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18 Must Have Instant Pot Accessories For Your Kitchen

instant pot

It’s official: the Instant Pot revolution has begun.

In case you haven’t heard yet, this charming little device is a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, warmer, and yogurt maker all-in-one, making it the perfect countertop accessory for your kitchen.

But no device is complete without some accessories!

Below are a few must-have items that you’ll need to make this amazing machine even better:

#1. Steamer Pans

We’ve all experienced the pain of putting leftovers in the microwave, leaving them in there two seconds too long, and having food come out that is both hard and disgusting. Say goodbye to that inconvenience with some stackable steamer pans that you can place directly inside the pot. Put your main dish down in the bottom tray and your side dishes in the second one, and in less than ten minutes you can revisit that fabulous meal the way it was intended to be: fresh and hot out of the oven.

#2. Cake Pan

Normally, Instant Pots are reserved for meat and vegetables, but there’s nothing that says you can’t make a few sweets with it too! This six-inch cake pan fits perfectly in the bottom of the pot and is made out of a silicone ring with a glass interior which ensures that the cake cooks thoroughly all the way through. Moreover, it’s incredibly durable and a cinch to clean up, so it’s no more trouble to put away than it is to make the cake in the first place.

#3. Egg Steamer Rack

Who doesn’t love hard-boiled eggs first thing in the morning? Lay six or seven eggs in an egg steamer rack and place them in the bottom of the Instant Pot, and let it take care of the rest. The rack holds the eggs securely in place so that there’s no worry about them rolling over and breaking, or cooking through unevenly.

#4. Sealing Ring

This one is more of a “necessity” than it is a “want”, but it’s important if you plan on cooking a variety of different foods. Over time, the seal on your Instant Pot will begin to absorb the aroma of the food that is cooked inside of it and then releases it back into other foods. This isn’t a problem if you cook primarily meat, but if you’re doing spicy curry back-to-back with a meatloaf, you won’t want those two flavors interacting. Keep a backup one on hand (or several) in order to keep your food tasting fresh.

BONUS: look for the sealing rings that are color-coded so you know which ring goes with which type of food.

#5. Silicone Lids

Chances are, you probably already have several of these lying around the house, but you’ll want to get a few specifically for your Instant Pot. With a silicone lid, you can take the pot outside of the center, slap a lid on it, and put it in the refrigerator. Instant Pot turns into instant meal for tomorrow.

#6. Gripper Handles

Since it’s easy to lift the food out from the inside of the Instant Pot, you may never need to actually get the pot itself out from the appliance. If you do, however, you’ll notice very quick just how hot that bowl can be – and how cumbersome the process is. With a couple of silicone-wrapped handles, you should be able to pull the pot out quickly and efficiently without burning your fingerprints off in the process.

#7. Cupcake Liners

These little cups are as durable as they are versatile, offering several different options for you to prepare various foods. From poached eggs to mini cheesecakes, just place a few silicone liners in the bottom of the instant pot, add some water, and start the pot. Not only will it cook your foods quickly, but it will also save the hassle of trying to make eggs benedict in a big, flat pan.

#8. Metal Basket

One of the many (amazing) uses of the Instant Pot is to steam vegetables, but unless you want at least a few of the veggies to be charred on the bottom, you’ll need an accessory to help keep them out of direct heat. That’s where a steamer basket comes in. With a convenient hook that sticks several inches up in the air, you can lift the basket out of the pot without having to burn your fingers. Moreover, several of these baskets that you would find in stores come with an extra sealing ring, so you can make sure the steam stays trapped and the flavors stay pure.

#9. Mini Mitts

If you don’t want to get the silicone clampers to reach in and get the pot out with, look for these silicone-based mini mitts that you can drape over your fingers to do essentially the same job. You probably could use the old-fashioned cloth mitts that you have for your oven, but those can be tricky to navigate the ridge on the Instant Pot. These are relatively inexpensive and can be a lifesaver if you find yourself in a tough spot.

#10. Glass Lid

Even though the instant pot already comes with a lid on top, it’s not a bad idea to invest in a glass lid so you can look inside and check the progress without releasing the steam into the air and ruining the effects. This is handy especially for new Instant Pot owners who may not be familiar with the process and need to keep an eye on things.

#11. Strainer Bag

Did you know that your Instant Pot can also make yogurt? Many people simply assume that it’s purely for meats and vegetables, but the intense heat and pressure on the inside of the pot can make for some succulent yogurt with the right accessories. Reusable cheese cloth bags will work great for this, but if you really want to go the extra mile, grab an organic nut milk bag that will stand up to the pressure. The main thing is to strain off as much of the whey as you can; that’s the secret to making that rich, creamy Greek yogurt that everyone loves.

#12. Non-Stick Pot

Sure, the Instant Pot already comes with a pot on the inside, but anyone that’s had to scrape the food particles off the side knows how cumbersome that whole process can be. A non-stick inner pot – preferably one that is both PTFE and PFOA free – can be a great alternative to make clean up times just a little easier. Plus, it’s never a bad idea to have an extra pot laying around.

#13. Mesh Basket

If you’re making a food that needs straining but don’t want to spend time fishing out all the little particles while it’s trying to cook, then a mesh basket could be a life-saver. Place it directly into the bottom of the pot, put your vegetables or other food straight into it, and let the steam envelop your meal while letting all the impurities drip to the side. It’s quick, it’s efficient, and it’s delicious.

#14. Silicone Ice Cube Trays

Basically, anything that is silicone can be used inside of an Instant Pot since you don’t have to worry about it melting or catching on fire. While you could use a circular cupcake bowl for things like eggs benedict, you can also use a silicone ice cube tray to make things like cornbread squares or brownies. The separation in the trays allows for the individual slices to slide right out with ease, and the small size means it’s perfect if you’re making a meal for only a few people and don’t want to make an entire tray of brownies.

#15. Cleaning Brushes

While not specifically for the Instant Pot, the little foam brushes that you can buy at your local hardware store work perfect for cleaning the inside of your pot. Dip them in water or cleaning soap and scrub around the inside of the pot to get rid of all the grime and debris that can cling to your food. Much easier than using a paper towel, and more environmentally friendly to boot!

#16. Instant Pot Cover

Ok, so this is only for the true die-hard Instant Pot fans out there, but who can resist the cuteness of putting a cover over the top of your Instant Pot? It may be slightly unnecessary since your pot stays indoors most of the time, but for those who truly want to pamper their appliance, you can’t go wrong with a nice-looking cover. Even better, they make several of them in different colors, which means you can color match them to the rest of your appliances!

#17. Carry Bag

What’s even more convenient than an Instant Pot? An Instant Pot that you can take with you! These little bags are perfect if you’re asked to cook an entire gourmet meal at someone else’s house or just need to carry it to a potluck (or something similar). Carry bags can come in 6-quart or 8-quart bags, which is perfect for anyone who has an Instant Pot. Plus, as mentioned with the covers listed above, they also come in different colors so you can choose your outfit to match your bag.

#18. Parchment Liner

These aren’t the most glamorous item on this list, but they are absolutely essential if you want to make desserts inside your Instant Pot. They sit right in between the pan and the burner, which keeps grease and everything else off the bottom of the pot. They’re also very inexpensive, so you should be able to use them all the time and not worry about breaking the bank.

Do You Really Need Instant Pot Accessories?

No matter what type of accessory you choose to go with your Instant Pot, know that anything you choose will only take an already-great appliance and make it better.

Convenience is the name of the game when it comes this fabulous device, and these Instant pot accessories only add to that experience.

Paul Hickman