muscle weakness.

Note that it is safe to use foot spas as part of your personal care regimen. However, if your intent is to use it due to pain beyond everyday sore feet or to treat a particular condition or its symptoms, then you should consult with a relevant physician before doing so.

A) What I should Consider When Purchasing a Foot Spa

After a long day at work, foot spas are exactly what you need to relax and rejuvenate your body. There are dozens of models available on the market that provide variety of functions. The more features you want, the more you need to pay for the product. Before buying a foot spa, there are a number of questions you should ask yourself to select the right option.

  1. What features do I exactly need?

    Features are important and the top-rated foot spas range from fairly barebones to loaded with massage actions, options and digital displays. If there was one deal-breaker our team was unanimous on, it was heat. A foot spa with heat makes a big difference in how your feet and rest of your body feel. Heating water manually and then filling a foot bath is just a hassle that can be messy too.

    We will explain all features offered in foot spas in our detailed section below. Before buying a spa, you should exactly know what are the most important features you need. Can you heat water yourself separately or you want integrated heat function in the foot spa? Are you comfortable moving the bath from one place to another while its completely filled with water? Do you need motorized massage rollers or simple ones at bottom of your machine? Are you interested in foot spas that generate lots of bubbles to tingle your feet? Does infrared light therapy interest you? How much extra space you need in an ideal foot bath? Do you need vibration feature in your selected model? Are you interested in adding salts in your machine to achieve the ideal detoxification?

    Your final choice of foot spa is heavily based on answers to the above-mentioned questions. No all buyers are interested in each and every feature integrated in models. There are products that are kept simple by manufacturers, while some high-end models come with all possible features available under the sun.

  2. How many times I’ll be using it?

    There are people who like to use foot spas in their daily routine, while there are others who only use them occasionally. Do you want to use it daily, weekly or monthly? Based on your work schedule, your numbers can be different. If you are someone who likes to get foot bath on routine basis, you should pick a model that is durable as well as portable. Its plastic should be of high quality and you should be able to move it around with little effort. Some foot spas come equipped with bucket handles while there are others that offer wheels at bottom. The price of each model varies based on the type of material used and portability it provides.

  3. Do I need a foot spa to fix a health issue?

    Most people think that foot spas are only intended for relaxation, cleansing and massage purposes. However, this perception is not true as these products can fix variety of health issues as well. Based on your particular problem, you need to choose a foot spa that can address that issue effectively. For example, massage rollers at bottom of device can greatly help to resolve blood circulation issues. These rollers stimulate skin under feet sole and improve flow of flood. Use of red light is also considered beneficial in similar cases. If you are someone who suffers from arthritis or want to perform detoxification, you need to pick a spa that supports use of salts and oils. Not all foot spas are compatible with external additives, so make sure to first read product description and then hit that buy button.

  4. How much I can spend to buy a quality foot spa?

    Foot spas are generally inexpensive, however high-end models may cost a pretty penny. Before buying, you should exactly know your budget range. With specific budget in mind, it can greatly help to limit your number of options. This is really necessary, when you have a strict budget or want to shortlist a cheaper foot spa to buy online. With greater budget, you can add variety of features that you may not necessarily need when using the product in real time.

  5. What should be height of water in my foot spa?

    When it comes to height of water from bottom surface, foot spas can greatly vary. There are brands that offer models to keep your feet, ankles and calves completely submerged, while there are others that only keep your soles dipped partially due to underneath massage rollers. In the end, it is your choice if you want to buy a foot spa with full, partial and slight dipping. Just make sure to check product dimensions properly before opting for a specific model.

  6. How much foot comfort do I really need?

    Another important aspect is foot comfort. Know your foot size. If you don’t know offhand, measure them. Ensure that the model you choose not only accommodates feet that size but gives them a little breathing room, so to speak. Something else you want to pay attention to is the base. Cushioning, texture and so forth generally come down to personal preference and sensitivity.

  7. What type of massage action I prefer?

    There are different options when it comes to massage. You may not know your preferences yet if you’re purchasing foot spa for the first time. Our team found that we prefer varied options because how our feet felt changed from day to day, and we liked to play with the multiple combinations.

B) Key Features to Look into before Picking a Foot Bath

things to consider

If you want all cozy features in a home foot spa, it is likely going to increase its overall price. So, it is best to first decide the precise features you actually need and then click that add to cart button on your chosen model. There are dozens of features that come with various foot spas out there on the market and sometimes it’s very time consuming to pick the right option.

As a rule of thumb, you need to pick a foot spa that does its job well and durable enough to provide superior value of money in the long run. Picking up top ranked model with all sorts of A to Z features is going to cost more. For your convenience, we listed down some of the high and low priority features required by consumers. You just need to highlight the ones you really need and then see which model can deliver them to you.

High Priority Features

The best home foot spa is likely to carry all these important features mentioned below. Based on pricing, some of these features are manually and electronically controlled in the machines.

  • Heating Mechanism: Our top-rated foot bath does offers electronic heating function. With this feature, you can attain a desired temperature of water and maintain it for as long as you need. Some of the spas enable you to change and see temperature on top. You can control heat by using attached panel and ensure that you get a luxurious foot bath experience, ultimate relaxation and swift relief from daily grind.
  • Pre-Programmed Functions: Foot spas offer 2 or 3 pre-programmed functions to switch between and gain a desired massage experience. For example, you have vibration, heating and bubble functions which are used in varied combinations to relax your feet and body. The preset programs are somewhat similar to the ones offered in massage chairs but at a much smaller scale.
  • Vibration Rollers and Water Jets: Vibration rollers and water jets take your massage experience to the next level. The intensity and type of vibrations vary for each model. There are multiple settings that enable users to adjust and enjoy foot massage according to their mood.
  • Bubbling: This is another good feature that is liked by many consumers. For some people it is quite enjoyable while some can’t stand gentle tickles triggered by bubbles. Overall, this a nice touch in a home foot spa and we love this feature.
  • Noise: When using spas, it is normal to hear noises due to water jets, bubbles and rollers action. The intensity of these noises can vary for each model from different brands. A high-quality spa is likely to generate less and more refined noise. With lots of noises comes disturbance that can bother other people inside your room.

Low Priority Features

These features are less critical and may not affect your final buying decision. By considering these features, you may need to pay more money to buy a high-end model.

  • Attachments: The top-of-the-line foot spas are excellent pedicure devices as well. They come with attachments such as pumice stone which is fully optional and removable. Such added functionalities can help you get rid of calluses and crop those nice smooth feet that are sought-after by most of us.
  • Salts Usage: Not all foot spas allow users to add salt to water. It is best to check manufacturer’s manual first, before you throw anything inside your foot bath. Salts can cause damage and malfunction your device if it is not compatible. While there are also many good spa machines out there that allow users to use salts and even essential oils for healthy detoxification experience.
  • Remote Control: A remote control on hand removes hassle of bending down and adjusting your foot bath settings. It is really a nice feature and adds luxury to your overall foot bath experience. During a massage, you may not want to take your eyes off from the latest TV season episode, computer screen or phone. In such cases, a spa remote comes in handy to adjust bubbling, heating, red lights and roller speeds without stretching down.
  • Size: If you love spacious foot baths, you may need to check out its dimensions before hitting the buy button. Majority models are suitable for men with up to 12 feet size, however there are even larger baths designed for people with extra large feet. For a pleasant experience, it is best-suited to buy a foot bath that is a bit bigger than your actual foot size.
  • Splash Guard: For shallow spa machines, this is really an important feature. It limits the amount of water that gets poured out during each massage session.
  • Drainage: Not all foot spas come with a drain hose or casters. Most of them come with a bucket handle to carry bath and move it around. It especially becomes a problem when you have lifting issues or suffer from back pain. You cannot simply drain the spa by just lifting it up and emptying it near a gutter. In all such cases, models with drain hose and casters come are very useful.
  • Portability: Portability can be a major concern if you have lifting issues. As mentioned earlier, some models use casters while others provide bucket handles. The ones that come with casters are usually larger in size and difficult to lift. Majority spas offer bucket handles that makes them easy to lift and transport. The price of each model varies based on the type of portability it offers.

Why Foot Bath Machine is Good for you?

In general, foot spa is really good for your overall health. It helps to get rid of tension, pressure and anxiety you face in day-to-day life. There are a bunch of physical and mental benefits associated with use of these machines. You will gradually feel all the positive things that come into effect after 2-3 weeks of regular use.

Here are few key benefits of foot spas that you should know:

  1. Improves Blood Circulation:

    This is one of the most important benefits of using foot spas. It relieves stress and tension between muscles and tendons to help circulate blood smoothly. All body organs including brain need proper circulation of blood to perform in an optimal way. Blood transports oxygen and nutrients to all cells and also removes harmful toxins from human body.

  2. Boosting Energy Levels:

    Ideally, energy should not be trapped and flowing freely throughout human body, however this is not actually the case. There are many blockages among tight muscles that trap energy. With help of a foot massage, this energy can get released by gently pressing the pressure points.

  3. Feeling Relaxed:

    Foot spas are normally associated with making you feel relaxed. It is because these devices massage ‘solar plexus’ points within the feet. This is actually focal point that accumulates all stress of human body. The gentle presses on this point relieve anxiety and tension to rejuvenate the body.

  4. Achieving Balance:

    This is a phenomenon when all of your body parts are working together perfectly to give you optimal physical and mental health. Your body goes into a state of relaxation and healing, when your reflexes get stimulated. By achieving balance, the tension and distress are swiftly removed and you are saved from their harmful effects.

  5. Good for sex life:

    Did somebody ever tell you that foot spa is also excellent for sex life? It is a perfect gift for your partner and get her into romantic mood through gentle massage on pressure points. Water, essential oils, salts, gels and bubbles also play an important role to trigger sensual feelings. To romanticize her mood even further, you can dim the lights, use scented candles and play little music.

  6. Eliminates Headaches and PMS Symptoms:

    Do you know about happy hormones and how to generate them? These hormones are actually achieved as a result of rigorous exercise, sex, positive emotions and reflexology actions. People suffering from headaches or migraines report positive results after using reflexology therapies. A foot spa can be used to perform these actions and significantly reduce PMS symptoms as well. Some of the common signs of PMS include feeling tired, headaches, mood swings, sadness and fatigue, etc.

  7. Foot Injuries, Plantar Fasciitis and Flat Feet:

    Foot spa can help you recover from injuries, muscle soreness and pain. Plantar fasciitis is another condition, where people suffer from inflammation at bottom of feet and arches. It you have high arches or flat feet, you are likely to feel the pain which can be considerably reduced using gentle massage of foot spa.

How to Clean and Maintain Your Foot Bath Massager

foot spa machine

While actual maintenance recommendations vary from one foot spa machine to the next, there’s usually very little upkeep required beyond cleaning. The important thing is that you dry it completely before putting it up and that you regularly inspect the base, rollers with other elements.

Whether you own a heated or unheated foot spa, cleaning is super-important. It becomes even more important when the machine is shared among multiple people. In such scenario, you not only just need to clean but disinfect your spa as well.

Failure to clean and disinfect even the best foot baths can set the stage for bacterial growth. Such bacteria can cause common fungal infections, such as tinea pedis—also known as athlete’s feet—but it can also lead to much more serious conditions, including infections if skin barrier is compromised.

Hard water can also cause a buildup of calcium deposits. Epsom salts can leave a residue that builds up over time, and so can other water additives. These buildups aren’t necessarily bad for you, but they will detract from cleanability, usability and attractiveness of even the top rated foot spas for the money.

So, how do you clean it? Use warm water mixed with a mild detergent to clean the basin thoroughly. When basin is cleaned, rinse it with just warm water. Be careful that even a mild detergent can wreak havoc on sensitive foot skin. Once the machine is fully dry, you’ll want to use disinfectant of your choice that is suitable for your particular foot spa.

Wrap Up: Enjoy Feet That Feel Well

Our team conducted many foot spa reviews and never got disappointed except in cases where a product was cheaply made or we had to heat water ourselves. If you’re someone who’ll use a foot spa at least once a week and perhaps more often, the extra initial cost of high-end machines is really worth it in the long run due to special options and durability provided.

When purchasing my own foot spa, I placed great emphasis on cleanability. I clean mine after each use, and even among the top rated brands, there are products that aren’t that easy to clean. It may not seem like a big issue, but a difficult clean will likely grate on you after you’ve done it a dozen times or so.

Paul Hickman