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Bowflex Max Trainer M7 Review

Bowflex Max Trainer M7

There’s no mystery to be solved when figuring out how the Bowflex Max Trainer M7 works to build a perfect body: this equipment is the love child of a stair stepper and an elliptical, but there’s nothing romantic about their union.

This trainer has been called a “cardio breakthrough” by the manufacturer. Offering an eclectic combination of features that track every aspect of a user’s training, the Max Trainer M7 acts like an unpaid coach.

Everything from top-to-bottom (LCD/LED displays to space age pedals) encourages users to push harder, further and more efficiently than machines developed in the past. Sound like something you’ve been searching for? We can see you nodding your head.

(Video: 3: 46 Minutes)


Like all Bowflex exercise machines that fit within the Max series, the Bowflex M7 manages a perfect balance of design thanks to high-quality materials used to construct it. Producing a lightweight piece of equipment that’s also durable and solid is no easy fete, but Bowflex has achieved this goal.

Efficient space usage is also a hallmark of this machine and the Bowflex Max Trainer M7 takes zero impact motion to new heights as the technology built into this piece of equipment is so advanced, you can burn calories faster while toning muscles more efficiently.

Is it perfect? Some say it comes close and at a price point that won’t require you to liquidate your stock portfolio.

Dimensions and User Data

  • Width: 29.5-inches
  • Length: 46-inches
  • Height: 65-inches
  • Minimum Ceiling Height: User’s height plus 15-inches
  • Footprint: 2.5-feet X 3.5-feet
  • Maximum User Weight: 300 pounds
  • Weight When Assembled: 143 pounds
  • Power Source: AC adaptor (included)

Trainer Features

If you’re a skeptic, company claims that users can “keep fit in half the time” may appear to be marketing hyperbole. In fact, the Trainer M7 will train your entire body while burning calories because workouts are effective. This zero gravity machine can keep you going longer because joints and bones aren’t stressed.

These specific perks are especially popular with owners:

  • You gain access to 20 computer-controlled resistance options
  • Select from 11 programs designed to take users from start-up to advanced
  • Gain dual access to those resistance tools via both the console and handlebars
  • Those handlebars are commercial-grade and they track pulse rates as you exercise
  • Stainless steel pedals, lauded by professional athletes, out-perform other materials
  • Every move you make works with the Max Trainer App (Apple or Android version)
  • A chest strap-the preferred mechanism for capturing heart rates-is included
  • Up to 4 Bowflex Max M7 users can store their workout data within this equipment’s cache
  • Engineered for athletes seeking the ultimate in high-intensity training
  • An oversized console display produces high-contrast, dual back-lit data readability.

Computer Features

Here’s another reason to consider the M7: It’s intuitive. The brain housed in this trainer not only walks you through specific programs (listed below) but it’s like a chameleon, adapting itself to your goals, whether you meet them or not. You might say that the M7 is the quintessential machine for anyone eager to customize their workout.

If you find that you are surpassing your original goal, the computer immediately presents you with a new plan that hypes your pace, so you accelerate your progress without having to think about it.

Not so sure you’ll be successful? You need not to worry. The Bowflex Max 7 brain is very forgiving. It will simply step down your workout so you can overcome whatever obstacle slowed you down as you move forward seamlessly.

If you’re familiar with the Bowflex Max family of trainers, that fully-functional display alone could impress; the displays on previous models were routinely disparaged by folks who actually wanted to read the numbers that reflected their progress and declared them downright wimpy!

The Workout

young man and woman working out at the gym

Which program will best suit your goals and objectives? Newbies start low and build to a crescendo thanks to adaptive programming that suits the needs of all levels of exercisers. Build a custom program from these options, but if you want to keep going after a goal is reached, hit the “add time” feature and keep racking up progress:

Target Mode Programs

  • 7-minute interval
  • 14-minute interval
  • 21-minute interval
  • Power interval
  • Calorie goal
  • Steady pace

Performance Mode Programs

  • Fat burn
  • Calorie burn
  • Stairs
  • Manual and fitness test

These pre-set, double-digit workouts are solely based on your fitness objective so if you want more muscle, pick shorter, more dynamic sessions or meet your cardiovascular needs via a slower, more focused circuit.

On-screen instructions are so clear and precise, you don’t even have to speak English to gain the benefits you seek. With apps that synch, track and share data, you remain on auto pilot, an immeasurable benefit if you must strategize like crazy to fit a workout into your crazy schedule.

Shipping and Assembly


The shipping cost varies based on your location and selected type of delivery. We recommend you to look out for online retailers that may offer free shipping to help save some money.

As for assembly, there's good news and bad news. Plan to spend some money to get someone who knows what they're doing to your home to do the job or tackle it yourself and put in some serious time on the project. Consumers and equipment reviewers never fail to mention the complexity of the assembly. Don't say we didn't warn you.

The Verdict

Given the evolution of the fitness industry (some say it's moving at warp speed), the introduction of M7 which builds upon the M3 and the M5, yet shows revolutionary improvements. For decades, fitness equipment developers have worked to construct, manufacture and roll out a single product that pairs gentle motion with warp speed calorie burning at an affordable price. We believe Nautilus/Bowflex has done just that.

What We Liked


  • Having a machine that does it all so no body part feels left out
  • Time-eclipsing workouts; get more results in less time
  • Pre-set workout options and that unpaid coach adapt to your unique goals
  • Up to 4 users can set their own programs to track their progress
  • Takes up very little room if space is an issue
  • Comes with the Nautilus pedigree behind the brand name
  • Build an impressive physique in just 14 minutes per day

What We Disliked


  • Not everyone can afford this trainer and lousy credit means the no-interest pay-off option is off the table
  • Designed for folks intending to use it regularly; this equipment is overkill for the casual exerciser
  • Rollers–even when replaced–start squeaking over time, even with constant lubrication
  • Takes getting used to if you’re a long-time user of less-sophisticated trainers
  • That daily 14-minute session doesn’t guarantee weight loss, despite marketing claims
  • Shipping and set-up costs could be prohibitive
  • Fitness professionals say there’s no proof this rig burns 2.5-times more calories than competitor’s equipment.

The Last Word


Like all great products, the world stands poised to refute claims made by manufacturers and consumers, and we must again remind you that no fitness equipment is perfect, but on balance, an overwhelming number of positives associated with the Bowflex Max Trainer M7 lead us to conclude that it can be a formidable addition to one’s fitness arsenal.

Users enjoy benefits extolled by everyone from professional coaches to prestigious hospitals and clinics who have scientific data proving the effectiveness of interval training. Not only do those calories burn like meteors, but interval training forces the body to keep burning them for up to 48 hours following each workout.

Pursue your fitness goals knowing that you’ll be able to work longer and harder because zero-gravity design protects your joints and bones, so getting max results is available even to those suffering old running injuries and/or arthritis.

The new and improved console delivers internal and external bonuses, keeping track of custom workouts, adjusting them on the fly and users discover metabolic changes that get down as deep as muscle cell function as a result of using this machine. The Bowflex M7 won’t hand you a towel after your workout–but if this equipment line continues to be a trend setter, who knows what the future holds.

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Paul Hickman