The 6 Best Hernia Belts 2019: Reviews of Top Rated Abdominal, Groin, Inguinal, Stomach and Umbilical Hernia Trusses on the Market

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Hernia belts can make a big difference for people suffering with hernias.

These belts—or hernia trusses—are not a new invention. They were used at least as early as the 19th century, but they have come a long way since then in terms of overall design and the high quality materials used.

Even with recommendations from a qualified doctor, we know that choosing a best hernia belt can be difficult.

You may know that you need an inguinal hernia belt or an abdominal hernia belt, but you will still face many choices since there are so many good brands and individual products currently available on the market.

We set out to make this process easier by reviewing the most popular hernia belts.

Our team also worked hard to determine the most common questions consumers have about the hernia support belts, and we have provided that information along with the in-depth reviews as well.

Top Rated Hernia Support Belts Comparison Chart 2019

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Photo Hernia Belts Belt Type and Support Price
 style= Meditex Uriel Inguinal Groin Hernia Belt (Editor’s Choice) Focuses Inguinal Groin HerniaCheck Price
 style= The OTC Hernia Belt Abdominal Hernia SupportCheck Price
 style= Safe n' Simple Hernia Support Belt Adjustable hole w/ left + right supportCheck Price
 style= Wonder Care Inguinal Hernia Belt Double/Single Belt w/ pressure padsCheck Price
 style= Ufeelgood Ergonomic Umbilical Hernia Belt Navel Hernia Belt w/ support braceCheck Price
 style= Curad Hernia Support Belt Double and Single inguinal herniasCheck Price

Best Hernia Belt Reviews – (Recommended Picks)

Welcome to our hernia belt reviews section. Here we’ve reviewed the Top 6 hernia belts on the market right now. Check out the in-depth review of each hernia support belt to make an informed decision for immediate support and pain relief.

#1. Meditex Uriel Double Inguinal Groin Hernia Belt Review

Uriel offers this best inguinal groin hernia belt in several configurations: right, left and double.

We tested all of these top hernia belts and would strongly recommend the double. It provides support on both the left and the right, but this actually means better support overall in the area that you care about.

Additionally, there is not even a price beak really for choosing a one-sided version, so in our—non-medical—opinion, we are not even sure why the left and right versions sell as well as they do.

They do work, though, so if that is your preference, you can purchase the hernia truss without worry.

Uriel groin hernia belt is offered in a number of different waste sizes, so you can choose the ideal fit for you. These tend to run a bit on the small size, but that tightness is a good thing with this belt type.

We found these best rated hernia belts to be among the easiest to put on and adjust.

These are very comfortable. The pressure provided is constant and adjustable. Once we had the Uriel hernia belt the way we liked it, it stayed that way all day without us needing to readjust it even a little.

Uriel lists this hernia truss for both pre-surgery and post-surgery use.

You can use Uriel inguinal hernia belt in the shower and while swimming.

These are perfectly fine for jogging, other cardio, strength training and so on.

When wet, allow the truss to air dry. If you want to wash them, do so hand. As a rule of thumb, you do not want to machine wash any of your chosen hernia belt—even if the product is described as machine-washable.

Click here to see the price of the Meditex Double Inguinal Groin Hernia Belt on Amazon.

#2. The OTC Hernia Belt Review for Abdominal Umbilical Treatment

If you are seeking a great abdominal support belt for hernia conditions, this OTC hernia belt is one of the top picks on the market right now.

The OTC abdominal hernia belt features a ribbed design, which is not usual for such products but should be. Along with the elastic, this helps the belt to contour to your body and is more comfortable in our experience.

The product also features compression pads for even more pain relief and comfort.

What we did not like about this favourite hernia belt was putting it on. It has back fasteners, so unless you have a helper handy, you will need to put it on backward and then inconveniently rotate it into place.

We wish the belt was much easier to put on, but the hassle is worth in our opinion. Once you have it in place, it feels great and you will not have to worry about readjusting it throughout the day.

The hernia belt sizes available range from small to double extra-large. It is very important with this belt that you get the proper size, and if you are unsure between two sizes, err on the smaller side. It may be a little more difficult to put on but better the inconvenience than a belt that is too loose.

You can use this awesome abdominal hernia belt for physical activities, but it is not ideal for swimming or getting wet in general. You may be better off getting abdominal-oriented hernia swimwear and using that instead.

Click here to see the price of the OTC Hernia Belt on Amazon.

#3. Safe n’ Simple Hernia Support Belt Review

This hernia belt offered by Safe n’ Simple is a high-end binder for abdominal hernias.

The truss itself is a bit on the pricey side. In fact, it is among the most expensive hernia belts for men and women that we tested, but the price is worth if you want to invest in a belt for long-term use.

There are three versions of Safe n’ Simple hernia support belt available on the market: a full belt as well as left- and right-sided versions that come with optional pouch holes. We prefer the popular full version but all of them are made quite well.

Note that with the sided versions, compression is focused on one side.

We found this hernia support belt to be much easier to put on than the OTC option. It fastens via Velcro, and you can choose the area for fastening for maximum comfort. We also like how the high quality material stretches.

The fit is not quite as tight as with the OTC belt, so keep that in mind. It is tight enough, but if you prefer your hernia belt really tight than you may want to go with the elastic style that provides more compression.

Larger people may find this durable hernia truss more comfortable and convenient overall.

The hernia band also includes anti-slip padding on the interior, which is an excellent feature that ensures that once put on the belt stays in place throughout the day even when you are being moderately active.

Click here to see the price of the Safe n’ Simple Left Hernia Support Belt on Amazon.

#4. Wonder Care Inguinal Hernia Belt Review

Note that this is a male-specific inguinal hernia belt manufactured by Wonder Care.

It is a double inguinal belt —meaning both sides—, which is the belt style common for sports hernias.

The good hernia truss also features adjustable groin straps for the users.

Wonder Care hernia support belt also has two optional compression pads. Remove or use the pads depending on your comfort and needs. The pads are super simple to insert and remove at the sides.

The biggest downside to this belt is that it is not convenient for restroom visits. You are generally going to have to remove it entirely and then put it back on again, which is an inconvenience for sure.

There are left- and right-sided versions of the Wonder Care double inguinal hernia belt. These are more convenient at least for urination, but we preferred the overall support the double version provides, so we would live with that hassle.

Wonder Care has designed an excellent hernia support truss in terms of feel and durability.

That superior quality is reflected in actual user reviews as well as professional assessments.

The hernia belt sizes include medium, large and extra-large. While you can tighten this belt down, you will want to be precise with your size selection for maximum comfort and ultimate pain relief.

You can easily wear this hernia truss under all manner of pants.

Briefs are recommended, however, as this product does not work well with boxers.

Click here to see the price of the Wonder Care Inguinal Hernia Belt on Amazon.

#5. Ufeelgood Ergonomic Umbilical Hernia Belt Review

This ergonomic umbilical hernia belt for men and women is ideal for reducing abdominal wall load.

We highly recommend this product for people who have had an abdominal hernia prior and want to protect themselves during those activities when they are prone to injuring themselves again.

The Ufeelgood umbilical hernia truss is also a quite popular option to prevent relapse after a hernia surgery.

It can also provide relief from an active hernia while you await surgery.

The available sizes for the umbilical hernia belt are extra-small, small, medium, large and extra-large.

Note that sizing this truss is a bit tricky. The sizes are not waist sizes. Instead, check the manufacturer site, measure yourself according to the instructions and then choose a suitable size based on the provided chart.

This umbilical hernia truss is very comfortable and among the snuggest and comfy of this style that we tested.

It also fastens at the side, which makes it very easy to put on and remove.

There is an interior curved pad that you can adjust to conform the hernia belt specifically to your body.

We did find this one of the best umbilical hernia belts to be a bit on the itchy and scratchy side, so we would recommend wearing a thin undershirt beneath this truss for maximum comfort.

Click here to see the price of the UFEELGOOD Ergonomic Umbilical Navel Hernia Belt on Amazon.

#6. The Curad Hernia Belt Review

Curad is a well-established brand that makes a broad range of affordable medical-related supplies, including bandages, latex gloves, gauze, antiviral face masks, antimicrobial gel and, of course, some of the best hernia belts in the world.

The perfect balance between price and quality is why the Curad got the #6th position at our top rated hernia belts comparison chart.

The Curad inguinal hernia belt with compression pads is among the most inexpensive products that we tested in our hernia belt reviews section.

Despite the lowest sticker price, these hernia trusses are built well and will last, and when they finally do go, you are not going to stress the replacement since they are so affordable and easy to find on the market.

The inguinal hernia belt is made with a lightweight material that breathes and is quite comfortable. A low-profile design allows you to wear it under jeans, slacks and suit pants without it being noticeable or uncomfortable.

The hernia strap uses a hook-and-loop closure, which is fairly easy to work with. If you do it properly, you should have no issues, such as needing to readjust it even if you are participating in physical activities.

Note that Curad sells these best double hernia belts in small, medium and large sizes.

The general rule is that small is intended for waist sizes up to 35 inches, medium for waist sizes up to 41 inches and large for up to 46 inches. A little large is all right since you can tighten them down as needed.

Everything is quite adjustable with Velcro, and you can take out pads as needed as well.

This makes the Curad inguinal hernia belt a perfect option for women too. Smaller women often have an issue finding the best hernia belt that will work for them, and this is one of the products that will and does quite well.

Click here to see the price of the Curad Hernia Belt with Compression Pads on Amazon.

How the Best Hernia Belts Were Tested and Selected


The hernia belt reviews section was a tricky product category since we are not doctors.

We approached this from the perspective of real consumer who knows what they are seeking to achieve and which abdominal binder type is best suited to help them reach that goal.

Our team began this process by eliminating all hernia belts that lacked proper research, clinical testing, doctor testimonials and so forth. We also eliminated any hernia truss brand that had issues with the Better Business Bureau or had earned reviews online that were overwhelmingly negative.

From there, we focused on top hernia belt features like ease of wearing, fit, comfort and the need for adjustment. We did this for both men and women—where appropriate—and across many different body shapes and sizes.

Another focal point for us was the quality of materials and overall build. If you are wearing a hernia belt day in and day out, it is going to take some abuse and must be able to last. [1]

How Do Hernia Belts Work and Who Should Use Them?

hernia belt for men

Most hernia belts for men and women work via compression.

This is why many modern products are similar to compression shorts or are integrated into compression shorts. Doctors will even recommend compression shorts for minor hernias that may not need surgery.

In a patient that has a hernia, the belt works by keeping the protruding tissue in place.

This will not heal the hernia, but it can mitigate the pain, and it can prevent the hernia from worsening.

In a patient that has had hernia surgery, the belt provides support so that the body can heal and the tissue repair or mesh repair can become established enough that additional support is not required.[2]

There are also hernia belts for men and women that are designed to protect against hernias.

These top products are often worn by people who have experienced a hernia and want to protect themselves during those activities that make them susceptible to another hernia.

Athletes will often wear hernia support belts as well.

Important Factors to Consider When Selecting a Good Hernia Belt

First off, know that there are different types of highly-rated hernia belts available on the market, such as a/an:

  • Hip and groin wrap
  • Inguinal hernia belt
  • Abdominal or umbilical hernia belt

Identify your hernia type and the truss type best suited to it.

Understand also that certain products are designed for a particular end result.

You may purchase a hernia sling in order to:

  • Manage pain or discomfort
  • Protect against future hernias
  • Help your body heal after hernia surgery

Pay particular attention to fit. The best hernia support device on the market may not be the best for you due to the size or shape of your body or the types of clothes you intend to wear.

Be mindful that the binder style tends to be the thinnest. These can actually work as a girdle and accommodate practically any fashion. Better support is generally going to require a bulkier hernia belt.

Loose-fitting garments may be required in order to accommodate a bulky truss.

What Real Customers are saying about the Hernia Belts

customer experience and ratings

As part of this process, our team collected a lot of data concerning online user reviews about the top rated hernia belts for the money.

What we found is that consumers are generally quite satisfied with their purchases in this segment.

This is a niche market. It is very competitive. If a hernia belt does not work as advertised or has questionable construction or material quality, then it tends not to last in the market.

We did review some bad hernia belts that deserved the heavy criticisms that they received.

However, many of the consumer criticisms we encountered were misinformed. Some people select the wrong tool for the job and then criticize the tool and the toolmaker for their mistake.

The area in which we found the most variance is fitting.

How comfortable abdominal trusses are is very important to people. Users do not want a belt that is too tight or too loose or has to be adjusted throughout the day. The problem here is different body types.

What fits well for one person may need constant adjustment on another.

When reading user reviews, be mindful of how people describe themselves. Give the most credence to those hernia belt reviews that come from people who describe themselves as you would yourself.

Precautions When Using a Hernia Belt

back pain

If you think that you may have a hernia, consult with a good physician.

Do not use any hernia supportive device without either consulting with a doctor or knowing that it is the appropriate course of action because in the worst case such devices can actually worsen the hernia.[3]

Ensure that you are using a hernia girdle appropriate to your condition.

There are different types of hernias and thus different types of hernia trusses.

If your doctor has advised a support belt for hernia conditions, then heed any recommendations and advice that he or she may have given you. If you are unsure, call them and ask them if the product that you are about to purchase is the best hernia belt for you and the specific hernia condition you are dealing with.[4]

Read the manufacturer recommendations.

These should be included with the product itself or can be found online.

Not using a hernia band in the manner in which the manufacturer intended can produce less-than-optimal results or even cause the hernia belt not to work in some capacity or at all.

Wrap Up: Are Hernia Belts Worth Buying?

Well, there you have it.

Hopefully, we have answered your questions and provided you with all of the information needed to select the best hernia belt for you so that you can feel great and, more importantly, be healthy.

Be mindful that no aspect of this buying guide and these hernia belt reviews are intended as medical advice. If you any concerns about these top picks and their suitability to you, speak with a doctor.

A great hernia support belt can reduce or even eliminate discomfort, prevent a hernia from worsening and help a hernia heal faster. This is true whether a hernia required medical attention or just time.

However, you should never self-diagnose and determine that a handpicked truss belt is the proper treatment.

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