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Best Self Propelled Lawn Mowers 2020: (Reviews & Buying Guide)

best self propelled lawn mower

Many homeowners are choosing to upgrade from conventional push-style mowers to self propelled lawn mowers, and it’s not difficult to see why. All top rated mowers on the market are a lot easier to use in general and often support a push mode. Overtime, they have come down in price considerably from where they actually started.

It wasn’t so long that self propelled lawn mowers only represented a small number of walk-behind options. However, these stats have significantly changed as people realized the importance of this feature. It was also because manufacturers were able to increase reliability while decreasing price at the same time.

In fact, as prices fell down and got more in line with push mowers, the older lawn mowers started to disappear. Each of the major brands offers a model or two for budgeted users but then the rest are mostly self propelled mowers. Just take a look at Troy-Bilt lineup to get an idea about this effect on the whole market.

So, the good news is that there are a lot of high quality options available to buy across a wide price range. The complete list of best self propelled lawn mowers is extensive and trimming it down to just TEN was rather difficult. Of course, with all these good choices comes a much bigger challenge for the consumer to finally decide “what’s the best overall pick for their mowing needs”.

Best Self Propelled Lawn Mowers Comparison Chart 2020

In order to help you decide the best self propelled lawn mower for the money, we’ve tested a lot of them. So, we used them and put them through their paces. Moreover, we also checked other lawn mower reviews from expert sources, and finally, we looked into what consumers just like you are saying about their purchases after use. We strive and continue to update our review pages, so that you are always viewing the freshest product selection.

NameTypeEngine/BatteryCutting Width (In)
Snapper XD
(Editor’s Choice)
Electric Cordless (3-in-1)82V Lithium-ion21 Inches
Troy-Bilt TB330
(Best Value)
Gas-powered163cc21 Inches
HusqvarnaGas-powered (3-in-1)-21 Inches
Remington RM410Gas-powered (3-in-1)159cc21 Inches
Troy-Bilt TB370Gas-powered (RWD)163cc21 Inches
EGO Power++ LM2020SPElectric Cordless (3-in-1)56V Arc-Lithium20 Inches
POWERWORKS 60VElectric Cordless (3-in-1)60V Lithium-Ion21 Inches
Yard Machines 159cc
(Budget Pick)
Gas-powered (OHV Engine)159cc21 Inches
Greenworks 21-inchElectric Cordless40V Lithium-Ion21 Inches
MOWOX 18-inchElectric Cordless40V Lithium-Ion18 Inches

Self Propelled Lawn Mower Reviews (Updated List)

Here we take a look at the best self propelled lawn mowers in this review section. We tested, reviewed and ranked each of these products based on several critical factors. As you can see some of these key aspects are shown in top row of our comparison chart above. These self propelled mowers rose to the top in popularity year after year and are definitely cream of the crop. I hope all this in-depth audit coupled with each machine’s pros & cons will help you make a quick, better and informed decision for the long run.

1. Snapper XD 82V Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Are you surprised that our top rated self propelled mower is an electric model?

So are we to a certain extent. We absolutely went into this process—having done it multiple times before—expecting either a Troy-Bilt or Snapper gas model to come out on top. But what makes this the best is its overall construction quality, sturdiness and performance.

The Snapper XD — the shortened model number is SXDWM82K—employs a 82-volt battery that provides enough for 45 minutes of juice for the average yard.

Better yet, Snapper has provided compartments for two batteries, and the machine comes with two batteries preinstalled. That means that out of the box, the average homeowner is going to get about 1.5 hours of continuous operation. That’s more than enough for most users. You won’t have to worry about swapping out batteries, and charging is something you just do at end of a mowing session. There is no stink of gas fumes, hastle of changing spark plugs or extra noise during whole operation of Snapper XD. We also really like the adjustable variable speed control of the self propelled function. Placing that knob in the middle worked great for us by giving us nice speed and control. If you further push it up, you are likely to compromise cut quality due to faster speeds.

Now, all of this comes at a price. This is the most expensive lawn mowers on our comparison chart, and some consumers are not simply going to pay that much price. We understand! Not sure I can justify it for my own home, and our team hopes that this kind of sophistication and refinement slots in at that mid-tier as these lawn mowers are further improved and self propelled becomes even more popular.

That said, we think that this machine is rather cost-effective, and even if you just saved a hundred dollars or two, you’d regain that over this machine’s life. It is because of its low maintenance cost and how clean it runs. Sure, all electrics offer these benefits to a certain degree, but this mower is particularly efficient. You’ll just have to sharpen blades as needed, wipe down the machine and store batteries for winter. When delivered at your doorstep, the assembly process is fairly straightforward and takes around 10 minutes.

This is also the most powerful electric self propelled mower we’ve ever tested. It is impressive and makes us even more excited about future of electric lawn mowers. It does not overcome all of the shortcomings associated with electric, however. Long and dense grass will shorten run times a lot—perhaps as low as 45 minutes overall.

Therefore, it enables you to keep up with your lawn mowing duties. If you tend to let it slide at times, then this may not be an ideal pick and our mower at number two spot is more appropriate fit.

  • 3-in-1 steel mowing deck
  • 21-inch steel deck
  • 7 unique cutting heights mode
  • 2.0Ah Briggs and Stratton motor
  • 82-volt battery
  • Battery Meter
  • Large grass bagger (bags up to 2.1 cubic ft)
  • Bag is easy to empty and re-install
  • Two batteries pre-installed
  • Super Quiet Operation (thanks to brushless battery motor)
  • No need to check gas, spark plugs and oil, etc.
  • Better performance at lower costs
  • No pollution
  • Expensive
  • Surprisingly heavy
  • Battery may deplete early during hard mowing
  • Need to take your hand off the handle to reach self propelled engagement lever

2. Troy-Bilt 3-in-1 Variable Speed Self Propelled Gas Mower

It was a tough choice between Troy-Bilt and Snapper XD!

In fact, at start of this project, our money was on one of these Troy-Bilt bad boys topping our comparison chart. We’ve tested numerous Troy-Bilt motors and it is really easy to see why this brand remains so popular. Design, built-quality, materials and feel are all top-notch.

Some lawn mower enthusiasts who are very familiar with Troy-Bilt lineup may be surprised that we picked this model. There are perhaps sexier options like TB490 and CSV70, and to be frank, we could’ve easily squeezed four or more Troy-Bilt machines onto this list.

Nevertheless, the main reason why we chose Troy-Bilt TB330 is because it is by far the best value option available on the market. We think that the price point is just about perfect for users looking to buy a wallet-friendly lawn mower.

It is not just about value, the TB330 is an amazing mower—period. This is a gas model powered by the well-established 163cc Briggs and Stratton engine. Wow, does it hum? Not that we recommend doing this in your daily routine, but we tested this gas lawn mower on a steep hill that was wet and where grass had grown thick and long. The Troy-Bilt cut through it like a hot knife through butter without us even breaking a sweat.

We also really like the high-quality rear bag for current price point, so that you can collect all of the clippings as you go. The bag is simple to attach ‘n’ detach and comes with a convenient carrying handle. There is also a side discharge and hood if you prefer. The included mulch kit cuts and recuts grass into fine pieces, and it can be used either with the bag or when discharging mulch outside.

As you would expect from gas lawn mowers, maintenance is considerably more here than with electric machines. At end-of-season, preparation for storage is definitely a bit of hassle but well-worth in terms of getting maximum lifespan out of the equipment.

The biggest issue we faced was with the lever that used to power rear-wheel drive and increase/decrease the ride height. Many other user reviews included that complaint as well. The lever isn’t comfortable, felt a bit cheap and may not stand up to wear and tear over time.

  • 21-inch steel deck
  • 163cc Briggs and Stratton engine
  • High performance wheels
  • Rear bag and mulch kit
  • Ergonomic features
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • Plastic levers
  • No vertical storage

3. Husqvarna Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Gas

The Husqvarna HU800AWDH is up there with the Troy-Bilt TB490. It is comparable in price too, and if this price range is acceptable to you, then you’d love to compare and contrast both these self propelled lawn mowers. They are quite similar to each other. Both motors even have the same 190cc Honda engine with automatic choke system. The reason we went with Husqvarna really came down to subjective elements: we really liked how it felt not only on flat terrain but slopes and whatnot as well.

The HU800AWDH has a bigger deck size than the Troy-Bilt—21 versus 22 inches—and we think that helped with the overall stability of this self propelled mower. This machine uses an all-wheel-drive—or 4×4—configuration, which means that all four wheels are spinning at the same time. AWD is our preference whether you’re on level ground or mowing an inconvenient incline.

Better yet, the Husqvarna HU800AWDH features rear hi-wheels. Rather than having four wheels of all the same size, its front wheels are 8 inches and rears are 11 inches. Overall, turning and manoeuvrability gets a lot easier due to better wheel configuration.

One of the things we did not like about Husqvarna is its weight. The mower is over 100 pounds as compared to Troy-Bilt which is about 10 pounds less. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but it really depends on who is using the mower. Another potential disadvantage is mulching. Our experience was far superior on the less expensive Troy-Bilt mentioned above. Alternative mulch kits are an option though, but at this price point, you shouldn’t have to spend extra in order to get an acceptable cut size for your mulch.

These niggles aside, this is a fantastic self propelled lawn mower. As with all gas mowers, end-of-season maintenance is very important. However, if you do it right and consistently, then this machine will serve you well for many years to come and therefore offset that initial investment, which is definitely a little high.

  • 22-inch steel deck
  • 190cc Honda engine
  • All-wheel drive
  • Rear hi-wheels
  • Expensive
  • Not a great mulcher for the money

4. Remington Self Propelled Gas 3-in-1 Lawnmower

You’ll see as our review unfolds that we have some complaints, but all of this criticism has to be viewed within context of price and value. A self propelled mower like this was simply unheard of the last time we reviewed such products. It is an excellent budget mower for many consumers.

There’s a lot to like: a big 21-inch steel deck, 159cc overhead valve or OHV engine and all-wheel drive features. This is quite comparable to our top 3 picks that cost a lot more. While Remington engines probably aren’t as recognized among consumers as Briggs & Stratton and Honda, they are quite respected in the industry and carry an excellent reputation for performance and life expectancy.

Something else that really surprised us about Remington was the all-wheel drive. At this price, we were expecting front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive at best. However, there is a trade-off! AWD mowers generally give you the option of switching from 4×4 to either FWD or RWD. This lawn mower does the same, but as soon as only two wheels are engaged, the power drop-off was noticeable.

This means that your slopes and other challenging areas need to be performed in AWD, and FWD or RWD should be only reserved for flat terrain and the like. While this is not ideal, we think it is a fair sacrifice at this price level. It is worth-mentioning here that the TB330 isn’t priced much higher and is among the top rated mowers under mid-range, but it is also rear-wheel drive only.

  • 21-inch steel deck
  • 159cc OHV Remington engine
  • All-wheel drive
  • Adjustable handle
  • Six different height settings
  • SureCut blade
  • Easy assembly
  • No rear hi-wheels
  • Front and rear-drive lack power

5. Troy-Bilt High Wheel Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Troy-Bilt TB370 163cc 21-inch In Step RWD Self-Propelled Lawn Mower
  • Powered by a 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine with ReadyStart choke system for an easy start

Finally, another Troy-Bilt on our list, introducing the TB370!

You may notice that the TB370 is a lot like the TB330. The main difference between the two is that this model features InStep technology.

So, what is InStep? Well, most of the self propelled lawn mowers move at a constant speed. If a mower offers variable speed, as this one does, you can choose between a certain number—often three—constant speeds. This mower, however, actually adjusts its speed to walking speed of the user. This InStep system is applied at rear wheels and somehow senses resistance and adjusts speed accordingly.

The InStep technology makes TB370 as one of the best walk-behind self propelled lawn mowers available on the market. And, we found the InStep to be pretty noticeable. When we intentionally slowed down ourselves, the mower reacted appropriately. The reason we rank the TB330 higher is because we never really experienced any issues with it. The InStep is a cool feature to introduce but perhaps an unnecessary one for the average user. Now, if walking speed is a concern for you due to age, injuries or disabilities, then this feature may be a worthwhile investment.

Beyond that, most of what we wrote in the TB330 review section also applies here. This is an amazing mower in general and excellent for steep hills. We also used this model on a wet slope with long grass and managed to cut through it with ease. It’s really a joy to mow with.

The issue with plastic lever persists here as well. If this was our mower, we’d seek some type of cover for it at least or perhaps look for a replacement altogether that would take some abuse.

  • 21-inch steel deck
  • 163cc Briggs and Stratton engine
  • Rear bag and mulch kit
  • Rear hi-wheels
  • Pricey
  • No vertical storage

6. EGO Power+ Self Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower

The EGO Power+ LM2020SP is a surprisingly powerful electric self propelled mower. It offers an impressive torque—comparable to many gas lawn mowers—and it just goes to show us that you can’t necessarily compare these electric models based on voltage that batteries put out alone.

Our team agreed that what knocked down this model ratings is the fact that it only offers a single battery compartment. Now, on the upside, these batteries run for 60 minutes as opposed to 45 minutes of Snapper XD, but two batteries can make a significant difference.

What this means for you is that it really depends on your yard. Is 60 minutes more than enough? Also, how much challenging is the terrain? Remember, if you are mowing hills and the like, then you may get 30 minutes, which probably isn’t enough and requires a second battery to swap quickly. We are digging these electrics, but as soon as they start to feel like a hassle, then we’d just rather deal with gas.

Something we really love about the EGO Power+ is its whisper-silent operation. All electric lawn mowers are pretty silent, but this was by far the quietest we tested. We have one team member who likes to get out there on Saturday at like 6am to start mowing, but his town has a 9am weekend noise ordinance (source). He was sold on this machine the day he tested it, bought it for himself and used it that week.

Another great aspect of this self-propelled mower is how it folds down. It is really compact and can be stored vertically. One issue to note—based on user reviews, not our own experience—is that parts can be hard to find even online, and even the EGO website, which carries it all, tends to be out of stock often.

  • 20-inch steel deck
  • EGO 56-volt Arc-Lithium batteries
  • 3-in-1: bag, mulch or discharge
  • Impressive torque
  • One battery compartment
  • Replacement parts can be hard to find

7. PowerWorks 60V Brushless Self-Propelled Mower

POWERWORKS 60V 21-inch SP Mower, 5.0Ah Battery and Charger Included MO60L512PW
  • Self-propelled 21" steel cutting deck features a 3-in-1 design, allowing you to mulch, rear bag, or side discharge grass clippings

Powerworks is among the prime names in electric yard tools.

This brand’s tools are well-made, held to a high standard and the 60-volt mower is no exception. We do wish that this had a second battery compartment, but these batteries are quite large, so it was not probably feasible. These batteries are also quite expensive so also factor that in. The sticker price for these self propelled lawn mowers is fantastic, but it goes up by a bit for each additional battery than you want to include.

An aspect that places this model among top rated mowers is because it can also run in push mode, and having that option is convenient at times. In self propelled mode, Powerworks advertises up to 70 minutes of runtime, but we imagine that’s under highly ideal conditions. About 45 minutes seems more accurate, and be aware that you may get even less than that with difficult terrain.

This self propelled mower is surprisingly on the loud side. Certainly not to the degree of a gas mower, but anyone who thinks that ALL electrics sound the same should compare this one to EGO on our list. Not a deal-breaker but worth noting especially if noise factor is among the reasons that you’re considering an electric mower.

Overall, this a solid machine at this price point particularly if you’re good with just one battery. The build quality is great and most comparable electrics cost quite a bit more. With Powerworks lawn mower, you get a high-quality clippings bag as well as the option to mulch and discharge. We really liked how easy it is to store, including vertically, and how compact it becomes when folded down.

  • 21-inch steel deck
  • 3-in-1 design: bag, mulch or discharge
  • Efficient 60-volt brushless motor
  • 5Ah battery provides up to 70 minutes a run
  • Efficient vertical storage
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Expensive battery
  • Self propelled mode drains battery a lot

8. Yard Machines 159cc 21-inch Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Yard Machines 159cc 21-Inch Self-Propelled Front-Wheel Drive Gas Lawn Mower
  • 159CC GAS ENGINE: Durable and powerful gas engine with front wheel drive and single speed transmission for a quicker mowing job. Ideal for small-medium sized yards.

The Yard Machines mower is the best budget option on our comparison chart!

Here’s an example of where the best mulching lawn mowers are getting down into the price range where the base push mowers used to be. We’re not sure to crown this as best self propelled lawn mower for the money but it’s certainly in the discussion due to its overall quality.

Ofcourse, there are some sacrifices to be made. Although it mulches and side discharges, it does not offer a bag to collect clippings, which may or may not be a deal-breaker based on your use. However, it can accommodate a bag that comes with the push mower version. It is not the best bag on the market and will increase your overall price. But, it is a good option if your budget is limited right now.

Our team was pleasantly surprised by the feel and stability of this lawn mower. It is also very comfortable to use and easy to turn as compared to many other self propelled options. Part of that is having no bag on it. Of course, you expect easier turns with front-wheel drive, being able to tip the wheels, and the machine is simply light—just 71.9 pounds—and well-designed overall.

The Yard Machines mower delivers an impressive performance. What places this among top 10 mowers for us is just how easy it cut through tall and even wet grass. Keep in mind that this is FWD, so it is not ideal for hills. However, if you have a drainage area on your property near the road, this machine carries more than enough torque to handle those types of sections with relative ease.

  • 21-inch steel deck
  • 159cc OHV engine
  • Mulching and side-discharge
  • Easy machine to turn
  • Good clearance
  • Large gas tank
  • No clippings bag
  • No rear hi-wheels

9. Greenworks Self Propelled Electric Lawn Mower

This is among the best-selling self propelled lawn mowers at Lowes and Home Depot in-store and online.

Greenworks makes solid equipment, and this self propelled lawn mower is no exception. One aspect that really caused us to drop this model in our list of best self propelled battery lawn mowers is the battery compartments. While we love that there are two of them, what we didn’t love was how much a pain it was to remove a battery once it was seated in there. We could see that frustrating us a lot over time.

That complaint aside, we really love the battery setup. These batteries run for about 60 minutes in grass as high as 4 inches, and so with two batteries, you get two hours. That said, this model did tend to bog down in grass taller than that. That’s why we prefer the EGO Power++ overall. EGO opted for 7.5 Ah instead, and while that means less battery time—1.5 versus 2 hours—it means better performance.

A big advantage that this self propelled mower does have is that it uses a brushless motor. The EGO model does not and we wish it did. The brushless motors are a bit more consistent and reliable, and they should last longer. This model also has Smart Cut Load sensing technology, which helps with cut and mulching. You can mulch, collect in a bag and discharge clippings out the side.

It’s hard to recommend this product over the EGO, but we really did like. Also, we think a factor is whether you are considering or already have invested in the Greenworks ecosystem. In that case, you can save money here due to the interchangeability of batteries and chargers.

  • 21-inch steel deck
  • 40-volt 5.0Ah lithium-ion battery
  • Dual battery storage
  • 3-in-1 discharge
  • Bogs down in tall grass
  • Batteries hard to remove

10. Mowox Self Propelled Cordless Lawnmower

Mowox MNA19221 40V Battery Powered Self-Propelled Lawn Mower with 18” Steel Deck (battery and charger...
  • 40v 4.0Ah Lithium-ion rechargeable battery powered by Samsung (battery and charger included)

Mowox is on to something with its self propelled electric lineup, but there are some issues, and those need to be addressed for sure before we consider them a serious competitor to EGO Power+ and the like.

Still, it is an excellent choice at almost 30 percent less cost. We also liked that it is mainly constructed of steel. Electric mowers seem a bit plastic-y and this one didn’t. Mowox chose to offset that weight with relatively a smaller deck size and unique design that makes the mower stable and easy to maneuver.

Some of the other issues we encountered include rear wheels and front wheels were of the same size, a surprising level of sound for an electric mower and just one battery compartment. The single compartment is a big issue because these batteries are in line with the Greenworks. Some of the marketing promises 60 minutes, but our experience was closer to 40 on very friendly terrain. It means that this mower isn’t an option at all if you move tall grass or have to struggle with inclines and the like.

Complaints aside, this is among the good and cheap self propelled machines we tested—cheap being relative to the market for electric mowers.

  • Unique 18-inch deck design
  • 2-in-1 discharge technology
  • Single lever height adjustment
  • Samsung battery and charger included
  • Easy access battery compartment
  • Steel construction throughout
  • Storage key for added safety
  • Rear clippings bag
  • Push start button
  • Loud for an electric mower
  • One battery compartment

How We Test and Create Our Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Ratings

self propelled lawn mower reviews

We field test them—literally!

The area where testing is done is far more treacherous than most residential yards. Our team really wants to put these machines through their paces. We also want to overcome uneven terrain, inclines, obstacles and so forth. If these mowers can succeed in this environment, they can succeed anywhere.

A focal point for us is how easy the lawn mower is to use, not just for adult males but for women, young people and seniors as well. This is the key selection point to us when it comes to all types of mowers. After all, the extra money you spend for self-propelling feature is specifically invested so that the machine is easier to use and particularly for challenging tasks.

Beyond that, we look at all important characteristics that we would consider with standard push mowers. These aspects include deck width, engine size, wheel drive, warranty length and coverage.

How convenient it is to use the controls? Is the required maintenance acceptable? Will the mower collect my grass clippings? Does it mulch them instead or give me the option to mulch or bag?

The questions we ask and seek answers for are the same ones that you’re going to ask when deciding the best self propelled lawn mower for your needs.

What Type of People Use Self Propelled Lawn Mowers?

self-propelled mower in lawn

Our team talked to many actual consumers during our testing and selection process. We found a significant number of people had this image of self propelled mowers being for senior citizens, which made us chuckle at times.

There’s definitely truth to the fact that self propelled lawn mower makes it easier for people in their golden years as well as those people who are managing disabilities and injuries. That said, these machines make the task of mowing the lawn a lot easier and faster for everyone!

Read more: 10 Best Riding Lawn Mowers

Factors to Consider When Buying a Self Propelled Mower

buying a self propelled lawn mower

There are a lot of important factors to consider when selecting a lawn mower for your needs:

  • Budget
  • Maintenance
  • Size of your property
  • Hills and slopes
  • Other challenges your yard presents
  • Electric vs. gas-powered
  • Rear-wheel vs. front-wheel vs. all-wheel drive
  1. Establish your budget as early as possible: This makes it easier. You can discard certain options on price alone and think about where you’re going to sacrifice in order to meet your price point.
  2. Pay particular attention to maintenance requirements: Proper maintenance is very important to maximize your investment. Know what it is and that you’re willing to do it periodically. With gas lawn mowers, you must be aware of the health hazards and more maintenance costs. On the other hand, electric machines generate no smoke and fairly easy to maintain.
  3. Consider the size of your yard: The larger your property, the more you should be willing to invest since it will make your life a lot easier. We go as far as recommending that you save if it is necessary to get into that higher tier of mower—such as the Snapper or Troy-Bilt. It will be well-worth in the long run.
  4. We’ll make the same recommendation when it comes to hills or any other kind of slope. The self propelled mower will work on inclines a lot easier. However, you need to consider the machine power and its available features that are designed to specifically to deal with inclines.
  5. That’s capable enough to deal with other challenges: Think about your lawn. What areas give you the most trouble. Once identified, you can assess each model through those lenses.
  6. Decide whether you need an electric or gas-powered mower: Corded mowers are hard to recommend nowadays, and there’s probably no self propelled mower with a cord for obvious reasons. Batteries aren’t that bad especially if you have a spare or several charged and ready to go. Make sure you carry enough battery charge for your yard size. The gas lawn mowers are more traditional, powerful and even more durable, but they also require a lot more cleaning and maintenance, so it is a trade-off.
  7. There’s also the matter of wheel configuration: Front-wheel drive mowers are ideal for level terrain because it is much easier to tip them up and rotate. Rear-wheel drive allows for more traction and adds stability. They are not as easy to turn, but they deal with slopes in much better way. All-wheel-drive mowers are the most expensive kind but provide benefits of both RWD and FWD without a compromise.

Are these Worth Buying?

top rated self-propelled lawn mower 2019

Absolutely—in fact, we can’t recommend them enough.

Funny thing is that I and other team members did not actually own one until we began testing each mower ourselves. At the end of that first day of testing, I went home and ordered my favorite mower online. I was using it that weekend.

The reason we did not have one earlier is because we underestimated the difference it can make. Trust me: the difference is huge. Traditional push mowers are powered by old-fashioned sweat. Self propelled mowers, on the other hand, simply need to be guided. They do all the hard work.

Like me, you may be surprised at just how much self propelled changes things. Mowing the lawn requires a lot less energy. That makes it more fun and less of a chore. It also cuts down on the sheer amount of time mowing takes. You’ll cut your time by 20 percent at least and probably more.

Another aspect where self propelled lawn mowers really shine is when dealing with difficult terrain features. If you have any kind of slope in your yard, then this feature is a game-changer and going to make your life a whole lot easier. Even mowing around trees and other landscaping features is a lot, and you get that same kind of benefit when going over any type of uneven terrain.

It’s also important to point out that all the self propelled lawn mowers—and all of the ones we tested for that matter—can have the propulsion disabled. This turns it into a traditional push mower and can be handy if some area of your lawn is just easier to do with the push style.

Finally, don’t worry about runaway lawn mowers. This seems to be a common fear among people who do not own one, but it really never happens. These machines simply do not move fast enough. You can easily outwalk them and they won’t do any damage if your mower bumps into something. There is also a lever alongside handle that needs to pulled at all times when activating the self propelled function. If you release that lever, it switches back to its original position automatically and thus deactivates the propulsion instantly.

Final Thoughts

At this point, hopefully you have enough information to decide that which of the 10 top rated self propelled lawn mowers is best for you. Our team is strongly confident that you just cannot go wrong with any of the products we’ve selected for our comparison chart. We also hope that we’ve answered any questions or concerns that you may have had before making a final pick.

Perhaps the biggest decision you need to make is choose between gas or electric type of mower. We think this is the characteristic that will confuse majority users, and we worked hard to provide an in-depth review of each kind. Finally, it really comes down to your yard. If you have a difficult yard or you let grass grow too long, electric just cannot match a gas mower’s cutting power. That said, electric lawn mowers are far easy to maintain and convenient to use. So if you want to deal with less power, you’ll probably enjoy an electric self propelled lawn mower a lot.

Paul Hickman