Best Gaming Headsets 2020: Top Rated Reviews, Brand Comparisons and All Over Good Models for PC, Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo

gaming headset reviews 2020

Whether you are among the millions of hardcore gamers playing Fortnite or need a best gaming headset for PC so that you can coordinate with your Destiny 2 fireteam in Gambit or the newest raid, we have you covered.

Our testing team has conducted top gaming headset reviews for most popular brands on the market right now. We have ranked our favourite gaming headsets as well as put our latest choices into context so that you as a gamer will have a much clearer picture when you are searching the overall best gaming headset for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox or PC.

In addition to assembling a good comparison chart of the top 10 gaming headsets for the money, we have written an in-depth buying guide that will answer most of the frequently asked questions that curious buyers tend to have before they finally figure out to purchase a top rated gaming headset.

Top Rated Gaming Headsets Comparison Chart

Here are our top 9 picks for the best gaming headsets on the market. You can buy any of these good headsets today.

Gaming HeadsetsCompatibilityConnectivityNC Mic
Steelseries Arctis Pro
(Editor’s Choice)
PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4USB, Optical, 3.5mmYes
Hyperx Cloud Stinger
(Best Value)
PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS43.5mmYes
Hyperx Cloud IIPC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4USB 7.1, 3.5mmYes
Sennheiser Game OnePC, Mac, Xbox One, PS43.5mmYes
Audio-Technica ATH-M50XPC, Mac, Xbox One, PS43.5mm-
Creative Sound BlasterX H7PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS43.5mmYes
Astro A50PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS43.5mmYes
Sony Gold
(Budget Pick)
PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS43.5mmYes
OnikumaPC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo3.5mmYes

Best Gaming Headset Reviews (Updated List)

best gaming headset 2019

Welcome to our gaming headset reviews section. Below is the top 10 list of the best gaming headsets based on their high quality and pricing currently available. We always keep our list updated with the freshest products on the market. Most of these high quality gaming sets rose up to the list when they became most popular choices among the gamers.

Currently, we have 9 top gaming headsets as we recently removed one poor performing headphone from our gaming headset reviews.

1. Best Gaming Headset Overall: SteelSeries Arctis Pro

If you have a good budget for top-notch gaming headset for the money, then it is not hard to choose the SteelSeries Arctis Pro.

This is the best gaming headset with the best mic on the market, and it is currently available in two versions: one that comes with a DAC—a digital-to-audio converter—and one that does not and costs less.

The Arctis Pro is one of the best keep secrets in gaming and among the few instances where you can actually compare superior audio quality between a best PC headset and the best PC headphones.

SteelSeries has placed a greater emphasis on pristine comfort level as well. The high quality cups fit entirely over the ears even if you have big ones like I do. The gaming headset is extremely lightweight, and you will not feel the band on your head.

The DAC makes a big difference and can overcome numerous issues with the onboard sound that many high-end gamers use. Note that you can buy the SteelSeries GameDAC separately. It will definitely cost you more in the end but is a quite reasonable option for a gamer who cannot afford the more expensive version right now.

SteelSeries is a highly rated brand that changed the headphones industry for the better. It helped establish the perception that the best PC gaming headset could actually be a damn good pair of headphones as well. Even audiophiles agree, and we love this handpicked choice as the best gaming headset for PS4 users too.

What we do not like is the surround sound implementation. It is not good, which is not acceptable at this higher price point. Even Logitech does it better—and at much less of a sticker price as well.

Click here to see the price of the SteelSeries Arctis Pro on Amazon.

2. Best Value for the Money: HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

The HyperX Cloud Stinger gaming headset has been the best value on the market several years running.

This is one of the best gaming headset you can buy today. The Stinger really is the sweet spot of both price and performance.

You may expect the ideal PC gaming headset to have an aluminum frame, which is not the case here, but this is probably the most polished and durable plastic construction that we’ve reviewed so far.

Gamers can twist the band as much as they want without fear of breaking this durable gaming headset. About the only weak spot is where the cup connects to the band. You certainly want to be aware as you take these off because a heavy-handed person could cause those plastic connections to snap.

Another criticism is that we wish this good gaming headset had a removable—and thus replaceable—mic, which is what Hyper does on the Cloud and Cloud II, which are essentially the big brother product to this one.

Those issues aside, there is just so much to like about the HyperX Cloud Stinger.

Many pricey gaming headsets for PC are not this much comfortable. The mic quality is superb, and these work just fine with the gaming consoles too. They are not bad as a cheap pair of headphones either.

Click here to see the price of the HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset on Amazon.

3. Best Overall Gaming Headset Runner-up: HyperX Cloud II

For twice as much as the Stinger, you can move up to the HyperX Cloud II gaming headset.

For three times as much, you can move up to the Revolver S.

The HyperX Cloud Revolver S is the best USB gaming headset available on the market. It has an integrated DAC and actually does 7.1 virtual surround well and certainly better than the Arctis Pro in terms of sheer performance and better sound quality. We would still take the Arctis Pro since the DAC is better overall and we like the fact that it is external rather than internal.

The HyperX Cloud II, however, is a great compromise between the Stinger and the Revolver S or Arctis Pro.

It comes with a USB audio sound card. The 7.1 virtual surround sound implementation is decent.

Through the sound card, the microphone has noise cancelling and sounds pristine. It also has echo cancelling, and the mic is detachable so that you can replace it or even remove it when it is not needed.

This compelling headset is in the discussion for best gaming headset for Xbox One and PS4 too, but be mindful that virtual surround is generally limited to PC and Mac and not available on the consoles.

This headset is also super-comfortable. It is made up of entirely of steel, and the steel frame can really take some abuse. The frame is covered in leatherette, which looks and feels very solid.

This superb gaming headset also comes with a good choice of ear covers: pleather and plush. The pleather is nice, but the Velour is a better option for those long gaming sessions where your ears may heat up and sweat.

Click here to see the price of the HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset on Amazon.

4. Most Comfortable Gaming Headset Runner-Up: Sennheiser GAME ONE

The HyperX Cloud II is our top choice for most comfortable as well as overall runner-up.

A close second for best gaming headset for comfort is GAME ONE from Sennheiser.

Sennheiser is an interesting brand as it creates high-end gaming headphones that may be best overall but also creates budget options that deliver an incredible balance between price and performance.

As agile as the brand has been in the headphones space, its gaming headset presence has been a bit clumsier.

An example of this is the GAME ONE, which almost comes across as Sennheiser being unable to make up its mind. Is this a high-end gaming headset or an excellent value option?

The net result is a product that is a bit too high in price for our tastes.

It is comparable to the Cloud II, but the Cloud has a better overall package and costs a third less.

That said, GAME ONE is easily the second most comfortable gaming headset for PC and consoles that we tested, and some of our team members fought hard to have this product take that top spot for the best gaming headset.

If comfort is paramount for you, then these are worth trying if you have that opportunity.

The audio quality is also quite good but not as good as Arctis Pro. The mic is up there with the best we tested and has noise-cancelling and automatically mutes when raised but is not removable.

Due to the pricing, we would recommend this as a gaming headset you should consider buying when it is on sale, but when it is not on sale, choosing the Cloud II or even the Stinger over it is an easy decision.

Click here to see the price of the Sennheiser GAME ONE on Amazon.

5. Best High-End Gaming Headset Option: Audio-Technica ATH-M50x with V-MODA BoomPro

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x needs no introduction in the world of gaming headsets.

The ATH-M50x is widely considered among the best headphones available before you move up into studio-grade equipment that can cost a lot more.

If you are in the market to get the best high-end gaming headset for PC or consoles, then we would recommend skipping the headset and getting the ATH-M50x instead.

Pair it with a V-MODA BoomPro mic and a Y-connector and you have the best gaming headset money can buy.

For absolutely top-of-the-line performance, you are also going to want a DAC or a sound card.

Although it is our favourite gaming headset, the BoomPro is not your only option.

If you prefer a mobile-style mic, you can go that route too and even save a little.

So, if we love this gaming headset so much, why is it not at the top of our comparison chart?

Well, these headphones are generally not designed to be used for hours on end.

If you play a four-hour session of League of Legends with the ATH-M50x, you are going to feel it, and that is one reason why we would still opt for the best quality gaming headset for PC and consoles.

Click here to see the price of the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x on Amazon.

6. Most Versatile Gaming Headset: Creative Sound BlasterX H7

Creative made its name back when a dedicated internal sound card was a must for gaming.

Onboard sound just was not good enough, and USB sound cards and the like were not yet possible.

Now that they are, Creative Company has broadened its horizons in the gaming headset market.

With this great gaming headset, Creative has delivered a product that looks as good as it sounds.

Creative Sound BlasterX H7 also has an EQ optimized for gaming, so out of the box, gaming sounds really good. You will not, for instance, notice big explosions in the background overpowering dialogue and nearby sounds.

Creative also bundles in the BlasterX Acoustic Engine software. This software lets you adjust the equalizer and create and enable sound presets as well as use game-specific profiles.

It also has Scout Mode, which aims to enhance positional audio—such as footsteps.

This is what makes it our preferred choice as the most versatile gaming headset.

If you want the best gaming headset for PC that you can fine-tune on a per-game basis, this is it.

This product is also an excellent option if you want a good gaming headset for the consoles.

What we did not like is that the high-end is a little too prominent and the mids are a bit too quiet. This is not generally an issue for gaming but is an issue for genres like rock and jazz.

Note: You may notice a Tournament Edition, a Professional Edition and a number of other editions. These are all the same gaming headsets with minor differences in terms of packaging and accessories.

Click here to see the price of the Creative Sound BlasterX H7 on Amazon.

7. Best Wireless Gaming Headset: ASTRO A50

You may have noticed that most of our top gaming headset picks are wired.

A product we did like and can recommend is the ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Gaming Headset.

This item costs a lot more though, but we think that if you are going to invest in top wireless gaming headset, then you might as well really invest in order to get dependable performance.

Wireless is really the selling point here. Astro does wireless well. It also includes the MixAmp, which is a good product that combines both a DAC and an amp—essentially an external sound card.

The sound quality is decent. The surround sound implementation is not really worth using.

The mic has good quality but durability is a bit suspect, and Astro uses a proprietary connection and charges a price for their mics that we consider to be a bit unreasonable.

Nevertheless, these are among the best wireless gaming headsets for PC and PS4.

Astro also makes a green version intended for the Xbox One.

These editions are not compatible. The PS4 version of gaming headset will not work on the Xbox and vice versa. This is a shame because this is not necessary at all. Astro could have done it different but did not.

Click here to see the price of the ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Dolby Gaming Headset on Amazon.

8. Best Budget Wireless Gaming Headset: Sony Gold

This is the best wireless gaming headset from Sony.

We think this makes this product a no-brainer for the average gamer.

In fact, even though the A50s are probably better overall, the price-to-performance ratio is better here, and these are probably the wireless headsets that we would recommend to family and friends.

You can also use these wirelessly on your PC rig as well.

Oh, yeah. They work with Xbox too. OK, so the wireless does not work directly, but you can plug them into the Xbox controller and achieve the same effect.

That makes them perhaps the best wireless headphones option for the multi-platform gamer who wants a budget gaming headset that will work with your PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch too.

Sound is decent. Audiophiles will be disappointed, but for gaming, it is fine.

These are not the most comfortable gaming headsets we tested. They are not uncomfortable, but you will start to feel them during marathon gaming sessions.

Additionally, build quality is a bit middle of the road. Heavy-handed people beware.

Still, at this affordable price, we think many gamers will be all right with buying another pair because of the value and compatibility that this gaming headset offers them.

Just keep in mind, however, that if you do not really need wireless, then you can get a lot better performance and build quality at this price point with wired gaming headsets.

Click here to see the price of the Sony PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset on Amazon.

#9. Best Budget Gaming Headset Option: BENGOO G900 or ONIKUMA

It may seem odd to rank two products in one slot, but these gaming headsets are so popular and so much of a toss-up that it seemed like the only fair thing to do.

There was a time when spending less for a PC gaming headset was a ludicrous notion. But the tech has gotten and the consumer base—thanks to mobile—has gotten a lot bigger and cheaper.

About the worst thing that we can say about these products is that they are both on the plastic-y side, and the gamer-ish design is a bit obnoxious and marketed at who we are not exactly sure.

But if you can overlook these qualities, then what you get is easily the best gaming headset under budget. Which you choose really comes down to a matter of stylistic preference—we guess.

Note that the plastic and bulky construction does not mean poor build quality. These are both built quite well and are surprisingly comfortable for long sessions despite being a bit on the heavy side.

This gaming headset is just perfect if you are tight for cash right now. They are also ideal if you tend to be hard on your gaming headsets or are buying for a kid who tends to break stuff like this.

There are no compatibility issues to speak of, which makes this the perfect gaming headset for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on a budget.

Note: Although both headsets feature a USB cable, these are not USB headsets, and the cable is simply there to power the LED lighting on the headphones themselves.

Click here to see the price of the ONIKUMA Stereo Gaming Headset on Amazon.

How These Top Rated Gaming Headsets Were Tested and Reviewed

best gaming headset ps4best gaming headset ps4

We test and review gaming headsets across five broad categories:

  • Audio
  • Microphone
  • Comfort
  • Build quality
  • Ease of use

Audio testing is extensive as we do with gaming headsets as well, but we also place greater emphasis on positional audio and other such characteristics.

We also used these headphones in a variety of gaming environments in order to appreciate mic quality, comfort for long-term use and so forth.

What are the Important Factors to Consider When Buying Gaming Headsets

best gaming headset for pc

  1. Price versus Performance of Gaming Headset
    You do not have to spend a great deal of money to get good performance and excellent overall value when it comes to best quality gaming headsets. In fact, these products have a reputation for being overpriced. Spend for what you want, but avoid paying needlessly for a popular brand name or an unnecessary feature.
  2. Gaming Headphones vs. Gaming Headsets
    You always have the option to use a pair of headphones as a gaming headset, and as you move up higher and higher in price with the top gaming headsets, a strong argument can be made that it is a better performance and economical choice long-term to go with the headphones and mic combo.
  3. Great Sound Quality Too?
    The best gaming headset brands deliver reasonably well on the music front. If you want the perfect gaming headset for PC that you can also use for enjoying your favorite tunes, then it makes sense to pay a little more for that audio quality or to consider moving up into the high-end headphones space.
  4. Virtual Surround Sound Gaming Headsets
    Virtual surround sound remains a polarizing topic among audiophiles and gamers. Although it will never be quite like physical surround sound, these virtual solutions have come a long way. But be mindful that implementations vary greatly from one to the next, and many simply stink. Astro is a great gaming headset example of a high-profile brand that markets a virtual surround solution that is basically worthless.
  5. Wired vs. Wireless Gaming Headset
    The wired versus wireless debate comes down to what is convenient for your setup. If you game on a desktop and want the best gaming headset for PC, wireless probably is not worth the hassle of batteries, recharging, interference, disconnections and so on. If you play from your couch and want the top gaming headset for Xbox One or the Xbox 360, then wireless may be the only practical option.
    Note: The Xbox One turns any wired headset wireless by plugging it into the Xbox One controller, which then receives and sends audio from and to the console via a Wi-Fi direct implementation.
  6. Connection Type of the Gaming Headset
    Almost all popular gaming headsets will either connect via 3.5mm, dual 3.5mm or USB. Most use dual and provide a Y-connector for connection to a single port. USB headsets tend to bypass onboard sound, which may or may not be a good thing depending on the quality of your sound card.
  7. The Gaming Headset Compatibility
    Most of the best gaming headsets on the market currently are compatible with PC—including Linux and Mac—as well as Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. There are, however, some exceptions, and a little online research should reveal any major compatibility issues in short order.
  8. Omnidirectional vs. Unidirectional Mics
    Unidirectional means that a mic receives sound from one side, and omnidirectional means that it receives it from all sides. Most good gaming headsets with the best mics are unidirectional. Omnidirectional mics can be a hassle because they pick up sounds from throughout the room.
  9. Open, Closed and Active Noise Cancellation
    Closed headphones deliver more immersiveness and are ideal for hearing positional audio—such as footsteps in Call of Duty. Active noise cancellation can enhance this immersiveness even more. Open headphones deliver more natural sound, are better suited to some games and let you hear ambient sounds, such as your kids. Open also has the advantage of being cooler over longer periods.
  10. Gaming Headset Comfort Over Long Periods
    How long do you play games? Do you enjoy marathon World of Warcraft or Battlefield sessions on the weekend? Comfort is always important, but it becomes even more important if you play for several or more hours at a time. Serious gamers should pay a little extra for that enhanced comfort of their favourite gaming headset.
  11. Hardcore Players Who Wear Glasses
    Not all of the best gaming headphones are well-suited to people who wear glasses. If you wear glasses while you play sometimes or all the time, then pay attention to actual user reviews who mention this. Frequently needing to adjust your glasses is a real drag and, for our money, a deal-breaker when buying a top rated gaming headset.

Gaming Headsets: Precautions and Health Risks

top gaming headsets

Whether you are using the best gaming headset for PS4, XBox One, Switch or PC, the primary health concern is hearing loss. There is an inverse relationship between how loud you should listen and how long.

Many hearing specialists recommend no more than 80-percent volume for 90 minutes and then taking a 15-minute break. If you want to listen for longer, then adjust the volume down accordingly.

In case you are gaming for an hour at a time, then you do not have much to worry about.

If you are gaming multiple hours at a time, then you should work breaks into your playtime. In addition to giving your ears a breather, stretch, drink a glass of water and walk around a bit.

Be mindful that the rule of thumb mentioned above is for adults. Children and teens are much more prone to hearing loss. Specialists recommend the 60/60 rule: 60-percent volume for one hour.

Additionally, the headset audio should be maintained below 85 dB. There are children-oriented headphones and headsets—although none on our top rated gaming headset list—that prevent the audio from being increased above 85 dB.

Wrap Up: Take Your Gaming to the Next Level w/ Best Gaming Headset

All of the best gaming headsets for the money to make our overall comparison list will serve you well for a long time to come.

Of course, these are not the only good gaming headsets on the market, and the best gaming headset brands are frequently introducing latest products as well as refinements to their existing portfolio.

The best advice that we can give you is avoid paying for bells and whistles and to spend the bulk of your budget on great build quality and supreme comfort of your top gaming headset pick. Good luck with your purchase, and happy gaming.

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