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NordicTrack Elite 7700 Treadmill Review

NordicTrack, owned and managed by ICON Health & Fitness, has been producing top-quality exercise equipment since 1975. It leads the industry in treadmill sales. The NordicTrack Elite 7700 treadmill is a commercial-grade machine that is a wise investment for hardcore fitness enthusiasts. This particular machine is also ideal for everyday use in gyms, because it can take quite a beating and keep on ticking.

While the Elite 7700 is sophisticated in its look and specifications, this model is also great for anyone new to working out. It will grow with you as you progress towards reaching your fitness goals.

How well does the NordicTrack 7700 perform when compared to other similar models? To make that conclusion, let us look more closely at the unique tech specifications, on-board features and usability of this particular model.

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Technical Details

The treadmill has a sleek look and design and is built with space-saving capabilities. The average treadmill takes up nearly double the space of the NordicTrack 7700; it is great for small or tight spaces.

  • Width: 39.3 inches (22-inch running surface width)
  • Length: 80.5 inches (60-inch running surface length)
  • Height: 78 inches
  • Maximum User Weight: 400 pounds
  • Weight When Assembled: 250 pounds
  • Power Source: AC adapter included

In order to make the determination as to whether this machine will be right for you, let us delve into the specific features, functions, specifications and interval programs included with it.

Trainer Features

  •  Impressive 15-inch television, which integrates perfectly with the interactive iFit technology. With the iFit subscription, you can personalize and customize your workouts to reflect your current or targeted fitness level. It works alongside with Google maps, and you can simulate terrain from all over the world with just one touch. One second you can be taking a casual stroll through Indonesia, and the next second you can be traversing the world’s tallest mountains.
  • The 15-inch HDTV also lets you stream all your favorite shows with clarity while you workout.
  • The pulse-grip heart monitors are located in the each of the hand grips, and they give an accurate readout. There is also a chest strap heart rate monitor option, for added versatility.
  • The built-in fan keeps you cool as your body temperature rises.
  • Listen to your iPod or MP3 device with the compatible on-board ports.
  • A total of 38 preset on-board workout apps give you the ability to change up your workout every day of the week without getting bored.
  • On-board storage compartments and water bottle holders keep all of your workout essentials handy.

Computer Features

  • Not only does this machine has an impressive 15-inch HD television, it also features a 7-inch, full-color, touch screen for web browsing.
  • Sync up your workouts with an iFit subscription to take your fitness to a whole new level. Workouts are created and uploaded to the library regularly by some of the top certified fitness experts in the world.
  • The one-touch console lets you quickly and easily navigate through your workout and make the necessary adjustments.

The Workout

running on the proform 6.0 rt treadmill

  • The treadmill showcases an impressive 4.0 CHP commercial-grade professional motor with a top speed of 12 mph.
  • The impressive one-touch incline and decline settings offer you simulated terrain variety without any stops; this targets all the major muscle groups in an effective and efficient manner.
  • In addition to offering cardiovascular health, the various incline settings also challenge and improve your stamina and endurance.
  • The comfortable commercial-grade belt is designed with extreme comfort and cushioning in mind. It also features a non-flex rear roller which is designed to reduce friction while you workout.
  • Choose from any of the 38 on-board presets to enjoy a unique workout every day, or use the one-touch controls to create your own customized workout as you go.
  • The EasyLift Assist Technology makes it easy to save space in your home, office, garage or gym. You can quickly and easily lift the treadmill to tuck it away when not in use.

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The Warranty


The NordicTrack Elite 7700 comes with an exceptional lifetime warranty on the frame and motor. This is especially impressive, because the commercial-grade motor is one of the best that is currently available on the market.

It may be fair to say that you may never have an issue with this treadmill's motor. If you do, it is covered for a lifetime. NordicTrack offers a warranty of five years on the parts and two years on labor, which is impressive in the fitness equipment industry.

Shipping and Assembly


The shipping cost varies based on your location and chosen type of delivery. We recommend you to look out for online retailers that can offer free shipping to help save some money.

You can opt to have this NordicTrack Elite treadmill sent to your home, and you can assemble it yourself. However, customers tend to have a difficult time setting this unit up due to all the on-board equipment and technology that needs to be installed properly.

Most customers who opt to self-assemble the unit end up having to call customer service for additional assistance during assembly. If you can afford to have the treadmill professionally delivered and installed, that is definitely the best option.

What We Liked


  • Its deck is built to withstand sprinters and marathon runners with ease. It is thick, cushioned and absorbs shock to prevent injury.
  • The console area offers tons of computerised features and ample room for all of your gadgets and workout essentials. You can easily store your magazines, electronic devices, music players, water bottles and towels easily with this treadmill.
  • The commercial-grade 4.0 motor is extremely powerful.

What We Disliked


  • The assembly concerns may be an obstacle for some people.
  • The large screen does not offer much in the way of flexibility; taller people may have a hard time viewing the screen.

The Final Verdict


The NordicTrack 7700 Elite is packed to the brim with features, details, technical specifications and lots of variety to keep you challenged and progressing on the path towards reaching your fitness goals. While it is definitely an investment, the Elite 7700 Treadmill is built to last you a long time and withstand daily use with ease. It comes with a great warranty & motor and its space-saving design makes it ideal for any area.

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Paul Hickman