ProForm Performance 400i Treadmill Review

ProForm Performance 400i Treadmill

ProForm exercise equipment has been leading the fitness charge for more than three decades. With more than 100 patents in the exercise equipment space, ProForm is the Number 1 brand for at-home equipment ranging from ellipticals to bikes.

The ProForm Performance 400i treadmill, model number pftl59515, is one of the newest treadmill models to hit the floor. As part of the company’s budget lineup, this treadmill combines a technology platform with sturdy manufacturing and a compact design to introduce an indoor walking solution that circumnavigates the globe.

How does the ProForm 400i pftl59515 stack up against some of the other at-home treadmills on the market?

Delve deep into the technical specs and technology to find out.

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Technical Specifications

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When walking for fitness, the size of the ProForm 400i is often the deciding factor. Too big and it won’t fit into available at-home space. Too small and the deck isn’t long enough for those with longer legs.

The Performance 400i treadmill offers a convenient middle ground with a slightly smaller walking deck that measures 55″. The deck folds up when not in use, giving it a very small permanent footprint. This treadmill features:

  • 20″ x 55″ tread belt
  • Total footprint: 73.25″x35.5″x59.75″
  • 2.5 horsepower motor
  • Grip heart rate monitor
  • 18 workout programs

Features and Programs

proform 400i proshox cushioning system

Not only does the ProForm 400i treadmill come with 18 pre-programmed workouts designed by fitness professionals, it is also compatible with iFit. That means that with a tablet computer and an iFit subscription, users can enjoy an endless variety in their workout routines. Pick a favorite route through iFit, and the treadmill will adjust the incline automatically to match the scenery that passes by.

The 10 percent max incline gives workouts enough variety for a true challenge. At the end of an hour, a solid sweat and elevated heart rate are virtually guaranteed.

The physical layout and features also merit examination in this budget treadmill option. The Performance 400i includes:

  • 10mph maximum speed – From a gentle walk to an outright sprint, this treadmill has enough speed. The slightly underpowered motor does mean that running at full speed may cause the treadmill to wear out a bit early.
  • Cushioning that reduces joint stress by 28 percent – While the 400i falls into the ProForm budget treadmill category, this version continues to offer the same cushioning found on their most expensive options.
  • Dock for iPod and on-board speakers – With a simple, plug-and-play, system on the panel, users can easily add a custom soundtrack to any workout. The onboard audio systems use Intermix Acoustics 2.0 speakers.
  • Power incline for automatic adjustments – With an incline of up to 10 percent, walkers and runners can enjoy a vigorous workout without breaks to change the incline setting. Whether the incline is set to move according to an iFit program or to adjust for one of the 18 pre-programmed workouts, it moves up and down without a forced dismount.
  • Easy deck fold away system – Not only does the deck fold up to make it a space saver, it does so with gentle pressure.

Display and Technology Features

proform 400i treadmill console with buttons

The 400i uses the new Watts LED display. This display shows your energy output on a dial system reminiscent of the speedometer in a car. More work means a jump on the dial.

Quickspeed controls allow for near instant speed and incline settings for a faster custom workout setup. A timer shows how long is left on a particular workout, and the grip sensors give a quick heart rate reading during intense sessions.

Workout Levels

With a maximum speed of 10mph, users can set the speed and incline for virtually any level. This offers extreme flexibility when programming time on the treadmill. Start slow for a warm up and quickly increase the speed to get to the target heart rate. Add incline of up to 10 percent to work different muscle groups and reduce joint strain.

The 18 pre-programmed workouts include both interval and tempo training. With interval training, workouts help quickly build speed, while tempo sessions work on stamina.

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Warranty Coverage


Different parts of the Performance 400i treadmill have different levels of warranty coverage.

  • Frame – The warranty on the frame offers a lifetime of coverage.
  • Deck – The deck also comes with a lifetime warranty, so even hard use is no problem.
  • Motor – A 25 year warranty protects the motor for the ProForm 400i treadmill.
  • Parts – Get replacement parts as needed for the first year.
  • Labor – Professional repair service is covered for one year from the date of purchase.

While each part of the treadmill has different coverage, all of them also have limitations and exclusions.

The warranty is where the ProForm 400i tends to fall behind the competition. Many treadmills offer a lifetime warranty that includes the motor, but this ProForm budget series only covers the motor for 25 years. In addition, it is not uncommon to see 5-year warranties on parts.

Shipping and Setup


As long as curbside delivery is an option, this treadmill doesn’t come with extra fees for shipping. Just be aware that curbside means the shipper will not bring the box inside or up any inclines. It may not be possible to arrange for drop off when no one is there to receive the box, either.

Once delivered, expect to spend several hours on assembly. While the instructions are clear and easy to follow, the process does take some time and may require an extra set of hands.

  • Tons of features for a mid-range model
  • iFit ready with an external tablet.
  • Superior performance with good incline options.
  • Customizable settings and integrated audio.
  • The warranty isn’t great, though given the bargain price a lower level of coverage isn’t unexpected.
  • The motor is a bit underpowered for a long-term fitness device.
  • Shorter deck doesn’t work for everyone.

The Final Word: Is ProForm 400i Worth your Money?

The ProForm Performance 400i is a solid choice for the its high quality. It’s feature rich and offers workout variety. It may not be the best choice for serious runners or fitness enthusiasts, but is could be a great introductory choice for at-home fitness equipment.

Click here to see the price of the ProForm Performance 400i Treadmill on Amazon.

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