Best Portable Garage Reviews 2019: Top Rated Instant Car Shelters, Brand Comparisons and All-Over Good Carports for the Money

best portable garageWelcome to our top-rated portable garage buying guide!

In this review guide, we’ll help you select the best portable or pop-up garages on the market right now.

We appreciate just how important your vehicle is to you. Whether you have an everyday work truck, a sports car you only use on the weekends or an ATV for fun and excitement, it is important that you maintain that vehicle in the best possible condition.

A portable or instant garage is an effective and economical way to achieve that goal. If you don’t have the time to construct or invest in a traditional car garage, the portable carport will prove an excellent choice for you.

Selecting an ideal portable garage for you may not be so easy, however. There are so many trusted car tent brands and hundreds of temporary garages on the market, and making sense of it all can be quite the challenge.

In order to make that buying process easier for you, we tested a large selection of latest instant garages. We determined the best portable car shelters for the money and for particular purposes as well.

Top Rated Portable Garages Comparison Chart 2019

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Photo Portable Garages Size and Color Legs/Feet Inhibitors Price
 style= Shelter Logic Portable Garage-In-A-Box 13' x 20' x 12' ft, Grey 8 UV + Water-resistantCheck Price
 style= Abba Patio Portable Carport Canopy Garage 10' x 20' ft, Beige 8 UV + Water-resistantCheck Price
 style= KdGarden Instant Garage Auto Shelter 10' x 10' x 8' ft, Grey 6 UV + Water-resistantCheck Price
 style= Shelter Logic Standstone Portable Garage 10' x 20' x 8' ft, Beige 8 UV + Water-resistantCheck Price
 style= King Canopy Hercules Portable Carport 10' x 20' ft, White 8 UV + Water-resistant + Fire retardantCheck Price
 style= The CoverPro Portable Garage Shelter 10' x 17' ft 8 UV + Water-resistantCheck Price
 style= Quictent Heavy-Duty Portable Garage 20' x 10' ft, White 8 UV + Water-resistantCheck Price

Best Portable Garage Reviews – (Recommended Picks)

Without further ado, our number one pop-up garage is the:

#1. Shelter Logic Portable Garage-In-A-Box Review

top rated portable garageThe Garage-In-A-Box Car Shelter from ShelterLogic is our top-rated portable garage for 2019. It is available in two configurations: 12 by 16 feet and 12 by 20 feet. ShelterLogic also makes a Shed-In-A-Box product that comes in six smaller sizes as well.

The frame of this awesome pop-up garage is constructed of very high-grade steel. The poles are 3.5 centimeters in diameter and powder coated in order to avoid corrosion, rust, peeling, chipping and so forth.

ShelterLogic Garage in a Box is also made-up of fabric cover from a triple-layer polyurethane weave. Additionally, the fabric is heat sealed rather than stitched, which provides better waterproofing and long-term durability for the portable carport.

When it comes to UV protection, it is excellent as well. Both the inside and outside of the instant garage are treated. The inside material is treated during the design process, and fade blockers are added during construction as well.

A cover tensioning system of this prefab garage ensures that the cover is as tight over the frame as possible. This ensures that the door panel is tight as well as convenient to open and close.

You will notice that the interior is a bright white as opposed to the darker grey of the exterior. This helps to enhance illumination either provided by the sun or a lamp or similar light source.

The 240 square foot provided by the largest portable garage model is plenty big enough to store a large vehicle as well as riding lawn mowers or anything else that you want to keep outside but not unprotected.

Our review team was pretty impressed with how easy this tarp garage was to install. As a product designed to be used year-round, we expected a bigger challenge. The frame went up easy. The ratcheting made it simple to get the cover into place and as tight as it ought to be.

ShelterLogic portable carport also includes stabilizing blocks and four 15-inch auger anchors. Additionally, all the roof joint connections are bolted. This is what makes this product the best heavy-duty portable garage on our comparison chart.

This great car canopy can be used year-round and will have no problem handling most bad storms.

Click here to see the price of the Shelter Logic Portable Garage-In-A-Box on Amazon.

#2. Abba Patio Portable Carport Canopy Garage Review

best rated portable garage for the moneyThis fantastic canopy carport by Abba Patio is among the most versatile portable garages that we’ve reviewed so far.

It is an impressive canopy car garage and serves well as a storage space too. It measures 10 by 20 feet, so that is 200 square feet of area overall. The garage tent is also attractive enough to be used for other purposes, and we came across a number of reviewers who use it for outdoor dinner parties and the like.

The tarp installation process is fairly straightforward. It will take the average person about 30 minutes the first time around. This pop-up garage is certainly intended to go up and stay up, but setup is easy enough for the person who wants to use this good carport on an occasional basis.

The Abba Patio canopy can be used year-round and may be the best portable garage for winter that we tested. It can withstand snow load, and the roof is relatively easy to clear of snow.

The front and rear doors roll up and down. The two sidewalls are optional. You could leave one side open for greater access when hosting a barbecue, for instance. We also came across people who used this portable garage shed in this configuration against their homes in order to have access to and from a side door.

When it comes to ventilation, we found it excellent. Even with the sidewalls down, the canopy carport receives ample light thanks to six windows. The windows can open for even greater cross ventilation.

Abba Patio has made the portable garage structure from a water-resistant material. All material has been treated for UV protection as well, and the steel frame is both rust and corrosion resistant.

You can place this favourite car shelter on your lawn but also on hard surfaces, such as concrete. Note that while this carport does include ground stakes and straps, this setup leaves a lot to be desired.

The included anchoring system is all right for occasional use. If you intend to use the temporary garage for long-term or even year-round, then we recommend purchasing a separate anchoring kit. An anchoring kit with weights or sandbags would be ideal and allow for perfect placement on a patio or similar surface.

Overall, it’s not a cheap portable garage for majority car owners but does provide great value for the money.

Click here to see the price of the Abba Patio Portable Carport Canopy Garage on Amazon.

#3. KdGarden Instant Garage Auto Shelter Review

good portable garage for the moneyNote that this top garage tent we are recommending here is 10 by 20 feet. We also reviewed the smaller 100-square-foot version and can endorse it as well. The smaller version is otherwise similar and a bit cheaper portable garage, so if you do not need that additional space, you can save yourself some money.

The KdGarden instant garage shelter have an industrial look to them that we love.

Many of these nice auto shelters are bright, white and windowed because they want to appeal to the consumer seeking a party tent as well as the consumer seeking the best car shelters.

This reliable portable carport, on the other hand, is specifically targeted at people who will use this product to store their vehicles, equipment, tools and so forth. It looks the part, and we know that matters to many.

The colors that KdGarden offers makes the portable garage much easier to keep looking clean. The material is a PE weave with three layers. Each layer is UV-treated and treated for anti-aging as well.

The manufacturer provides excellent instructions. This good tent garage is simple to erect, and it is fully collapsible. So, once you set it up, you can fold it down, transport it, store it and put it back up with ease.

Once up, you will have easy access via double zippered front and back doors. The openings are quite wide, which makes it much easier to back a boat on a trailer into, for instance.

The portable carport comes with a solid anchoring system and should prove good enough for most buyers. If you do live in an area where intense storms are common, then you may want to upgrade to a weighted system.

The biggest issue with this portable garage is the illumination. Little external light gets in. Even if you provide your own, it does not illuminate well. So, while we love the Kdgarden instant car shelter overall, we would not recommend to the person who wants to use it as a work space or similar.

Click here to see the price of the KdGarden Instant Garage Auto Shelter on Amazon.

#4. Shelter Logic Standstone Portable Garage Car Shelter Review

instant car shelterThis is the second ShelterLogic carport to make our top rated portable garages comparison list, and that should not come as a surprise.

Shelter Logic is an innovator and a leading name in the pop-up garages industry. The brand has a superb reputation for tent design, build quality and, of course, customer service and satisfaction.

This great portable carport includes the Ratchet Tite cover tensioning system. There are a series of handles that you ratchet evenly in order to tighten the cover and the door panel as much as possible.

The cover and door panel are made from a triple-layer ripstop polyethylene weave. The outer layer, inner layer and in-between layer are waterproof and treated for UV protection.

Additionally, portable garage is manufactured with high quality material that has been treated with a fade blocker as well as for anti-aging and anti-fungal. The anti-fungal is a nice touch and prevents those green blotches that can appear over time.

Shelter Logic sandstone car garage comes with a top-notch anchoring system. This is thanks in large part to patented stabilizers that allow the structure to remain stable even in very bad weather. We would not recommend upgrading the anchoring system unless you live in area prone to tropical storms and the like.

The ShelterLogic sandstone carport is also excellent for snow load too. So, if you live in an area where your garage tent will have to support multiple inches of snow, this is a good option.

This is not the easiest of tarp installations, however. The ratchet system is nice, but the build overall is a bit complex, and we think the instructions can do with a rewrite. It will get easier with experience, but this is certainly not a typical portable garage that you will want to take down and put back up often.

Click here to see the price of the Shelter Logic Standstone Portable Garage Car Shelter on Amazon.

#5. King Canopy Hercules Portable Carport Review

King Canopy Hercules Portable Carport ReviewThe Hercules Canopy Garage offered by King Canopy is among the best portable carports that we tested.

The primary reason it drops on our top rated comparison list is that it does tend to be on the pricey side relative to similar portable car canopy products. If that extra price is not an issue for you, then this is a carport we can strongly recommend.

King Canopy portable garage is manufactured from a heavy-duty tarp material and markets it as the best car tent for snow load, and it definitely performed well in that area when we tested.

The material is waterproof and UV-resistant but also fire retardant.

The sturdy garage frame comprises 2-inch steel shafts. Two inches is quite a bit thicker than is usual with such products, and you can definitely feel the difference in the stability.

The frame is also powder coated so that it resists rust and corrosion.

The cover is fitted and fits well. However, it is not ratcheted down as with some of the other car shelters that we ranked, so it never gets that very taut tightness, which we do prefer.

We do like that the portable garage has six roll-up windows, which is nice for added sunlight when working inside.

Many consumers noted that there are not enough ties included with the tent and that you should buy an additional bag at the time of this purchase, and we concur.

Additionally, the anchoring system provided with King Canopy carport is not the best. You may want to upgrade to a different anchoring kit, and some buyers even built bases for their tents for more permanency.

Lastly, this portable canopy garage can come in multiple boxes that ship separately. So, you may get one box and then have to wait a day or several before you get the rest of the pieces.

Click here to see the price of the King Canopy Hercules Portable Carport on Amazon.

#6. The CoverPro Portable Garage Review

The CoverPro Portable Garage ReviewCoverPro is one of the biggest names in portable sheds, garages and car shelters.

This particular CoverPro portable car garage is among the best-selling pop-up garages on the market.

The CoverPro canopy carport is similar in design to the ShelterLogic tent. It also tends to be a bit cheaper, so it can be a good option for the budget-minded buyer. However, we did prefer the ShelterLogic portable garages overall and would personally pay a little extra for it if we could afford it.

There are a couple of issues that dropped the CoverPro carport on our best rated portable garages list. The first is the color. We do not understand the color choice at all and would prefer either white or a more industrial look.

The other downside is the sizing: 10 by 17 feet rather than the more standard 10 by 20 feet. We understand this is probably how CoverPro undercuts its carport competitors, but that 30 square feet makes a big difference.

If you can overlook the above issues, then this is a fine car shelter, particularly for smaller vehicles.

A drum-tight cover and door panel are provided with the portable car garage. One of the best cover attachment systems in the auto shelter industry ensures that the cover and door are as tight against the steel frame as possible.

The fabric has been UV-treated in order to avoid fading due to sunlight.

The portable carport material is also weather-resistant and has zinc-plated eyelets in order to avoid rust.

Setup is fairly simple, and you can get it up in under 15 minutes once you are used to the process.

The warranty is only for 90 days, however, which is on the light side relative to competing portable garages on the market right now.

Click here to see the price of the CoverPro Portable Garage on Amazon.

#7. Quictent Heavy-Duty Portable Garage Car Shelter Review

Quictent Heavy-Duty Portable Garage Car Shelter ReviewNote that Quictent offers a number of similar portable garages. The carport we are recommending here is specifically the heavy-duty PE model. We also tested the heavy-duty portable carport, which is similarly priced, but we were much less enamoured with it and would not recommend it.

Quictent offers one of the best warranties in this portable carport segment.

All connectors, pegs, ropes, elastic ropes and so forth are covered for life and will be replaced free of charge. Everything else is covered for one year. Beyond the first year, you receive a 50-percent discount on all replacement parts, which is nice if this is the solid garage tent you intend to use for five years, 10 years or more.

We love the look and feel of the extra-thick polyethylene fabric of Quictent portable carport. We do not think most of the images available online do this product justice in terms of how it will look in your yard.

This portable carport is similar to the Abba Patio car shelter that we ranked at number two. It has roll-up panels at the front and rear. The two sidewalls are optional and can be removed for greater access.

Each sidewall has three windows. All six windows can be closed over. Uncover them for greater illumination, and open them up for even greater cross ventilation.

The reinforced PE material is tear-proof, waterproof and UV-treated. This is an industrial-grade fabric that will stand the test of time and can be cleaned with water and a basic detergent.

The portable garage’s steel frame is excellent and delivers one of the most stable products we tested. The connectors are all made from steel as well, and the poles have been powder coated to resist rust and corrosion.

The load that the roof can handle is one reason this product drops in our top rated portable carport list. If you live in an area where you expect multiple inches of snow at a time, then we would recommend a different portable garage for you.

Click here to see the price of the Quictent Tent Carport Canopy on Amazon.

How the Best Portable Garages and Shelters Were Tested

best portable car shelter reviews

For every portable garage tested, we set it up and broke it down multiple times. We assessed the installations in context. Temporary garages should be easier to set up than the best car shelter for winter. [1]

Our team was also able to simulate high wind conditions in order to test anchoring systems as well as the overall structural integrity of each car shelter. After these simulated tests, the portable canvas shelters were installed in an open field for a three-month period at the beginning of the year.

We leaned heavily on clinical testing and professional critiques particularly in areas that are difficult for us to test directly. Waterproofing and water-resistance are simple to assess, but determining how well a certain UV protection will hold up over five years, 10 years or more is much more challenging.

As always, we relied heavily on aggregated user reviews as well. Real consumers who spent several hundred dollars or more and were happy with their purchase were very willing to share their canvas garage experiences.

Of course, we considered the negative portable garage reviews as well, and we worked hard to separate legitimate criticisms from those comments made by misinformed customers who were taking it out on the trusted brand.

We also paid attention to the kinds of questions customers often had so that we could determine the answers and present them here as part of our buying guide for the best portable garages.

Who Should Invest in a Portable Car Garage?

portable garage shelter

Any person who owns a vehicle and does not have an attached or detached garage should invest in a portable car shelter. Even most carports do not provide the kind of protection that an instant shed does.

Additionally, if you are an outdoor enthusiast, then we recommend a portable garage tent that you can take with you on your trips and use to ensure that your vehicle is protected from the sun and more.

Whether used on a short-term or long-term basis, a good tent garage protects your vehicles from:

  • Hail
  • Rain
  • Wind
  • Snow and ice
  • Sun exposure
  • High temperatures

These pop-up garages can protect your paint from fading. They also protect your interior because heat and direct sunlight can cause wear and tear on the inside of your car or truck as well.

In addition to fading color, weather can lead to dents, rust and other damage.

A portable car shelter provides concealment as well and may serve as a deterrent because statistics show that vehicles kept even in detached garage spaces are at significantly less risk of theft and vandalism.

The high-quality portable garage is best to use for a storage space as well.

You can purchase a car storage shelter large enough to give you walking around room as well as space you can use for lawn equipment or whatever.

How Do You Use a Portable Car Shelter?

car shelter

When it comes to the best car shelters, the industry uses terms like portable, instant, temporary and pop-up. But be mindful that these terms are all relative and actual user experiences can vary.

The best temporary car shelter is only temporary in the sense that it is not stick-built. It will be portable in the sense that you can take it down and move it, but you will not want to do that often.

A pop-up garage is built for convenience and will generally have a foldable frame. Portable car canopy products for camping and other activities are meant to go up and come down with relative ease.[2]

How you use a portable car garage will depend a lot on what your goals are. Some people do not have a garage or have run out of garage space. For these people, a pop-up carport gives them that needed space. The best heavy-duty car shelter on the market can be used year-round and last decades.

If, on the other hand, you enjoy the outdoors and take vacations and weekend trips that involve camping, hiking, fishing and so on, a temporary carport can protect your vehicle during bad weather and from direct sunlight, high temperatures, dirt, animals, falling branches and pine cones and so forth.

What Features are Important to Consider When Buying A Portable Garage?

There are five crucial factors to consider:

  • Cover
  • Frame
  • Anchoring
  • Storage
  • Placement

Begin by determining your budget. The best car shelters range from as little as $100 to more than $1,000. How much you spend should be determined by how often you will use the portable garage.

If you are seeking the best car camping shelter, then the less expensive options are suitable. If you want a portable car garage that will be used daily, a bigger investment will certainly be worth it.

  • Cover: Materials used for coverings can range greatly. Cheaper portable garages will have a cheaper cover. We recommend ensuring and investing in a quality material. Most covers are waterproof. We would avoid those that are not, and investing in some level of UV protection is a good idea as well.
  • Frame: Frames are generally constructed of metal or plastic and can either be foldable or fixed. Fixed metal frames with reinforcements are going to hold up the best for year-round use. Foldable frames tend to be much more convenient for temporary garages that will not be up all the time.
  • Anchoring: Most portable car garage products include an anchoring kit, but make sure. You will need one even for short-term use, and an upgrade may be worthwhile for year-round use.
  • Storage: Measure your vehicle and all other items you intend to store in the car shelter. Add space for moving around too, and then choose a top product that provides the necessary interior square footage.
  • Placement: For a fixed car shelter, you need to determine a placement site before you can make any other decisions. This will determine how big of a portable garage shelter you can have as well as determine if investing in enhanced waterproofing, sun protection and so forth is worth it.

What Consumers Are Saying About Portable Garages

cars stored

The real consumer reviews were a big part of the selection process for us. These buyers ranged from car collectors to people who had sought the best car camping shelter for their weekend excursions.

In our experience, most informed consumers were satisfied with their best temporary garage selection.

The largest group of unsatisfied customers were those that went the budget route. Particularly with canvas garage products, the quality of the material makes a huge difference in how long it will last.

We strongly recommend investing in the highest-quality material that makes sense for your budget. You will spend more up front, but we guarantee that you will get a better return in the end.

Another group of unsatisfied consumers greatly underestimated sun damage. You are purchasing your car shelter to protect against ultraviolet rays, and it takes that beating instead.

If you have options, we recommend choosing a location that minimizes sun exposure. If your only choice is a site that will get a lot of direct sunlight, then we recommend investing in enhanced UV protection portable garage.

The best heavy-duty car shelter products are treated for UV protection. The best materials are treated on the outer surface and inner surface, and any middle layers are usually treated as well.

The most satisfied consumers were those who purchased the best portable car garage for their environment and who recognized that regular cleaning and maintenance go a long way toward maximizing durability.

Safety Tips and Precautions When Using Portable Garages

portable car garage

  • Inspect all aspects of your new portable garage before you set it up.
  • Organize all of the parts. Use the part list included with the instructions to ensure that everything is there. Make sure that those parts are clean and functioning before you begin to assemble the pop-up garage.
  • Do this for the first time after ordering your instant garage online and then receiving it. Do this again each time you break the portable garage down or set it up for short- or long-term use.
  • It can be a hassle at the end of a camping trip, for instance, to perform that kind of detailed breakdown, but it is worth it over the long-term in terms of durability and how well your vehicle is protected.
  • Install anchors. Most portable garages for sale include stakes or some other anchoring system. Some products require you to purchase them separately. You need to consider your local climate.[3]
  • If you live in an area prone to high winds, then you should invest in an upgraded anchoring system. If the local news warns of a particularly bad storm, then perhaps this is a good time to upgrade.
  • However, if the news warns of a tropical storm, hurricane or similar bad storm, then it is generally advised that you disassemble the portable garage and store it and your vehicles inside.
  • Finally, never allow snow to accumulate on the roof. Even the best portable car shed for winter can actually break under that weight. Using a rake, you can usually remove any snow while standing on the ground.

Protect Your Vehicle

For so many people—us included—vehicles play such a crucial role in our lives.

These cars, trucks and recreational vehicles are among our most valuable possessions, and we want to ensure that these rides continue running as well and looking as good as the day we bought them.

Not everyone can have an attached or detached garage.

But everyone can own a good quality portable garage shelter.

Our team was really impressed with most of the portable garages we tested. Some of us had never even entertained the idea and were not all that familiar with these products and the options available.

A number of our team members—myself included—made a garage tent purchase shortly after we had completed these portable garage reviews. I have a beloved vehicle that I only drive on weekends, and now, I can have that car on my property and have done away with those monthly storage fees as well.

The best car shelters are excellent investments, and we hope that our top carport picks and the buying sections provide everything you need to select the highest-quality portable garage for you.

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