Octane Fitness Zero Runner Review

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Is it weird that Octane Fitness Zero Runner equipment reviews read more like love letters than standard feedback? We thought so-until shoppers convinced us that spending great deal of money was a drop in the bucket compared to previous equipment that didn’t offer the secret to longevity: Zero impact running.

In this case, the zero refers to gravity; the pressure that sends stoic men and women flocking to sports medicine doctors because time and intensity has taken them down roads so physically painful, they stopped exercising. That’s before discovering the “revolutionary” (their word, not ours) octane fitness zero runner.

What’s so revolutionary?

This equipment promotes the body’s natural running motion while eliminating impact.

We profile two octane zero runners in this review, so even your pocketbook benefits if you choose the ZR7 over the ZR8.

Bottom line: there is no daylight when it comes to integrity of construction, so both zero runner machines profiled are the epitome of quality.

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About The Octane Fitness ZR7 Zero Runner

Octane Fitness ZR7 Zero Runner

According to the Octane website, you can master every mile simply by investing in a ZR7 to “meet an audacious goal,” the zero-impact running experience. This machine prompts you to employ a natural walking, jogging or running motion ergonomically designed to accommodate exercisers of all sizes and ages.

If you’re already a workout whiz, the 58-inch stride length should impress you, but if you’ve spend more time applying ice and heat to body parts than sprinting, the patented knee- and hip joint-saving feature will win your heart. The ZR7’s brain tracks activity levels, tracing your stride as you perform so you don’t injure yourself.

The ZR7 console reports workout data on a generously-sized display (no squinting), and there’s a powerhouse collection of technological advances at your disposal, including the wireless, digital-contact heart rate monitor (courtesy of Polar, ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0). SmartLink compatible, you can keep exercising through a power outage because the ZR7 is battery-operated.

Click here to see the price of the Octane Fitness Zero Runner on Amazon.

About The Octane Fitness ZR8 Zero Runner

Octane Fitness ZR8 Zero Runner

What separates the ZR8 from the ZR7? The 8 is more expensive, but with that increase, you get more goodies. Octane built upon the ZR7’s strengths and weaknesses to produce a more advanced machine.

Emphasis is placed on a more fleshed-out collection of achievable goals: “power, speed, endurance, efficiency, versatility and recovery.” In concert, you can improve your performance, even as your workout reaches higher levels.

For folks who marvel that a system exists that’s capable of preventing their joints and skeletal system from being assaulted every time they exercise, this has proven reason enough to acquire this gear.

It’s solid and sturdy; framework details include aircraft-grade aluminum legs, lightweight pedals and more resistance capacity. Had issues in the past with balance? Performance grips help users rectify that.

Like it’s older brother, the ZR8’s console befits a machine built of aircraft-grade parts. As you work out, consult running stats, trace your stride history and keep tabs on your heart rate via digital readouts fed by the BLE- and ANT-compatible chest strap.

Like the ZR7, stay connected thanks to SmartLink, Polar and Bluetooth 4.0 resources. And because it’s quiet, the audio that comes through your earbuds is crystal clear.

What We Like


  • We begin by saying that the amount of technology and forethought engineers devoted to designing both of these Octane zero running machines gifts consumers with unique needs ideal equipment that won’t debilitate them in their effort to reach fitness goals.
  • Further, cordless power is beloved by those tired of wearing headsets to drown out noisy machines or people. With less noise interference, it’s easier to hear audio books, music, exercise directions or converse.
  • Collected data displayed on each console is comprehensive and informative. Expect more than standard speed, calories burned and distance readings. For serious trainers living in climates that don’t offer a steady dose of good weather, either of these machines make super solutions so weather never interrupts training.
  • Beloved by power athletes both the ZR7 and ZR8, both offer complete cross circuit programs that pair strength and cardio benefits.
  • Owners need only download a SmartLink app to access custom workout programs and view helpful video footage. Resistance bands come with both models, so either delivers the cross circuit benefits you seek.

What We Don’t Like


  • The price tag is hefty, but if you can get around it, owning a machine that’s battery-operated could be a deal breaker for you. We have it on good authority that not every athlete who likes to sprint finds either model to be a suitable substitute for on-the-ground experiences. It could take time to master changing resistance controls (each side operates independently).
  • While some users weren’t thrilled with the way the ZR7’s console operated, this issue was addressed when Octane rolled out the ZR8.
  • If you are already less-than-proficient at all things mechanical, be aware of the fact that you and your screwdriver will literally have to crawl underneath the console to ferret out the plate that gives you access to those batteries.
  • And while you do get a joint and skeletal break thanks to the zero-impact factor, some users found it triggered local back pain.

The Verdict: Is Octane Fitness Zero Runner Worth Buying?


Zero calories. Zero gravity. Whazzzup with all of this zero business? In the case of either Octane Fitness Zero runners, it matters not what you spend, you still treat your bones and joints like the precious assets they are on either machine. For men and women facing diminution of body strength as a result of aging, either of these units could prove to be Valhalla.

For the most part, competitive athletes seeking equipment capable of delivering a full cross circuit experience have found it within an indoor training experience delivered by either the ZR7 or ZR8. That stated, nothing is perfect and there are seasoned athletes who say a full outdoor experience isn’t possible on either model.

Bottom line is that either Octane Fitness Zero Runner is more likely to delight than disappoint, especially if you crave an excellent zero gravity experience. Even the company warranty is competitive: The frame is covered for the life of the equipment; get five years on parts and a year on labor. Solid, quiet and state-of-the-art, both Octane styles are the wave of the future–especially for those eager to face the future on speaking terms with their skeletal systems.

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