Gold’s Gym Trainer 720 Treadmill Review

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The reason for writing this “Gold’s Gym Trainer 720 Treadmill” review is to provide detailed information on the product. I see many reviews when I search online but I found that most of the testimonials are missing crucial information that can help you make an informed decision. So, keep on reading and enjoy this review till the end.

Ex-Marine and bodybuilder Joe Gold couldn’t find a proper place to train back in 1965, so he decided to open his own gym in Venice, California (the nation’s bodybuilding Mecca).

The place wasn’t fancy! Homemade wooden platforms plus free weights, chin-up bars and rings drew Southern Californians. After all, says, there were “two complete sets of dumbbells going from 10 lbs. to 80lbs. in five-pound jumps.” Imagine today’s gym offering so few amenities!

Gold sold the gym but retained the name, boosted by a logo originally created on a napkin. As Donald Trump has shown, you don’t have to own something to brand it, which is how the logo wound up on gym franchises, movie endorsements, competitions and gym expansions that even arrived in Moscow in 1996.

But it was a decision to conquer the fitness equipment market that would have the most impact in terms of dollars and branding. With the introduction of the gold’s gym 720 treadmill, the latest in a long line of home gym equipment debuted and we’re just the folks you need to review it.

For many people, the treadmill is a central piece of fitness equipment. And since it lets you get a good workout in regardless of the weather, having a treadmill at home is an excellent way to move toward full-body fitness and total wellness.

The Gold’s Gym Trainer 720 offers a fairly economical, space-efficient treadmill option for those who want to be able to train effectively at home.

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Technical Detail Overview

Gold's Gym Trainer 720 Treadmill

For most people who are considering installing a treadmill at home, the size of the machine itself is a very important consideration.

After all, most homeowners don’t have a dedicated home gym area, and many simply have a treadmill in the basement or living room. The Gold’s Gym 720 is fairly average sized, with the following dimensions:

  • 1″ high
  • 7″ wide
  • 3″ long

While this is a relatively wide deck treadmill, it has a significant space-saving advantage over many models in the same price range: it can be folded and put away. This makes it ideal for home use–you can take out the treadmill when you want to use it, and then simply store it in a closet when your workout is done.

Plus, this is a treadmill that offers many workout options. You can choose from 18 pre-programmed workouts, and you also can manually adjust speed and incline to challenge yourself. It also can work with iPods and MP3 players to enable you to listen to music you love.


  • Length: 55-inches
  • Width: 20-inches
  • Style: Compact/folding
  • Motor warranty: 25 years
  • Frame warranty: lifetime
  • Parts and labor warranty: 1 year
  • Console: back-lit, multi-window LED display
  • Heart monitor: Hand-grip driven

Programs and Features

program and features of gold gym 720 treadmill

One of the best features of the Gold’s Gym 720 treadmill is its collection of 18 workout programs. These programs have been designed by certified personal trainers in order to help you reach your optimum levels of fitness.

While there are several workout options to choose from (each one involving variations of incline and speed), it is important to note that this treadmill only reaches a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour.

While this is likely acceptable for most joggers, the speed limit may make sprint intervals and otherwise high-speed training difficult or impossible to accomplish. Additionally, the weight limit is 300 pounds, making this not the best choice for heavier exercisers.

The Gold’s Gym 720 treadmill does have a fairly decent incline, however. Uses can adjust the incline from a flat running surface to 10 percent. And because running on an incline (or running on a treadmill at all) can cause you to work up a sweat, the treadmill offers a convenient cooling fan to help ensure comfort. There also is a music port that allows users to connect an iPod or MP3 player.

Heart rate monitoring is also offered, but this is where one of the machine’s few downsides comes in. While most treadmills of comparable quality allow users to monitor their heart rate via a chest strap or other wearable monitor, the 720 can only monitor heart rate when the user grips the hand rails. While this is somewhat feasible for walking, it is not very practical for use when running, as most runners need to use their arms as they run. While not all potential buyers will need a treadmill that monitors heart rate effectively, those who do a good deal of target heart rate training may find this model to be insufficient.

Computer Features

computer features of treadmill 720

The display on the Gold’s Gym Trainer 720 treadmill is simple yet effective. While those who are used to the treadmills in commercial gyms may be expecting a more detailed display, the 720’s LED display still shows users all they need to know.

By switching through the different views the screen offers, you can see your incline percentage, speed, total calories burned, and heart rate (if you are gripping the heart rate bars). You also can see total workout time and distance covered.

The computer display is very easy to navigate, and the start/stop and speed/incline buttons are large. This makes it significantly easier and safer to change the speed and incline even while running relatively quickly.

The Workout

man running on a treadmill

With the 720, you have diverse workout options available to you. Along with the 18 trainer-designed presets, which you can adjust to your desired difficulty level, you also can manually adjust speed and incline for a truly custom workout.

And because running can be hard on your joints, this model comes with AirStride Cushioning. This means that it absorbs impact with each stride, making your run significantly safer and more comfortable.

Warranty Coverage


The warranty coverage for the 720 is fairly standard for this price range. The Gold’s Gym trainer 720 comes with a lifetime frame warranty, a 25-year warranty on the motor, and a one year warranty on parts and labor.

If you have questions about warranty coverage, make sure that you ask the seller of the machine you purchase, or that you contact the manufacturer directly.

Shipping and Assembly


As with many Gold's Gym products, the 720 treadmill is designed to be easy and uncomplicated to assemble.

While some sellers may offer in-home assembly for a fee, you will likely be able to assemble the treadmill yourself in an hour or so.

Shipping rates and methods will depend on the individual seller from whom you purchase the treadmill.

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What We Like


  • Adopt a gold’s gym trainer 720 treadmill and you acquire 18 different workout apps, an LED multi-window display console to keep track of accomplishments and if your calves love to be tested, you can treat them to the QuickSelect incline control that allows you to raise the platen between 0- and 10-percent while you work out.
  • QuickSelect doesn’t make an appearance only on the power incline front: you also get domination over the 0- to 10-percent QuickSelect speed control driven by a G-Force 2 commercial motor. You won’t twirl into space in a weightless state, but you could make impressive gains on the weight loss front.
  • We like the AirStride cushioning. If your bones and joints have suffered from fitness efforts in the past, you know that the cushioning under your feet can make the difference between avoiding exercise and spending more time than you prefer visiting your chiropractor. The Cool Aire workout fan is on duty if you perspire a lot.
  • It’s okay to check out other brands, but make sure you include the gold’s gym trainer 720 treadmill with extra-wide deck and heart rate monitor when you consolidate your short list. That dual-grip PowerPulse monitor will keep you up to speed on your heart rate and tread tension supports up to 300 pounds of body weight.

What We Don’t Like


  • Understanding up front that the 720 was designed to be an affordable treadmill engineered for people who aren’t looking for bells, whistles and fireworks, that still doesn’t mean a consumer should wind up with a display screen that’s narrow, wimpy and may force you to wear your glasses when you work out. Not that the data you glean is comprehensive: all you get are the big 3: time, distance and calories burned.
  • In terms of quality construction, the gold’s gym trainer 720 misses the boat on this, as a preponderance of plastic parts used to build this treadmill is likely to be evident with each footfall on the tread. To be fair, Gold’s Gym isn’t known for pulling out all material stops when building their cheaper machines.
  • The 55-inch-long running deck is a trade-off for folks who haven’t much room to devote to equipment, but if you’re extra-tall or your runs on equipment can only be described as dynamic, think about whether you want to risk your safety for the sake of saving some bucks.

Our Verdict: Is Gold’s Gym Trainer 720 Treadmill Worth Buying?


On the whole, this is an affordable treadmill and great choice for those who want an uncomplicated yet effective workout at home. Because of its variety of programs, ease of operation, and easy storage, the Gold’s Gym Trainer 720 treadmill is highly recommended.

For most recreational fitness fans who aren’t training for marathons, you’ll like saving money, the running deck should be adequate, assembly doesn’t require an engineering degree and both Quick buttons for incline and speed will help you adjust your pace without too much complication. The fan is a handy extra, but the console screen is best described as only adequate.

The trade-off is obvious in terms of features and construction, but be forewarned, the cheap materials used to make this treadmill may produce annoying consequences. For example, it could start squeaking once you’re up and running, so you may be forced to turn up the volume on your TV or other auditory diversion. Further, the motor has been known to surge upon start-up before it settles into a continual linear speed.

If the only thing that separates you from getting the exercise the doctor ordered and finding clever excuses to take a pass is at least one entertainment feature, be of good cheer. This treadmill may be a no-frills model, but it does offer you a compatible music port for your Apple iPod so you can always turn up the volume on your playlist if the 720 starts behaving badly.

We love the story of this gym’s start-up and wish the quality of this equipment reflected the philosophy of the dude whose name appears on the logo, but it’s hard to recommend this equipment when comparable models by competitors can morph your treadmill experience from a simple meal into a full buffet.

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