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10 Best Trampolines – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2020)

best trampoline reviews

Welcome to our trampoline reviews for 2020!

As trampolines become increasingly popular among both parents and kids, the selection of these products becomes more diversified and complex. With this comprehensive review, we set out to achieve a number of different objectives. First, we want to answer some of the most common questions asked by customers, such as:

  • What size of trampoline should I get?
  • What shape is the best?
  • Which is the best trampoline to buy?
  • Which brand is the safest?

Secondly, our team wanted to test all types of trampolines out there on the market. So, we tested most popular options for kids, backyard, gymnastics, adults and so forth. There are many types available at multiple price points such as oval, rectangular, spring-free and the one that comes with basketball hoop. Our main goal was to evaluate and pick the highest quality, safest and durable product that provide optimum value of money to the end-user.

When buying a trampoline, it is recommended to check your backyard space and your specific needs to choose the right size, style and accessories available. It is definitely a lot of fun and exercise not only for the kids but your whole family as well. By factoring in all key specs, safety features, durability and quality, you are likely to find something to fit your budget. After a lot of hard work and due diligence, we’re proud to present our rankings for the 10 best trampolines.

Comparison Chart: Best Trampolines of 2020

In our comparison chart, you’ll find some basic information about all of the trampolines that are further down in our review section. We’ve listed them in ascending order based on their overall features and safety. You can find this same order mirrored in our reviews, so that it is easy for you to reference and correlate.

ProductsShapeSizeMax. Weight
Zupapa with Enclosure Net and Ladder
(Editor’s Choice)
Round12 ft, 14 ft, 15 ft330 lbs
Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline
(Best Value)
Round15 ft200 lbs
Skywalker 10-Foot Round with Enclosure
(Budget Pick)
Round10 Ft175 lbs
JumpSport 10x17
(Best Rectangular)
Rectangular10 Ft225 lbs
Ultega Jumper Trampoline
(Good for Beginners)
Round6 ft, 8.25 ft, 10 ft, 12 ft, 14 ft200 lbs
Stamina 36-Inch
(Folding Trampoline)
Round3 ft250 lbs
Galactic Xtreme
(Commercial-Grade Trampoline)
Round10 ft,12 ft, 14 ft, 15 ft, 16 ft550 lbs
Exacme Trampoline All-in-One Combo SetRound12 ft, 14 ft, 15 ft375 lbs
GYMENIST Safe Kids TrampolineRound3 ft150 lbs
BestMassage 12-Foot Round Trampoline
(Honorable Mention)
Round12 ft330 lbs

1. Best of the Best: Zupapa with Enclosure Net and Ladder

Bestseller No. 1
Zupapa 12 FT Kids Trampoline with Enclosure net and Poles Safety Pad Ladder Jumping Mat Rain Cover, Blue
  • ❤️【No Gap Design Eliminates Hazards】The 2020 upgrade no gap design eliminates hazard of getting your hands or feet caught in the gaps cause the jumping mat and...

The Zupapa trampoline lineup has been fully redesigned for 2019!

It continues to be among the most prestigious trampoline brands and includes a number of accessories at no additional charge that really distinguish the overall package. You’ll get a high-quality enclosure net, a ladder with built-in safety pads and a cover to protect the mat from rain when not in use.

This trampoline is round and performs a descent job across the board. The showcase product is 15 feet, features 108 springs and has a mat diameter of 159 inches. If you prefer something smaller, Zupapa also offers a 14-foot, 12-foot and 10-foot version that are all rather similar except for the mat diameter and the overall height.

Another reason why Zupapa is the best trampoline to buy is because the company provides a 10-year warranty on the frame. Even better, you also get a two-year warranty on the mat, net and springs, and if any parts are defective in those periods, the company will replace them at no cost to you.

The redesign focused on techniques to make these trampolines to achieve longer life. We had the opportunity to compare these with the last model and were impressed with the tweaks. On top of all that, the mat and net now feature a UV absorber—which we could not test directly—that the brand added because it extended material life in terms of both color and integrity a full two years in trials.

The Zupapa isn’t the biggest trampoline on the market. It isn’t the most expensive either. But it is our best rated trampoline because safety and build quality are a focal point, and we think that the overall package hits that sweet spot for an average family seeking backyard fun that will last for years to come.

2. Best Value: Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline

Throughout our customer interviews, we were often asked: are Skywalker trampolines any good?

The simple answer is yes! Absolutely. Skywalker is a fantastic brand. We believe that some of this consumer concern comes from prevalence of this product and aggressive pricing. The cool thing is that a Skywalker products often costs so much less compared to the really good perceived trampoline brands.

It comes down to branding in our opinion, and price is not necessarily an indication of greater quality or better safety. Skywalker is manufacturing trampolines for years and actually innovated some of the techniques that improved its ratings for safety throughout the industry.

What distinguishes Jump N’ Dunk models from standard round models is the fact that it comes with a foam basketball net that attaches to the top of enclosure. It also comes with two foam basketballs, and it really gives kids a place to focus all of that energy. Note that the rim and backboard are breakaway, which can be annoying at times but it is for safety purposes.

This product also received excellent safety scores from us throughout. It features a no-gap enclosure. All of the poles are foam-padded, capped for safety and secure net attachment. The outer rim of trampoline that extends beyond the net is padded and provides protection from and for the springs.

Please note that no ladder is included with the packaging, which we definitely don’t like this but also understand that it is due to economy pricing. If you want a ladder, Skywalker sells it separately.

3. Best on a Budget: Skywalker 10-Foot Round with Enclosure

Skywalker Trampolines 10 -Foot Round Trampoline and Enclosure with spring, Blue
  • SAFETY IS OUR #1 PRIORITY: Patented enclosure eliminates gaps between the enclosure net and the jumping surface protecting children from pinch points & openings. All our...

The Skywalker 10-foot round model is the best trampoline under budget!

For trampolines, even at 10 feet, this price is really fantastic. When it goes on sale, it’s an even more amazing deal, and there’s just no competition at this price point.

The difference between 15 and 10 feet is significant. We don’t want to downplay it. But if you just don’t have that kind of space or budget, then this is a superb option. It’s a bit no-frills as you might expect, but the build quality and safety that we demand are all still present throughout.

This design features the no-gap enclosure, which means that there’s no dangerous area between the net and jumping space. The poles are all padded, capped and curved back in for net attachment. You also get padding and covering beyond the net, which is exactly where springs are located.

Skywalker provides a three-year warranty on frame, which is reasonable at this price level. You’ll also receive a one-year warranty on all other materials, including the mat and enclosure. For the money, the frame itself is incredibly well-designed and comparable to trampolines that cost a lot more.

As with Skywalker at number two spot, this product does not feature a ladder. That’s understandable for a good product under budget, and you may not even need one considering how high the mat is off the ground. But if you want one, it will raise the cost by about 15 percent.

It’s worth noting that Skywalker adds UV protection to the mat, net and frame pad. This helps to avoid fading, and if you keep your trampoline relatively clean and clear of debris, this Skywalker can look good for a decade, which is quite overwhelming considering the price tag.

4. Best Rectangular Trampoline: JumpSport 10×17

JumpSport 10'x17' StagedBounce | Includes Rectangular Trampoline, Safety Enclosure, and 108 High Performance...
  • Provides the largest “sweet spot” landing zone of any trampoline from beginners to experts.

The 10-foot by 17-foot rectangular from JumpSport is among the best trampolines of 2020!

As you may expect with a rectangular model, we do jump up in price quite a bit here.

When it comes to rectangular jumping areas, many potential buyers ask: what size of trampoline is the best? This is a tough question to answer, but our team gravitated toward this size because dropping down to 15 foot or smaller didn’t seem to save enough money to make the tradeoff worth it.

After all, when you’re buying a rectangular model, you want to maximize jumping area. You also have to be mindful that the measurements are for outer area and not actual jumping area. The usable area here is 8 by 14 feet, which means 112 square feet to bounce around.

We really liked the enclosure design here. A lot of trampolines use a zipper—probably the worst approach—or Velcro—which is better but a pain in other ways. Here, the net ends overlap so that a doorway forms naturally but also just fades away when no one is entering or exiting the space.

This trampoline is an excellent option if your child is a gymnast, cheerleader or other type of athlete. The single-user weight rating is 225 pounds, and in real-world tests, this product supports a combined weight well in excess of 800 pounds! The warranty is pretty solid as well, including frame coverage for 10 years and spring coverage for five years.

5. Best for Beginners: Ultega Jumper Trampoline

Ultega Jumper Trampoline with Safety Net, 14 ft
  • Galvanized steel frame and base prevents unit from tipping over. Trampoline has maximum user weight of up to 200 lbs. (w/one person jumping at a time)

If you have a child who isn’t quite age-appropriate for our budget pick, let us recommend this trampoline from Ultega. This product isn’t quite as good value-wise, but it is appropriate to young children without being a toy.

Our team tested the 8.25-foot model as well as the 6-foot model for our trampoline review. Both exceeded our standards, but we didn’t think that the savings provided by smaller model were enough to make us want to sacrifice that additional jumping area.

In either case, this is a well-made trampoline that features a durable frame, a frame cover, an enclosure net, six padded and capped poles and a mat. The mat even uses an X mark that indicates to the child where the bounce sweet spot is, and we found that to be really helpful with young kids who aren’t quite aware enough to keep themselves centered on the mat. The X makes that a bit easier.

The trampoline supports one person at a time up to 200 pounds, so this is definitely a product that will be suitable as your child grows. We think 12 years old is about the age where this product would be no longer appropriate. Children want a lot more room to experiment at that point.

The frame height is only 24 inches off the ground. The package does not include a ladder. If a ladder is an accessory you want, your price will go up with few bucks or so. Ultega makes its own ladder, but most ladders from other major brands will also fit as well.

6. Best Folding Exercise Trampoline: Stamina 36-Inch

Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline | Quiet and Safe Bounce | Access To Free Online Workouts Included |...
  • FUN, STABLE JUMP: Bounce to your heart’s content with the Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline. 30 tension bands provide a safe, quiet, and supportive bounce. The safety...

Trampolines aren’t just for kids anymore or even the outdoors!

In fact, these products can be a great addition to any aerobic exercise routine or as an option to have at home for those days when kids can’t play outside. It offers a 36-inch diameter, and it folds up, which means that it doesn’t have to take up any prime real estate when not in use.

This is among the best folding exercise trampoline that we reviewed so far. It actually costs a lot less compared to other models. It supports one individual up to 250 pounds, so it’s suitable for most adults, and it weighs less than 14 pounds when folded or extended, which make it easy to move around and store.

The Stamina is best used for cardio type of exercises. It’s not very high from the ground, but intense jumping is not recommended, so it may not be appropriate for children who want to jump hard.

It features band resistance rather than springs, which provide thirty-band tension resistance. If you want to use resistance bands for your arms, this product will easily accommodate them. Simply slide the hook ends over trampoline legs. Your body weight will keep them in place no matter how hard you work.

If you prefer a trampoline with springs—more bounce but noisier—Stamina also makes a 38-inch model that comes with resistance bands for your arms as well.

7. Best Commercial-Grade Trampoline: Galactic Xtreme

Happy Trampoline - Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Round Trampoline with Safety Net Enclosure - Heavy Duty Gymnastic...
  • SAFEST JUMPING MAT ON THE PLANET: Don’t run the risk of your child falling through the jumping mat, because of weather-worn jumping mats. Our new and improved jumping...

Which trampoline shape is the best? Our answer is round. It keeps the price well under control and takes up less space, so that you can easily accommodate it.

Which is the best round trampoline? This is a tough one. Our team loved the Galactic Xtreme from Happy Trampoline. The largest one we tested was 10 by 23 feet, and it was wonderful.

It is among the safest trampolines we reviewed. So, you may wonder why we didn’t select it as our best round overall, and it simply came down to price.

This is a commercial-grade product. It’s built like it, and it feels like it. That kind of build quality comes at a price that perhaps an average family can’t afford. If price isn’t an issue and you want the best of the best in round shapes, then we recommend this one with great enthusiasm!

The frame itself is really impressive and features 3.0-millimeter galvanized steel tubing. This allows the product to support individuals up to 550 pounds. So if you want a trampoline in which mom and dad can really mix up too, then this is it. In fact, Happy Trampoline is so confident in quality of its frames that you get a lifetime warranty on not only all aspects of the frame but springs as well.

The manufacturer also makes it easy for customers to get replacements for mats, net enclosures, frame covers and so forth. That makes it a solid investment that can stay in your family for decades, and the price doesn’t seem all that high in long-term perspective.

8. Also Consider: Exacme Trampoline All-in-One Combo Set

Exacme TUV Approved Heavy Duty Trampoline with Enclousre Net, Spring Cover, Ladder, Include All Accessories, 8...
  • All Exacme trampolines not only have TUV Certified, but also have GST testing and UV testing approved

Our team was often asked: Which brand of trampoline is the best?

Our response was that it depends! We’d often answer with a half dozen or so brands and provide context for those brands, such as budget, shape and safety. Exacme is among the brands we often shared that people were most surprised to hear largely because the brand is not a common name like others.

Nevertheless, it is a brand worth paying attention to particularly if you’re considering products like what Skywalker designs. Exacme competes in that same space of offering round trampolines that are safe, built well, sold at attractive prices and aggressively put on sale.

During our reviews, we tested the T-Series, C-Series and S-Series. The T-Series is by far the most popular that ranges from 8 to 16 feet and supports up to nearly 400 pounds.

The C-Series was our favorite. The quality of manufacturing and materials is notably higher but without a huge markup. We also liked the inside springs configuration. The S-Series is similar to C-Series but uses an outside spring configuration and isn’t available in larger 16-foot size.

All of these models are TUV-approved and include a ladder. The warranty is excellent, and Exacme even offers a replacement parts series that makes it easy to keep your trampoline in new-like condition.

If we were choosing between similar options and Exacme was cheaper than Skywalker, for instance, then we would select it without hesitation. One area where Exacme doesn’t do as well as Skywalker is ease of setup. We found the Exacme builds to take longer, which shouldn’t be a deal-breaker but is worth noting if all else is equal.

9. Also Consider: GYMENIST Safe Kids Trampoline

This trampoline is foldable and portable and quite similar to the Stamina trampoline for exercising that we ranked earlier. The biggest difference is that this is designed for young children.

It features a large handlebar that is attached to legs, and your child can hold onto this padded bar as he or she jumps up and down. It’s perfect for kids who are still learning balance and coordination. It improves motors skills, enhances sensory processing and promotes active play.

It is designed for indoor use but can be also used outdoors, but we do not recommend leaving it outdoors when not in use. This is because it doesn’t have the UV and weather protection that is ideal for outdoor use.

The GYMENIST Safe Kids Trampoline is quite simple to assemble and takes just a couple of minutes once you’re familiar with it. As mentioned, it folds up for easy storage or so you can take it with you. Setting it up involves unfolding it, attaching the legs and attaching the handlebar. That’s all there is to it. It even includes a free bag in order to make that storage and carrying a lot more convenient.

This product is recommended for ages 3 and up and supports an individual weight up to 150 pounds. The warranty covers all aspects of the trampoline for a full year.

10. Also Consider: BestMassage 12-Foot Round Jumping Table

Trampoline 12FT Round Jumping Table with Safety Enclosure Net Sping Pad Combo Bounding Bed Trampoline Fitness...
  • 【HIGH ELASTICITY HEAVY JUMPING PAD】Our trampoline is wrapped in 72 high-tension steel springs, providing a very strong elasticity for the exercise trampoline, when...

BestMassage is a brand that deserves honorable mention.

It is not well known for its trampolines—which it oddly sometimes refers to as jumping tables. In fact, it just makes one jumping table model. As far as we know, the company is best known for manufacturing massage tables, massage chairs and so forth.

To be honest, we went into this particular trampoline review not expecting much.

But, we were pleasantly surprised. This is an exceptionally well-made 12-foot round trampoline that is comparable to 12-foot round models manufactured by Skywalker and Exacme. It is also competitively priced, so if it’s cheaper at the time you’re shopping, it’s a worthwhile consideration.

Perhaps the biggest issue is that BestMassage only makes the 12-foot size. If you want something bigger, then you need to look elsewhere. However, this model is priced alongside most 10-footers, so unless it comes down to a matter of space limitations, this is should be a good option in that regard as well.

One aspect that really impressed us was the enclosure net. Not only is it well-designed and without gaps but it’s quite dark and seamless. Unless the sun is just blaring overhead, kids can have fun without direct sunlight feel like its beating down on them. Sunscreen is still recommended, however!

The one area where our team is a little concerned with is parts replacement. The parts don’t seem to be sold via retailers, and we’re not sure how difficult the direct purchase process is. At this price point, however, it may not even matter that much. You can just purchase a new one when the time comes.

A Complete Buying Guide for Trampolines

kids jumping on the trampoline

Types of Trampolines on the Market

No doubt, there are many types available on the market and you may never know about them unless you start searching for them. Most people make their buying decision based on size of their backyard, required features and available budget range. We will explain all types of trampolines below in greater detail, so that you have a better understanding and can make an informed buying decision.

1. Round Trampolines

These are perhaps the most common type of trampolines out there. In our comparison chart, you can see that majority of our our top-rated products are of round shape. These are perfect for outdoor recreation and home use. You can get a variety of sizes, quality, designs and safety features based on their overall price. They vary from 8ft to 18ft size and are considered safe for jumping.

All good quality trampolines are safeguarded with enclosure net to avoid risk of getting hurt and round models seem to push you towards the center because of their circular springs setup. When searching for best trampolines to buy, round and oval products are some of the most common options that you will encounter. You can either choose a small, medium or large size item according to your backyard needs.

2. Rectangular Trampolines

These are somewhat less common as compared to round ones. These are perfect for people who have space constraints in their backyard. They come in variety of sizes and fit perfectly in narrow spaces. It is a perfect gift for someone who likes to perform gymnastics and needs something for outdoor recreation. Not only gymnasts but these are also suited for semi-professionals with limited amount of space available in their backyard. The rectangular models are also pricier as compared to round trampolines. Unlike round ones, they also do not push you towards center rather it’s your choice to choose your point of landing.

3. Square Trampolines

These are bigger and safer, hence more expensive when compared to other types. They are similar to rectangular type in terms of their bounce capabilities. On top of that, they provide better jumping area and come equipped either with or without springs. For those interested, the square trampolines are suitable for both kids and adults.

4. Springless Trampolines

These are by far the safest type of trampolines to buy for your kids. Unlike other models, they do not use metal springs but rather use long composite rods placed at bottom. With springless design, users can enjoy maximum space offered by each model. No matter if it is round, rectangular, square or octagon shape, it’s safest to jump as you avoid the potential risk of getting caught up in springs. However, this springless feature also lands it among category of most expensive trampolines for sale. They are not easily affordable for everyone but do provide great value for money due to their long and solid warranty.

It is not uncommon to find up to 10 years of warranty offered by some brands. This makes them a popular option for consumers who want best safety, durability and built-quality. When first seeing them, you will notice they are comparatively taller than other models. It is because of their design which places springs on sides. When using them, you can always use a step stool or ladder to climb up and enjoy jumping for as long as you want.

5. Octagon Trampolines

Octagon options offer really good bounce and user experience. They are comparatively high-priced and less common in the market. Yet, if you want to buy something different in terms of shape, it is a perfect buy. The price and quality of each model can vary based on your chosen brand and size. If you want to buy a trampoline with the highest quality materials, it is definitely going to cost you more money.

6. Mini Trampolines

These are best suited for apartments or very limited space areas. These are perfect for training sessions, since they provide relatively similar bounce as jogging. If you are someone who likes to workout at home gym, it can be an ideal equipment to add. Apart from exercise, they are fun to hop on and cost very less as compared to other shapes.

7. Inflatable and Water Trampolines

Have you ever heard about inflatable trampolines? Well, these are mainly subdivided into water and inflatable. They are fairly expensive and out of reach for majority population. Most of these products are used for commercial purposes where they are rented out to public. As far as user experience is concerned, your kids are going to love these inflatable models because of their high-quality materials and water fun factor.

8. Bungee Trampolines

Bungee can be only seen at fairs or big events where a lady plans to jump with ropes tied around her waist. They are not usually available for sale to general public as they must be used with proper caution and expertise. It is a scary experience to watch but thrills many people who want to enjoy the sight of such high jumps.

How the Trampolines Were Tested and Selected

trampoline children

All trampolines were selected based on a certain criteria which includes quality, safety, price, shape, size and bounce ability. One of the critical aspects for us was safety to avoid potential accidents and injuries. It is a known fact that trampolines are responsible for hundreds and thousands of injuries not only in the US but all around the world. An injury can occur either by felling off, hitting a side pole, getting caught up in or out between the spring structure, etc.

Majority of our reviewed models come equipped with safety nets, however small and foldable models seem to have this feature missing. When using trampolines, it is essential to check reliability and sturdiness of enclosure nets from time to time, since it decays and becomes weak with passage of time. If you feel that your enclosure has lost its strength, it is probably right time to replace it. You may not be able to see a visible impairment in fabric, as sometimes it’s apparent while in many cases it’s not. A weak mat can likely break now or in future based on velocity and pressure applied to it. A good idea is to keep an additional net at hand, so that you can replace it whenever you want without any need to order and then wait.

There are many reasons to keep an enclosure net attached with trampoline mat. First, it helps to minimize the chances of limbs to get caught up in trampoline springs. Secondly, you can also fall sideways and off to the ground directly in absence of enclosure net. These are some of the main aspects to why many kids get themselves injured when using trampoline at home. No matter if it is grass or concrete underneath, there are always chances of minor bruises or major injuries.

Before you rush out and pull the trigger on your most favorite trampoline, it is recommended that you check its warranty to see how long it is covered for. Always replace your product parts before they become too weak to break and result in possible damage.

Focusing on safest trampoline brands for the money

Our first point of emphasis was to focus on only the best trampoline brands, and by best, we mean brands known for consistently manufacturing highest quality and safest models. There are some brands that did not meet our standards in terms of their safety track record. We’re going to avoid the negative and focus only on positive, but if you don’t see a popular brand listed here, that’s probably the reason why.

Once we knew which of the trampolines we would test, we turned our attention to set them up. Our first inclination was to have them set up by a professional, but we quickly dismissed that idea. We knew it would not provide an accurate depiction of experience that people need to have when purchasing and setting up a trampoline at home.

After setting up each of them, we had great fun but also pushed these products to their limits. For instance, if a product was rated for 375 pounds, then we used it at that exact capacity and even a little beyond in many cases. We did this for all of them for a period of about one month. In regard to measure these trampolines in terms of long-term durability, we relied heavily on actual consumer reviews and other reliable sources.

Our team also judged these trampolines subjectively not just for fun factor but in context of use of space, safety enclosure, weight limit, spring quality, frame quality and softness of edges. There was a massive difference in actual quality once these products were set up, and we were a bit surprised to see it as compared to popularity of some brands.

Finally, for all of the coolest trampolines, we brought our kids in for a day of fun. Throughout the day, we asked the kids questions about their preferences. Perhaps it shouldn’t surprise us, but we received some rather insightful answers as to why they preferred one model over another. In many cases, those youthful observations played a big role in our final shortlisting.

How much does a Trampoline Cost?

jump trampoline play

There are a wide range of prices for different trampolines available on the market. The price varies based on quality of materials, size, safety features and design of each model. Some trusted brands seem to have higher price tags than others for more or less the same type of model. For us, safety and reliability are two of the most important factors when buying trampolines. Safety nets are a must have while you should also look into quality of mat, springs, net, poles and legs. Never compromise on quality especially if you are buying this stuff for your kids.

The local climate conditions are also something that you should consider especially if you are buying a cheaper trampoline. With low cost models, the safety nets, foam padding and metals seem to deteriorate and become weak with passage of time. They may not be able to withstand snow, harsh winds and hot summer weather. Always look into warranty before making a final buying decision. If a cheap model is offering good warranty, it may be able to stand the test of time.

If you are purchasing a trampoline for your whole family, it is a good idea to invest more and buy a relatively expensive model to avoid frequent maintenance issues. With recurring use, it can lose its strength and start to show signs of wear and tear. On the other hand, if you have bought a high-end trampoline with longer warranty, it is likely to show less problems with better peace of mind.

Who Should Own a Trampoline?

backyard trampoline

The easy answer to this question is that anyone with children should buy a trampoline.

The trampolines for kids are a no-brainer investment. Have you ever met a child whose eyes did not get wide at the sight of one? Kids are drawn to them, and the best thing is that trampolines are also a wonderful form of exercise. Rather than telling them to go outside, tell them to go bounce around instead.

There are some practical considerations as well. The outdoor trampolines are going to take up a fair amount of space. You have to see how much room you have in your yard and the total space it is going to take up. You may have to make some concessions in terms of size you want, but be mindful that the best trampoline in the world isn’t necessarily the largest.

The trampolines can be an excellent option for adults as well. The items for adults allow heavier weights and either designed for a single person or provide a great deal of space. If you are checking out options that you can work into for an aerobic exercise routine, then a home trampoline for indoor use will feature a smaller footprint and often a handlebar or similar safety precautions.

One final note: be aware of homeowner associations. If you belong to an HOA or a similar agreement, be sure to read the contract that you signed beforehand. These rules will sometimes forbid trampolines or set forth certain guidelines to which you must adhere or get fined.

Assembling a Trampoline: Some Helpful Tips

assemble trampoline springs

After ordering your favorite trampoline, it is shipped right to your doorstep. During unboxing, you should be able to find an instructions manual to assemble it properly. Be sure to read all the step-by-step guidelines before you proceed with the assembly process. It is usually straightforward, however one wrong step can complicate things and you may need to start it over all again.

Some products are easy to assemble while others may need help from more than one person. For better understanding, you can also watch a quick video on YouTube to assemble your specific model.

Even the best trampolines require a proper setup, and while we won’t necessarily call these projects hard, we have dozens of builds under our belts now. It certainly got easier as we went along, and we’d like to point out some tips that we learned that can make your life a lot easier.

  • Choose an appropriate location: Grass is better than hard ground because it’s easier on the frame. You generally want 6 feet of clearance on each side if possible and 24 feet of clearance overhead, which includes overhanging branches, power lines, washing lines and so forth.
  • Quality trampolines can be installed by a professional. If you don’t have time or lack confidence in your ability to set it up safely, consider hiring a professional service in your area.
  • Read through the instructions in detail before you begin. It won’t all sink in the first time through, but it will provide you a good foundation.
  • Note any tools and supplies that you may need. Gather them.
  • Lay down all the parts in an orderly manner. Then, use the part list provided in the instructions to ensure that everything needed came in the box.
  • Take the time to ensure that everything is lined up. Checking each step twice or even thrice will help to ensure that the trampoline goes up without a hassle.
  • As you attach more springs, the remaining springs will get hard to install. With good trampolines, you can use a rubber mallet to get them installed without worrying about damaging them.

Is it possible that Rain, Snow or Sun can cause Damage to my Trampoline?

  • Rain: Whenever it rains, try to cover your trampoline with a rain cover that fits it. There are some models that come equipped with rain covers, while for others you may need to order separately from another manufacturer.
  • Snow: Snow is heavy and can damage your bouncing product with constant exposure to it. While some trampolines are designed to resist snow, water and heat, it is best to bring your trampoline indoors to avoid possible damage. Overtime, moisture can cause weakness in fabric and penetrate rust in metal parts especially around joints.
  • Sun: It is a good idea to keep your trampoline under a shade to avoid direct sunlight. Overtime, heat tends to weaken up materials and results in discolouration. As discussed earlier, there are highest-quality models out there that are able to resist harsh weather conditions effectively but it is best to apply all precautionary measures for long term durability.

Keep a good check every now and then to see if any part needs replacement. When buying, also read complete product guide to get an idea about quality of materials used in manufacturing process. This gets you in a better position to understand if your chosen trampoline is compliant with your local climatic conditions or not. (The best products on the market use high-quality materials and are backed up by long warranties)

Caring for the Best Trampolines

Most trampoline brands don’t include a cover, but it’s a worthwhile investment in order to protect the trampoline during winter or during other extended periods when it won’t be used and may be subject to rain and other moisture. A bit of rain here and there isn’t too much of a concern.

  • The big thing is to just keep the product free of debris and generally clean. If you ever see branches, leaves and other debris, sweep them off the mat with a broom. Be cautious of anything that looks particularly sharp, in that case you can pick it up by hand and discard it right away.
  • To clean netting, the best way is usually to take the net down and clean it by hand using warm water and a mild detergent. Nets may be machine washable with some of the best trampoline brands, but we found that to be unnecessary and to cause undue wear and tear on the net.
  • If your net is difficult to take down and put up, you can clean it alongside mat, but it may prove to be a difficult task. For even the best quality trampolines, we used warm water mixed with soap and then sprayed mat and then the net, if applicable, and finally, washed it all down with a garden hose.
  • During each week of use, perform a cursory inspection. Perform a more in-depth inspection at start and end of season. Look for worn springs, fraying and the like. Most of the brands make it very easy to order replacement parts at a reasonable cost.
  • Over time, even the finest trampolines will fade. This is why so many products use black and dark blues to mitigate this. There’s nothing much you can do here, except keep them clean and avoid long periods of direct sunlight if possible. At some point, you may just need to replace the mat, trim or the entire thing.

You can also check user’s manual or manufacturer’s website for detailed guidelines about how to care for your trampoline in best possible way.

Important Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Trampoline

The main factors you’ll want to consider at the start of this process are:

  • Budget
  • Your kids’ ages
  • ASTM approval
  • Safety and weight limit
  • Shape, size and location


Budget-wise, come up with a number that makes sense for you. You can spend thousands of dollars, but you can also spend a lot less. There are cheap but really good trampolines on the market.

Kids Ages:

Think about where your kids stand right now. If they’re real young, it may be better to purchase the best trampolines for kids for that age and then spend a little more few years down the road, when they will get five to 10 years out of it.

ASTM Approved:

We’d recommend avoiding products that aren’t ASTM-approved. All of the top trampolines on our list are approved. ASTM stands for the American Society for Testing and Materials, and it means that the product was manufactured according to high quality and safety standards.

Weight Limit:

Know the weight limit you’ll need or want to accommodate. Be mindful that if you intend to use it during birthday parties and sleepovers, then you’ll need more capacity than you otherwise would. If you go over capacity, then even the safest trampolines can present some serious risks as well.


Also, be mindful that numerous studies have found that safety enclosures make the finest backyard trampolines even safer, so you’ll want to choose a product with safety enclosure or buy one separately. Most of the products that we’ve ranked include a safety net inside the package.

Shape, Size and Location:

Finally, there’s the matter of location, size and shape. Choose your location, and then, choose a size that accommodates that space. When it comes to shape, there are pros and cons:

  • Round trampolines are generally the most common and affordable.
  • Square ones provide more bounce with a total size similar to round.
  • Rectangular products provide the most bounce area and bounce height.
  • Octagonal options don’t offer significant benefits over round and are generally more expensive.

Backyard Trampolines: Risks and Safety Precautions

trampoline jump girl

Is a trampoline dangerous? The answer to this question is a matter of perspective. Trampolines do account for many injuries to children, but a lot of physical activities have some degree of danger. Rather than asking “is a trampoline dangerous”, you should ask yourself how can I make it safe?

  • Children under six shouldn’t use a trampoline without supervision. Older children should be supervised and instructed when performing riskier moves, such as somersaults.
  • The safest trampolines are not the highest models, so avoid unnecessary height. The closer the child is to the ground, the less harm can come to him or her if a fall occurs.
  • Never use a trampoline without a safety enclosure. All of the highly-rated products have them attached. Furthermore, a majority of trampoline-related accidents occur on equipment that do not have a net installed. So by just having a net, you can significantly reduce the risk of injury.
  • Finally, choose your location carefully. Even the safest choices will be a lot less safe if you put it on concrete. Choose level ground but an area as soft as possible. Grass is preferred.
  • Maximizing clearance is also advised so that if an accident does occur, there’s less likelihood of bad injuries.

Enjoy Your New Trampoline

Well, there you have it. A lot of hard work went into these trampoline reviews, and whether you’re seeking the best trampoline for gymnastics or for kids, we hope that we’ve answered all of your questions and identified the top products that make sense for you.

Be mindful that the answer to the question “what is the best trampoline” depends a lot on your preferences and the property you have available. The perfect product is generally the one that fits your budget and lets you maximize the space you have available for years to come.

Paul Hickman