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10 Best Microcurrent Face Lift Machines for Home Use 2020: Comparison, Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Microcurrent treatments aren’t new. We can trace the history of such techniques as far back as the 1800s, but it wasn’t until the 1990s that estheticians had these machines available in their spas and began recommending them to their clients. Of course, this required a visit to a spa or similar location.

It would take another decade at least for the technology to become sophisticated enough for home use, and those early microcurrent devices were so expensive that the average person couldn’t afford them. That began to change in the last decade or so, and when handheld devices began appearing on the market that cost less than $50 or thereabouts, that ignited a trend that’s still ongoing as we write this.

Selecting a microcurrent machine for home use isn’t a simple process. There are many products on the market, and the prices and effectiveness of these machines can range wildly. Our goal with this project was to answers your questions and help you determine the best microcurrent machine for you.

Our team has now conducted many product reviews and comparisons. We’ve also consulted with experts, researched professional reviews and studied consumer testimonials. We then took all of our best microcurrent machine reviews and compiled them into this top ten list:

microcurrent face lift machine review

Microcurrent Face Lift Machines Comparison Chart 2020

NameIntensity LevelPower
NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Set
(Editor’s Choice)
5Rechargeable Battery
Beauty Star Microcurrent Face Lift Machine10Rechargeable Battery
7E Myolift Professional Microcurrent Device4Rechargeable Battery
Skin Care Experts Microcurrent Face Lift5AC Power/ Rechargeable Battery
Project E Beauty Galvanic Skin Tightening10Rechargeable Battery
LYFT by Nurysh Microcurrent Face Lift Device3Rechargeable Battery
Ezzi-lift Photodynamics Microcurrent Galvanic42 AA Batteries
Apreuty Portable Facial Care Machine6AC Power, US Plug
Deess Microcurrent Facial Toner5AC Power, Plug in
New Spa Eye Zone Skin Care Microcurrent Machine52 AAA Battery

1. NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Set

Bestseller No. 1
NuFACE PRECISION Facial Toning Kit | Trinity Facial Trainer Device + ELE Attachment | Handheld Skin Care...
  • FITNESS FOR YOUR FACE: Skincare is your nutrition, microcurrent is your exercise. Like exercise sculpts & tones the body, NuFACE devices contour and tone the face and...

NuFACE Trinity is currently the best microcurrent facelift machine on the market for home use!

Compared to other microcurrent devices for your face, it’s not exactly cheap, and there are optional attachments, such as a targeted microcurrent and a red-light therapy attachment, that will set you back even more. Fortunately, those are additions that you can work toward down the road.

Our team was very impressed with this machine and concluded very early on that the price was worth it. The unit is handheld and very compact, which makes it easy to use. It also features a five-level control so that you can dictate just how intense the microcurrent treatment is for the current session. NuFACE recommends treating each area touched by the element for about five seconds, and the device has an integrated five-second timer that makes very intuitive to know to move on to the next area.

There is a slightly bigger set that includes the targeting attachment, and if you can afford it up front, then it does save you a bit of money—but nothing drastic. In addition, there’s a mini version, which is a bit cheaper, but our team didn’t like it as much since it lacked attachments and offered fewer settings.

Although NuFACE is our choice for best at-home microcurrent facelift machine, we did have some issues with it. Charging from empty to full takes about 12 hours, and you need the cradle and power adaptor included with the product to charge it. If you have the cradle set up at home, it’s a non-issue, but if you just want to take the handheld with you on a business trip, for instance, we found the battery life a little wanting.

  • Spa-like results
  • Ease of use
  • Cordless
  • Portable
  • Battery life
  • Long charge time

2. Beauty Star Microcurrent Face Lift Device

Bestseller No. 1
Microcurrent Face Lift Device | 15 Years Proven – Med Spa Grade | In Weeks BEAUTY STAR Face Toner Gently...
  • FINALLY, THIS 15 YEAR PROVEN microcurrent face lift machine makes its way from Europe & South America, naturally, gently and effectively supporting YOUTHFUL, SUPPLE,...

The Beauty Star microcurrent facelift machine from Biosincron delivers exceptional value.

This microcurrent device for your face is suitable for around your eyes, your chin and your neck. The element itself is a bit smaller than with the NuFACE Trinity, and that’s a trade-off. Your daily session can take a bit longer because of it, but you also have finer control over the areas you target.

Biosincron has been selling this handheld machine in Europe for more than 15 years, and it has just recently become available in the U.S. and Canada. The lowest setting is a bit intense, so it can come as a shock—don’t mind us—if you’re just learning how to use a microcurrent facial machine, but there’s no pain.

Our team was really pleased with this unit not just in regard to its aggressive pricing but how conveniently portable it is. The device uses a rechargeable 9-volt battery, which is included. This kind of battery is relatively inexpensive and easy to replace. Charging is as simple as connecting the handheld directly to a wall outlet or USB port. Charging from empty to full takes about half the time as with the NuFACE Trinity, and you get hundreds of hours of usage from that full charge.

The lack of a timer is our biggest complaint and the primary reason we couldn’t select this as the best microcurrent machine for home use. If you can overlook that, however, this product is a winner.

  • Cordless
  • Charge via wall or USB
  • Long battery life
  • Self-sterilizing probe
  • No timer
  • Too intense for some

3. 7E Myolift Professional Microcurrent Face Lift Machine

Microcurrent Face Lift Machine - 7E Myolift Professional microcurrent device for face lifting, skin...
  • Powerful rechargeable battery system that lasts more than 3 months making the device convenient for traveling or on-the-go use.

This microcurrent face-lifter for home use is the most professional in terms of its appearance and design. It perhaps should come as no surprise then that this product is recommended by many estheticians, and it took top place in a number of industry-related surveys that we looked at.

This microcurrent device is actually a machine. Rather than just being a handheld device, it has a base that features an LED readout and an array of control buttons and to which two separate dual-element wands are connected. The elements are a bit small compared to many of the devices tested for our guide to the best microcurrent machine reviews, but having two applicators is great once you get used to it.

Another aspect that puts this in the discussion for best microcurrent facial machine is that you can use the buttons to dictate your precise intensity all the way up to 400 microamps. Most devices offer three to five settings, but this machine essentially gives you 400, and through some trial and error, you can determine the best intensity for you overall as well as for specific areas of your face and neck.

The 7E Myolift also offers two separate modes. You can switch between these with just a button press, and the included manual provides guidelines for which mode to use depending on which area you are targeting, such as the cheeks, around the eyes, the neck and so forth.

  • LED display
  • Dual applicators
  • Precise intensity control
  • Compact and portable
  • Elements a bit on the small side
  • Not as simple to use as some

4. Skin Care Experts Portable Microcurrent Face-Lift Machine

Skin Care Experts Microcurrent Face Lift
  • Microcurrent is the best known non-surgical face lift treatment – painless, effective, user friendly and simple!

As our microcurrent device reviews unfolded, we became very impressed with this machine very quickly. We knew that Skin Care Experts had a number of galvanic and microcurrent devices on the market, but this one looked a lot like the NuFACE Trinity but at a third of the price and perhaps more.

Our team was pleasantly surprised then to learn than this wasn’t just a cheap knockoff but a strong attempt at a similar approach. It may not hit the high notes that the Trinity does, but it delivers features that handheld does not. It has, for instance, a built-in automatic shutoff that will turn the microcurrent device off after 10 minutes of inactivity. This is great since it’s very easy leave these devices on by accident, and it can be incredibly frustrating to come back to a dead handheld just because your mind wandered.

An area where we feel like Skin Care Experts potentially made an improvement is in the applicators, which are less rounded and have a much large surface area. When determining which is the best microcurrent facial machine, it really comes down to personal use. If you’re someone that’s seeking a microcurrent machine for your body and not just your face, then we prefer these elements because it makes it much more practical to treat your arms and other larger areas of your body.

Note that no gel is included. This is perhaps understandable at the price point but inconvenient. There’s also no SCE-branded gel, and the recommendations in the manual are inadequate. If you’re new to these machines, it may be a bit of a hassle to find the right gel for you and this machine.

  • Price
  • Large surface area
  • Cordless
  • Automatic shutoff
  • No gel included
  • Gel recommendations wanting

5. Project E Beauty Galvanic Device

Project E Beauty Galvanic Facial Lifting Roller | Wireless Galvanic Facial Machine Skin Care Reduce Wrinkles...
  • 💫2 REPLACEMENT HEADS: It is magical with two massager head for treating different areas. Roller Galvanic Head for broad area such ad face and neck; Bipolar Galvanic...

The Project E Beauty machine is a solid option at this price point!

The reason that the Portable Rechargeable Galvanic Device from Project E Beauty makes our rankings at the midpoint is price. Is this the best microcurrent facial device on the market? No, but it’s a decent option, and we feel that the price positions it perfectly for the person who is considering microcurrent and galvanic devices and wants to dip their toes in the proverbial water and not spend a lot.

Among the biggest issues that get in the way of this being a really great machine is the roller applicator and the upper intensity. The roller may be fine for your neck and even your arms, but it’s a bit awkward for a lot of areas on your face and requires some practice. It’s worth noting that there’s an included attachment that’s more traditional, but that applicator has issues in the design as well.

As we carried out these microcurrent facial machines reviews, we really preferred the devices that let us use the highest intensity with which we were comfortable. This machine won’t do that, and that’s probably a necessary sacrifice at this price point. You will see results through extended use, though, and so perhaps you can start here, and once you see those results, save toward something stronger.

  • Adjustable intensity
  • Dial-based control
  • Rechargeable
  • Wireless and portable
  • Roller applicator
  • Low upper intensity

6. LYFT by Nurysh

LYFT 2.0 by Nurysh, Facial Cleansing, Lifting & Firming Device. Utilizes Galvanic Technology to Rejuvenate,...
  • PROFESSIONAL RESULTS AT HOME: The only device currently on the market with a FACE LIFTING function which, when used on your facial acupressure points in a circular...

LYFT by Nurysh is an ambitious handheld device that packs in a lot of features. All of these features work through the main applicator, and the buttons are easy to reach with your thumb as you hold and move the device around. That makes it simple to include all of these functions in a single treatment. The functions include microcurrent, ultrasonic, massage and even color-based light therapy.

The applicator design is quite solid. This product is in the discussion for best microcurrent machine for around your eyes for that reason alone. We also found this to be among the easiest handheld devices to use if you want to treat the backs of your hands. It’s simple to glide around your knuckles, for instance.

A LYFT device charges in about three hours, which is nice, but the battery didn’t last as long as we’d like. There’s a cradle but also a separate wall plug and optional USB cable. This setup is all right if the product just sits in your bathroom all the time but a bit inconvenient to take on the road with you.

Our team’s biggest issue with the product is the included manual. It is not written well at all and perhaps a poor translation. It even contradicts itself at points, such as informing you that the device is for daily use but then warning you not to use it more than thrice weekly. We checked with a few estheticians who all believed that the warning was a mistake and likely text that wasn’t translated properly.

  • Seven distinct functions
  • Color light therapy
  • Excellent option for hands
  • Three-hour charge time
  • Battery life
  • Manual undermines confidence

7. Ezzi-lift Photodynamics Microcurrent Galvanic Facial Machine with Light Therapy

ezzi-lift Photodynamics Device Microcurrent Galvanic Facial Machine with Light Therapy
  • Combines Red, Yellow, Orange and Green Light Therapy with microcurrent electrostim

This device from ezzi-lift may the best professional microcurrent machine that is practical for home use. Although in discussion for the best facial toning device on our list, our biggest reservation is the price. You could purchase NuFACE Trinity plus all available attachments plus some extra gel tubes and not spend as much as this product is likely going to cost just for the kit alone.

The kit does include some accessories, such as a Y-electrode, a finger electrode, lead wires and a carrying case. All of the electrodes are surgical-grade, and they look and feel of a quality that most of the products that we tested don’t match. We also liked that the device uses AA batteries. Use of inexpensive rechargeables ensures that you can use your ezzi-lift handheld whenever and wherever.

Our team was impressed with this professional-grade device in a lot of ways, but for the price, we were also a bit disappointed in others. The overall design just does not feel ergonomic and feels even clumsy at times. It’s fine for open areas, but nooks and crannies are challenging. The Y-adaptor intends to ease that and does to a degree, but even that design seems a bit flimsy and awkward.

  • Four distinct modes
  • Photodynamic system
  • Surgical-grade electrodes
  • Takes two AA batteries
  • Price
  • Overall design

8. APREUTY High Frequency Portable Facial Care Machine

High Frequency Machine, APREUTY Portable Handheld High Frequency Skin Tightening Acne Spot Wrinkles Remover...
  • 🌸BOOST BLOOD CIRCULATION and METABOLISM🌸: Kill bacteria & virus, eliminate acne & pimples, this high frequency facial machine also can help wound to heal FAST and...

Of all the microcurrent devices for your face that made our list, this is by far the least expensive. In fact, it’s often so cheap that we didn’t have high hopes for it entering the review. To our surprise, however, it’s quite good, provides great bang for the buck and is excellent as a gift or for a teen dealing with acne.

There are some issues at this price point. It does feel a bit cheap and plastic-y and perhaps the build quality won’t hold up long-term, but we’re all right with that. Perhaps the bigger issue is that it vibrates and thus hums, and that makes it a bit annoying and a tad difficult to control at times.

What our team did like a lot is the uniqueness of the four provided attachments. This is an excellent microcurrent machine for your eyes but also your cheeks, chin, neck, hands and wherever else. You’ll probably find a lot of different ways to use this device, and that was a big plus for us.

The kit even includes a comb so that you can run it through hair. The manual states that you can use this to stimulate hair growth. This feature is perhaps targeted at men who want thicker and more filled-in beards, but admittedly, we are more than a touch skeptical about the hair-related claims.

  • Very inexpensive
  • High intensity
  • Four distinct electrodes
  • Portable
  • Hums and vibrates
  • Cheap plastic-y feel

9. DEESS Facial Lift Toner

The facial lift toner from DEESS is a solid option. DEESS has a lot of experience in the industry, and we think the brand puts it to work well here in a product that’s comparable to NuFACE Trinity. It’s not quite as expensive, so that helps put it among the best microcurrent facial machines, but it doesn’t include any conductive gel, which we feel that it should at a price point that’s not exactly cheap.

Another issue we had with the device is that it’s corded, and that’s not optional. This is going to come down to a matter of preference. Perhaps you want a corded solution. For our tastes, we just preferred these compact, handheld solutions to use batteries for maximum convenience.

What we did really like is the overall design. This may not be best professional microcurrent machine, but it’s a really sharp-looking device that’s ergonomic and easy to control. An easy-to-read LED display lets you see which mode you’re in, and you can cycle modes with just the touch of a button.

The DEESS product also includes some treatments in addition to microcurrent. The contacts massage, and red and yellow LED light are emitted along with the radio frequency treatment. All in all, we found this treatment to be one of the most comfortable on our faces.

  • Massage contactor
  • LED display
  • Color light therapy
  • Radio frequency therapy
  • Corded
  • No gel included

10. New Spa Eye Zone Skin Care Machine

Eye Zone Lifting Massager NEW SPA Microcurrent Kit
  • The personal microcurrent device is a perfect choice for treating wrinkles around the eyes

Last but certainly not least in our rankings is the Eye Zone device from NEW SPA.

This is a product that is very similar in core design to NuFACE Trinity, which we choose as the best microcurrent machine for your face. While this product isn’t quite as good, what really distinguishes it is its price. This a very impressive product at the price point, and if you want a handheld solution like the Trinity but don’t want to spend a lot, you could do much worse than this NEW SPA solution.

The low setting on this machine is 20 microamps, and the high setting is 300. That’s not quite as high as some of the other products we reviewed, but again, we found it impressive at this price point. We also like that it includes eye masks—which you can purchase separately for use with other devices on this list—that make it very easy to treat the areas around your eyes since you don’t have to be so fine.

  • Price
  • Up to 300 microamps
  • Compact, ergonomic design
  • Battery compartment
  • No gel included
  • AAA rather than AA batteries

How We Tested and Selected the Best Microcurrent Machines

Selecting a best microcurrent face lift machine for 2019 was not simple. Our team knew that going in, but I don’t think we fully appreciated the total time commitment required. Most of these guides we take on require weeks of effort, but doing worthwhile microcurrent device reviews took months.

To really assess microcurrent facial machines for home use we not only had to use them in a home environment but over an extended period. We also didn’t want to limit each review to a single person, so we needed multiple versions of the product as well as subjects with different ages, skin tones, complexions and so forth. Our project planner really earned his salary this time. Bless his heart!

Our team was able to develop some initial assessments very quickly. How easy were these machines to set up and use? Were the treatment protocols something that most people could realistically incorporate into their busy lives on a regular basis? What did we think of the sticker price, the warranty, the build quality and any interactions that we had with customer support?

Another challenge was that not everyone uses handheld microcurrent face lift devices for the same purposes. Some use them for rejuvenation and others for skin care. But some use a microcurrent machine for pain. Others use it for around the eyes specifically or even for other areas of the body.

This was a big undertaking. We did our best over a period of just over three months. We all have different needs and preferences when it comes to treatments, but we hope that these microcurrent machine reviews help make this selection process a lot easier for you and others.

Who Should Use a Microcurrent Facial Machine?

microcurrent facial machine for home use

Note: Please check the “Do Microcurrent Facials Cause Side Effects?” section to read more about the specific kinds of people who should not use these machines. In this section, we’ll focus on everyone else.

Anyone who cares about his or her complexion and wants to stave off lines and blemishes that often occur with age should consider microcurrent machines for the face and neck. These treatments can even be performed around the eyes, and some recommend them for other areas of the body as well.

Microcurrent facials at home are often associated with older people, but the truth is, the sooner you begin using one the better. Even early in life, it can promote the kind of cell growth that not only fosters a great complexion but staves off the effects of aging that so many of us are concerned with.

Even young people can benefit from handheld microcurrent devices. It can, for instance, make a big difference for acne sufferers, and more and more dermatologists are incorporating it into their treatments. For younger children, you should consult with a doctor first.

It varies between at-home microcurrent facial machines, but generally, treatments take just five to ten minutes per session. You can incorporate these sessions into your beauty routine. A particularly great time is at night when you take off your makeup and wash your face.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing At-Home Microcurrent Devices

As we conducted these microcurrent machine reviews, we realized that the difference between the best microcurrent device and the worst is significant. You can have confidence in all of the home microcurrent facial machines that we’ve ranked here. If you opt to go with a product not on our list, ensure that the brand is reputable and that the machine is well received by consumers and expert reviewers alike.

As far as the FDA is concerned, there are Class I and Class II devices. A Class I machine has been approved for retail sale to consumers, and a Class 2 machine has been approved for sale to physicians. Be mindful, however, that the FDA does not approve either class of devices in the manner it does drugs, for instance. Being FDA-approved doesn’t mean that the product is particularly good, and you have to be wary about marketing and advice that positions these products and FDA approval in another light.

The best microcurrent machine for you is a long-term investment. If the best machine is outside your current budget, then we’d recommend saving a bit more unless you have a pressing need. You’ll be grateful in the end since this is a device that can serve you well for many years to come.

Something else to consider is power settings and power cycle stages. Our team tended to prefer those products that provided options, and we think you’ll appreciate that versatility more and more as time passes. A timer is a great option as well. If your routine is a five-minute facial each night, then having that timer just makes the process a lot easier. Warranty is an important consideration and puts the sticker price in context, and the included accessories can vary greatly from one machine to the next.

Do Microcurrent Facials Cause Side Effects?

Note: Side effect as a technical term does not imply a negative element. However, in casual usage, the term does tend to have a negative connotation and this is often the manner in which this question is asked. For the purposes of this guide, we’ll be focusing exclusively on negative side effects.

Certain people should never use microcurrent devices for home use or even in a clinical setting. It’s generally recommended that pregnant women not use them, and you should never consider using one as a pregnant person without consulting with your obstetrician. In addition, frequency-specific microcurrent or FSM treatments are not appropriate for people who experience uncontrolled seizures, have pacemakers or have implanted pumps.

In addition, doctors advise that you avoid using home microcurrent facial machines if you have scar tissue younger than six weeks old. Also, if you have an acute infection or have experienced an acute facture, then you should consult with a doctor before using microcurrent facial devices.

For everyone else, there are absolutely no side effects to be concerned about if you are using the product according to manufacturer recommendations. If you ever experience nausea or drowsiness during or immediately after use, cease use and consult with a physician. Likewise, speak to a doctor if you ever experience redness, swelling or any kind of discomfort at all.

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Before and After Pictures for Microcurrent Treatments

If you’re considering at-home microcurrent facial machines and want to see the kind of immediate and long-term benefits that you can expect, before-and-after pictures can be a big help in that regard.

But be mindful that before-and-after pictures can be both intentionally and unintentionally misleading. Let’s face it: not all microcurrent machines are created equal. Some companies that make an inferior product act in an unscrupulous manner to increase sales. If possible, avoid looking at pictures that are tied to marketing of a particular microcurrent facial toner. If you do examine such pictures, be sure that’s it from a brand that you can trust because it’s established and has a great reputation.

So, what do we mean by unintentionally misleading? Well, not all pictures will apply to you. You should look at pictures where the subject is similar to you: gender, age, skin tone, texture and so forth. Someone dealing with multiple skin problems is of course going to show more immediate and more substantial results than someone who has a reasonably healthy complexion.

Another important point about before-and-after pictures: take them of yourself. Snap a photo after you have washed your face but before you’ve use your home microcurrent machine. Do this each and every time. Trust us: you’re going to be amazed at the difference over time. We certainly were!

Are Microcurrent Machines Worth It?

close up eyes and facial skin smooth

The best microcurrent machines available are certainly worth it. The key is to choose the top machine on the market for you. Those personal needs and preferences aside, we’ll use this section to cover the types of benefits that a person can expect from using a microcurrent device.

Microcurrent treatments have often been referred to as non-surgical face-lifts since they can cause rejuvenation but without the invasiveness that comes with surgeries, laser resurfacing, chemical peels and so forth. Once upon a time, you had to go to a spa or clinic for such treatments, and the great thing about at-home microcurrent solutions is the convenience as well as the long-term cost-savings.

But are the at-home benefits the same? Yes! In fact, the technology has become so refined and therefore more affordable that there’s very little difference between the best microcurrent machine for home use and the best microcurrent machine for estheticians and other health professionals.

There are a few important misconceptions we should deal with. Firstly, these treatments are not solely for seniors dealing with aged skin, and the sooner you start taking advantage of the curative abilities, the better. Secondly, this approach isn’t just useful for females but men and women of all ages, and finally, the benefits aren’t limited to healing but also promoting positive skin health.

So, how does it promote positive skin health throughout life? Well, it improves facial circulation. It also counteracts dryness, strengthens muscle tone throughout the face and neck and enhances skin texture. Clinical studies have also shown that it increases cellular metabolism, which promotes healthy skin. A microcurrent home device can also increase the penetrative abilities of skin care products, and that can serve you both in encouraging skin health and in extra results gained from restorative measures.

A big reason why an at-home face-lift machine can help restore damaged skin is that it motivates your body’s natural production of both collagen and elastin. It can increase lymphatic drainage, reduce cellulite, tighten enlarged pores and even help with hormonal balance. This balance can combat acne in young adults but provide real curative benefits for people throughout the various stages of their lives.

How to Use a Microcurrent Home Device

All microcurrent devices designed for home use are different. The core principles are usually the same, but manufacturer recommendations often vary from one microcurrent machine to the next. Therefore, we advise you to read the owner’s manual thoroughly and adhere to those best practices. If you have any questions or concerns, then you should consult with your dermatologist. As you gain more experience and are confident that your skin is healthy, you can adjust treatments to your preferences.

If you’re new to microcurrent machines, then your initial focus should be establishing good habits. In other words, establish a routine for your skin care that includes the microcurrent treatment and stick to it as much as possible. Real life will get in the way at times, but you’ll greatly benefit from a routine. People who only use these devices occasionally or in response to a particular skin issue are never going to benefit as consistently or to the same degree as those who uses it on a regular basis.

Take the time to prepare your face—and your neck area as well if you intend to treat it. Microcurrent facial devices work best on hydrated skin, so remove all makeup and wash your face with warm water and a gentle cleanser. It’s also a good idea to use your facial scrub or exfoliant of choice. Finally, rinse your face and pat it dry. Avoid hot water and being overly rough with your skin at any point.

An optional step is to use a facial steamer for about five minutes. It’s all right to do this for every treatment or just to reserve for those times when you feel like it. Most microcurrent machines require a conductive gel to be applied before treatment, and the right substance to use will depend on your product. Apply the gel in a small area and work that area specifically, which will help to keep the gel moist.

The preferred technique is to glide the device over the contours of the face in that section. Perform that glide motion three times, and then, move on to the next section. Treat your entire face in this manner—not just the areas you’re dissatisfied with. When the treatment is finished, wash any gel residue off with warm water. Be mindful that the premium microcurrent machine for home use should never cause redness, swelling or discomfort, and if it ever does, then you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Our team entered this process with some healthy skepticism, but we also had members that used these machines in their own homes and swore by them. To a person, when we had completed these microcurrent machine reviews, we were all believers. Our faces and necks looked more vibrant and, perhaps as importantly, felt that way too. A number of us experienced clearer complexions as well.

We know this isn’t a simple choice for you or anyone. Some of the leading microcurrent machines for home use aren’t exactly cheap, so this is a big decision. Our goal was to answer the most common questions prospective buyers have as well as shine a spotlight on the truly best microcurrent devices. Hopefully, we’ve achieved that and have made this research phase much more streamlined for you. Enjoy!

Paul Hickman