ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill Review

ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill

Buying a treadmill may seem like it’s a major expenditure, but thankfully, treadmills come in a range of sizes and price ranges. And while many of the less expensive treadmills have next to no bonus features, the Proform Performance 300i offers the perfect confluence of budget friendliness and usable features to improve your workout.

While this treadmill doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some of the more expensive models on the market, it still offers plenty of great features for a fraction of the cost of many available treadmills.

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Product Technical Details

While this is a mid-range treadmill, it still offers all that most people need for a decent workout. It is average sized, and its dimensions are as follows:

  • 64.7″ long
  • 28.9″ wide
  • 55″ high

For those with limited storage space, the 300i has an attractive feature–the deck can fold up and away while the treadmill is not in use.

This means that you can have extra space in your home while the treadmill is not in use. The ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill folds up using a lightweight, easy to move telescoping shock, so it does not take a significant amount of strength or skill to fold it.

While the display is a basic one, this treadmill’s compatibility with iFit, Google Maps, and Bluetooth means that you can get a virtually endless stream of new workouts, get realistic visuals of your outdoor runs, and keep your training interesting.

Plus, as we’ll see shortly, the Proform 300 treadmill also has a few unique features not commonly seen in treadmills this affordable.

Features and Programs

While some treadmill users prefer to manually adjust speed and incline to their specifications, pre-programmed workouts also allow you to challenge yourself and move toward better fitness. The ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill comes equipped with 16 pre-programmed workouts–eight are designed for fat loss, and the other eight are designed for performance improvement.

However, while 16 pre-programmed workouts may seem like a decent number, the 300i really shines with its ability to connect to both Google Maps and iFit. Google Maps lets you connect to a smartphone or other Internet device to replicate runs you do outdoors.

And for those who are performance-minded, the iFit connectivity feature is one that will be of incredible value. By connecting to the iFit app, this treadmill lets you track your progress and store your workout data for later comparison. While this feature is commonly found in more expensive treadmills, it is rarely seen in those that are this economical.

Computer Features

user interface front of ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill

You might expect that an affordable treadmill will be limited in its computer abilities. However, as mentioned above, the ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill has excellent connectivity with two high-tech apps.

And while its display may not be as extravagant as those of more expensive treadmills, the display on the ProForm Performance 300i gives you a decent number of tracking options, including the following:

  • Track display- this shows you where you would be if running on a standard 1/4-mile track.
  • Time elapsed – this helps you keep track of workout time
  • Speed and incline
  • Calories burned
  • Heart rate
  • Total distance covered

For a treadmill this inexpensive, many people will likely just assume that heart rate can only be monitored through gripping hand bars. However, unlike many in its price range, the 300i has the ability to monitor heart rate through the use of a chest strap monitor.

For those who use target heart rate training or similar methods, this is especially important, as trying to run at high speed while grasping handrails is challenging at best and completely impractical at worst.

The computer and display options on the 300i are also designed for safety–it can be challenging to adjust speed and incline while jogging or running, so the included buttons are large and color-coded to ensure that adjustment is easy and straightforward.

The Workouts

The manufacturer has included 16 workouts– half are for fat burn, and half are for performance. This may be enough for some exercisers, but for those who crave variety in a workout routine, the ability to access virtually endless workouts through the iFit app connection may be particularly valuable.

While the adjustable features and variety of workout options make the ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill a versatile choice for many exercisers, there are a few features that should be taken into consideration. One is the area of the running surface. The available running surface of this treadmill is 16″ by 50″.

While this may be perfectly suitable for some runners, those with longer strides may have some trouble reaching their full stride. Likewise, the fact that the maximum speed is 10 miles per hour may not be ideal for those who want to train at higher speeds or who want to do interval training.

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Warranty Coverage


Considering the affordability, the 300i has a very generous warranty. The frame and motor each have a five-year warranty, while there is a 90-day warranty on both parts and labor.

Some sellers may require you to register your machine and/or save a receipt to get warranty coverage, so be sure to verify the terms of the warranty at the time of purchase.

Shipping and Assembly

The Proform 300i treadmill is fairly easy to assemble, and its manual contains detailed assembly instructions. However, for those who are not assembly inclined, certain sellers may offer in-home setup and installation as well.

  • This treadmill, while inexpensive, has better features than many in its price range.
  • Heart rate monitoring can be done via chest strap.
  • App connectivity gives you almost endless workouts.
  • The running area is somewhat small.
  • The maximum speed is 10 mph, making it non-ideal for sprint work.

The Last Word: Is ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill Worth Buying?

approved verdict

On the whole, ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill is a solid treadmill. When you consider the price, it becomes a tremendous value. While its smaller running area and low maximum speed may mean it isn’t right for everyone, this treadmill is a good fit for many. For those looking for an inexpensive but relatively versatile treadmill that has app connectivity, the 300i may be just what you need.

Click here to see the price of the ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill on Amazon.

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