Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym Review

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

Sick and tired of running to the gym only to find that the equipment you intend to use is being hogged by folks who got out of bed even earlier than you did?

Does your drive to the gym eat up so much gas and time, you feel resentful?

A home gym should be at the top of your personal wish list if these are only two of the reasons you’re frustrated.

Whether you have heard so much brouhaha surrounding Bowflex Home Gyms you’ve got to check them out or you know nothing about the brand, you owe it to yourself to consider the original Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym because it’s a classic.

Sure, there are newer, fancier, more tricked-out Bowflex home gyms for sale these days, but this perennial best seller has been the object of flattery for many Bowflex PR1000 reviewers because it’s affordable, reliable and the perfect starter gym.

Begin your research by reading this Bowflex PR1000 review. You can thank us later.

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Technical Information and Bowflex PR1000 Dimensions

Bowflex PR1000 Parts and components

  • Length: 84-inches
  • Width: 38-inches
  • Height: 82-inches
  • Max resistance: 210 pounds
  • Weight: 125 pounds

Product Features

  • Lat pull-down and horizontal bench press features.
  • User can do 30 different strength exercises.
  • Resistance variations span as few as 5 and as many as 210 pounds.
  • Rowing machine burns fat and adds cardio benefits.
  • Triple function cushion hand grips and foot grips for stability.
  • Folds down for movement or storage.
  • Waist belt makes leg presses safer.

Bowflex PR1000 Workout Overview

doing exercise on bowflex pr1000

Undertake up to 30 strength exercises and use the built-in rower station to build muscle and tone by acquiring this Bowflex PR1000 home gym.

This inexpensive rig will need a decent amount of set-up space, but once you’re done, you’ll discover that triple function hand grips, bench press and lat pull capabilities are equal to more expensive home gyms.

Try out multiple cable pulley positions to experiment with angle of resistance and double down on exercise effectiveness using the gym’s 20-minute Better Body Workout guide to build muscles that don’t exist and tone those you’ve already begun to build.

Devote time to leg presses using the waist belt to anchor your body so you can safely do additional reps.

Bowflex PR1000 Assembly; Warranty; Shipping


There's a scattering of complaints about PR 1000 Bowflex gym's packaging (broken boxes the most frequent), but despite damaged outer boxing, units are so well-protected by inner materials, few show dents or scratches.

Unlike newer Bowflex gyms, the PR1000 weighs only 125 pounds and owners say assembling the unit takes only an hour with help (two hours on your own), but instructions are so clear, "Even girls can put it together," said one feisty Brit.

Warranties on Bowflex equipment in general can be confusing. If you buy from the company, get one year of coverage on the machine's body; 5 years on the power rods and 60 days on every other part.

Understand, up front, that the power rod resistance system's coverage is murky, but that doesn't mean that the Bowflex 1000 home gym, introduced in 2008, isn't one of Bowflex's most popular repeat sellers.

Click here to see the price of the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym on Amazon.

The Good


  • As a standard-bearer of the Bowflex home gym family, the PR1000 has been around for enough years to build a track record that shoppers count on when comparing this gym to other Bowflex products–any of which are more sophisticated.
  • But because this product has stood the test of time, first-time buyers are impressed enough by features to declare it the perfect “starter gym.”
  • The Bowflex Better Body Workout guide seems to have its own fan club. If you worry that you’ll have trouble switching exercises on the fly, a user best described the experience as “not as much of a nuisance as expected,” thus this gym solves an issue many exercisers complain about because they don’t want to lose momentum.
  • Paired with stretching and cardio, nobody using this machine feels they’re getting an incomplete exercise experience, and because the price tag is modest, there’s plenty of incentive to choose the PR1000 over others.

The Not So Good


  • If your physique is a candidate for the cover of a body builder magazine, you may not get results you got using state-of-the-art rigs at your local gym. Not that it’s a lightweight at 125 pounds, but you could need a gym that’s more sophisticated.
  • Further, some home gym owners recommend placing an EVA foam exercise mat on the floor before you situate your PR1000 to add stability, and if you’re shorter than 5-feet 9-inches, folks in the know recommend a store visit so you can undertake some curls before you buy.
  • While you can fold this home gym down, Bowflex urges owners to remove the power rods when the unit isn’t being used. If the prospect of attaching and detaching rods seems annoying and time consuming, that’s not the only conundrum associated with them: These rods are known to lose elasticity and resistance over time and that 5-year warranty may not be honoured if the retailer chalks your complaint up to “normal wear and tear.”

Final Verdict


Can you put a price on a legend? In this case, the answer is yes-and when that legend also proves affordable, it’s worth mentioning again if you seek a solid, proven machine that’s the quintessential starter home gym. Compact and foldable, undertake 30+ exercises, submit your muscles to up to 210 pounds of resistance in increments and make use of the rowing machine feature.

That stated, there appears to be an underground movement of PR1000 owners who refute the Bowflex claim that you can’t add resistance weight. Rumor has it there are articles and videos on the Internet that explain how to do this. We mention that in case resistance weight expansion is the only factor that stands between you and your buying decision.

Is it the best home weight machine on the market? Yes, say brand fans, if you can get past the resistance rod dramas. It’s no mystery why the PR1000 design has stuck around so long: Simple construction, an adequate number of features and exercises, light weight and a lighter price tag frequently compels shoppers to overlook those rods because they get so much in return.

Click here to see the price of the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym on Amazon.

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