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6 Best Snake Repellents – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2020)

best snake repellentAre you looking for an effective snake repellent to protect your home and outdoors from variety of different snakes?

If yes, you’ve come to the right place to pick the most effective products on the market right now.

Poisonous snakes present a serious risk to children, pets and even adults.

Even non-poisonous snakes can present a major hassle if you suffer from ophidiophobia—a fear of snakes—or they are invading your home or other personal areas.

Snake deterrents that you can purchase are a great way to keep those snakes away.

Choosing the best snake repellent for you home or yard is not so simple, however.

There are many different products on the market. What we set out to do is test most of them to determine does snake repellent work in general and which ones work in particular.

We also sought to answer the most common questions consumers have about these products.

Comparison Chart: Best Snake Repellents of 2020

Have a look at the most powerful and effective snake deterrents that money can buy. Majority of these products come in the form of pellets or sprays.

When it comes to the effectiveness, we’ve found that pellets perform better than sprays in general. However, our number one choice in this review is a snake repellent spray. Our findings are based on personal testing and actual buyer’s experience about these products.

RankProductActive Natural IngredientsPrice
1.Exterminator's Choice Natual Snake RepellentPeppermint Oil, Clove Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Water.Check Price
2.Nature's MACE Snake RepellentCedar Oil, Citronella Oil, Thyme Oil, Rosemary Oil, Sulfur, Peanut Hull.Check Price
3.SerpentGuard Snake DeterrentNon-toxic natural ingredients (kept confidential by manufacturer).Check Price
4.Bonide Snake Stopper Spray RepellentClove Oil, Cedar Oil, Cinnamon Oil, and Sulfur.Check Price
5.Havahart Shield Snake RepellentSulfur, Cedar Oil, Cinnamon Oil, and Clove Oil.Check Price
6.Ortho Snake B Gon Snake RepellentCinnamon Oil, Geraniol, Castor Oil, Peppermint Oil, Clove Oil.Check Price

1. Exterminator’s Choice Snake Repellent

Our team entered this process expecting a granule or even a gel to be the best snake repellent, so we were surprised when a spray came out on top after all of our snake repellent reviews.

You can use this powerful snake repellent spray indoors and outdoors.

The product is all-natural and most comprises oils, such as cinnamon, clove and peppermint.

It smells great too, so you do not have to worry about stinking out your house.

This is an excellent option for people who want to keep snakes out of the home. What we found worked well was to spray around all doorways—inside and out—and any other area snake may enter through.

Do this each week to make your snake problems go away.

Exterminator’s Choice is a bit on the pricey side but worth it considering how well it works.

It is available in a small 32-ounce spray bottle as well as a 128-ounce container that is similar to weed-killer dispensers. It can get expensive if you want to spray your entire yard this way each week.

If that cost is a factor for you, what we recommend is purchasing this product for weekly use in the home, and also purchase a cheaper 30-day granule to line your property.

This product works with all types of poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. A number of experts consider it to be the best over-the-counter rattlesnake repellent available as well.

Be mindful that sprays are very good for those nooks and crannies as well. If you have a crack in a retaining wall, for instance, this spray can work in a way that powders and the like cannot.

2. Nature’s MACE Snake Repellent

Snake Repellent-5lb Shaker Granular by: Nature's MACE
  • Our Technology Safely and Effectively repels Snakes. Snake repellent that acts as an irritant deterring pest

Nature’s MACE is by far the best granular snake repellent we tested.

As advertised on the packaging, this is a repellent product that many professional landscaping companies use not just for residential purposes but commercial applications as well.

Downside is that this product is expensive relative to most all-natural granular treatments. Furthermore, landscaping companies have the luxury of purchasing in bulk in order to minimize the cost.

The average homeowner is going to be purchasing it in a 2.2-pound shaker.

If the cost is something you can live with, then it is certainly worth the investment. Nature’s MACE is a professional-grade application that is eco-safe and rain-resistant.

Another thing we love about this product are the guarantees. It comes with a satisfaction guarantee as well as 100-percent effectiveness guarantee.

We had one team member who actually had a recurring snake problem: a large bull snake that was in and out of the shed in his backyard. He did not want to kill the snake and nothing he tried worked. That was until he lined the shed with MACE. The snake has not been back since.

The shaker makes it simple to apply the granules as you walk around the area you want to protect.

Note that many of these products are “rain resistant.” Nature’s MACE is pretty good in that regard—better than most that were part of our snake repellent reviews.

That said, do not expect the same level of repellent after a heavy rain. In fact, we would recommend re-treatment or at least a little touch-up after heavy rains, which is annoying during rainy season.

3. SerpentGuard Snake Deterrent

SerpentGuard (3
  • Effective Snake Control

SerpentGuard is another spray and quite effective too.

It is specifically formulated to take advantage of what repels snakes.

It is sold in concentrate, so you have to mix it with water before using. If you choose this product, we also recommend purchasing a garden sprayer or similar that you will use exclusively for this treatment.

SerpentGuard does have a pungent odor. It is not a bad smell, but it is also not a smell that the average person is going to want around, and this is why we chose Exterminator’s Choice over it.

We found the odor acceptable for outdoor use, but we absolutely not recommend it if you are seeking a snake repellent that you can spray around the doorways and other openings in your home.

Those negatives aside, this is a very effective product that is reasonably priced as well.

Application with a garden sprayer is simple and fast. The solution is environmentally friendly and completely safe for people, pets, plants and, of course, the snakes themselves.

This product also comes with a 100-percent guarantee that is unconditional. The guarantee is good for up to one year, so save your receipt. If the product does not work for you or you do not like it for whatever reason, the company will refund your money with no questions asked.

If you are seeking a snake spray that you can apply on properties 2 acres or larger, then this is the product that recommend both in terms of price and long-term effectiveness.

4. Bonide Snake Stopper Repellent

Bonide Products INC 916132 875 Snake Stopper, 4-Pound, 4 lb
  • SNAKE CONTROL - This animal repellent is a potent blend of ingredients that are designed to drive out any snake, lizard, or iguana. Snake Stopper triggers an...

BONIDE Snake Stopper is a leading rattlesnake deterrent.

It is effective with almost all other kinds of poisonous and non-poisonous snakes as well.

Not only this but it is also effective against other reptiles, such as lizards and iguanas.

The Snake Stopper formula includes natural ingredients, such as cedar oil, cinnamon oil and clove oil. That means that it is eco-friendly and completely safe to use where children and pets play.

You can use it near your flowers and other plant life as well without worry.

It comes ready to spray and the smell is fine for indoor use. It actually smells nice.

A manufacturer recommendation that worked really well for us was to mix it with sawdust. Let’s say you have snakes in a crawlspace. You can mix this with sawdust and line that area with that mixture, and you will be amazed at how long that solution keeps that area free of snakes.

The biggest issue with this BONIDE product is rain resistance. If it rains, you just need to reapply it.

Therefore, we would recommend it for use around your foundation, for instance, but would not recommend it if wanted to line your entire property with it.

Even without rain, it is durability for outdoor use is a little on the light side at two weeks, so we definitely recommend this for particular target areas rather than wide-open areas.

5. Havahart 6400 Snake Shield

Havahart Snake Shield is a granular snake repellent.

It is usually sold in 4-pound bags, and the active ingredients are par for the course: cedar oil, cinnamon oil, clove oil, sulfur and so on. The odor is not bad at all for outdoor use.

Despite that, we would not recommend it for indoor use except perhaps in unfinished basements, crawlspaces, sheds and the like.

The product is safe around people, pets and plants. It will not harm the snakes.

The manufacturer advises 8-inch wide bands, which means that 4 pounds will not go all that far, but the product is reasonably inexpensive, so this is not that big of a deal in our opinion.

Snake Shield is also very rain resistant. You only have to reapply when rain is very heavy.

Without a heavy rain, you are looking at about 90 days of effectiveness, which is fantastic. This is another reason why the 8-inch bands did not cause this product to fall off of our top six list.

You can line your foundation with this product. You can also use the Havahart Snake Shield to line the edges of your grass. If you have woodpiles or brush, the product is great for those areas as well.

One of our partners actually uses this product in particular for their warehouses.

It is a fine option for campsites, parks, fields and so on as well.

If you will be using a lot of this product, you may consider purchasing it in bulk, which can reduce the price considerably and allow you to get even more out of your snake repelling dollar.

6. Ortho Snake B Gon Granules

Ortho is among the most recognized names in pest control.

B Gon sells very well likely due to that name, and while it is not the best snake repellent we tested in terms of pure effectiveness, it does deliver a superb balance between price and performance.

This stuff is cheap!

A comparable product that did not make our list but was a close choice at this spot as well is Dr. T’s Snake-A-Way. We chose the Ortho product because the container makes it a bit easier to use.

This is the kind of product for people warding snakes away from gardens and other small areas.

If you have a spot where you want to stop snakes from foraging and nesting, then this will work.

Used as directed, it is completely safe for humans, animals and plants. Each treatment lasts for about 30 days, and you do not have to worry about rain and other moisture diminishing that effectiveness.

Ortho indicates that 2 pounds is enough for 1,440 square feet of coverage.

We also approve of the no stink formula. Let’s face it: many snake repellents smell awful and are terrible to use because of that. Work in the garden after a fresh application? No, thank you. But with this product you can. You will barely notice it, and even when you do, it is not that bad.

Our team also recommends this product for camping. Just mark your perimeter—the smaller the better—with these granules, and you should be snake-free for your entire stay.

How Snake Repellents are Tested and Pickedbest snake repellent reviews

There are three primary repellent options on the market:

  • Snake repellent spray
  • Snake repellent granules or powders
  • Solar-powered repellent stakes

The solar powered snake repellents are very much their own kind of product. Cross-comparisons are not only difficult but not particularly useful in our opinion, so our focus was on the most popular snake sprays and granules.

With the help of professionals, we applied these treatments and noted their effectiveness.

Our team was particularly concerned with how simple and fast treatments were to apply as well as how suitable they were to the kinds of areas that the marketing promised that they would be.

We also noted how well they could keep a snake away and then dozens.

After practical testing was complete, we considered other independent professional testing.

Then, we moved on to consumer reviews. Those aggregate consumer reviews are important because we wanted a sense of how the average consumer felt about product after purchasing and using it.

Did it work to their expectations? Would they buy it again? Would they recommend it?

Why Use a Snake Repellent after all?

Snakes are an integral component of your local ecosystem.

But if you live in an area where poisonous snakes are abundant, they pose a serious threat.

Even in areas where snakes are not poisonous, high populations can be more than just a nuisance.

The best snake repellent is an effective and cost-efficient way to keep those snakes at bay.

Snake repellent treatments are suitable for home use.

Most modern products use natural ingredients so that there are no health or safety concerns.

Generally, what you want to do is identify an area where you want to keep snakes away. The smaller the better. Perhaps target the periphery of your home as well as the backyard area you use for socializing.

While it is possible to use a snake repellent effectively to keep multiple acres snake-free, experts usually do not recommend it. Instead, target just enough space to keep you comfortable.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Snake Repellentrattlesnake repellent

Most modern products for home use comprise natural ingredients.

Gravitate toward this kind of snake repellent spray or powder unless you know you need more.

You do not have to spend a lot. Avoid confusing sticker price with effectiveness. There are products like Ortho Snake B Gon and Dr. T’s Snake-A-Way that are relatively inexpensive but work quite well.

Know the snakes common to your area. Many products promise to repel poisonous and non-poisonous snakes, but that does not mean that they all repel all types of snakes equally well.

If you know which type of snake you want to repel, you can purchase a product that excels.

Select snake deterrents based on the area you want to keep snake-free. Some products are intended for small areas, such as a back porch, and others are meant for a couple of acres or more.

Note the instructions before you buy. These are usually available online. Does the recommended application process make sense for your property? If not, consider a different snake repellent.

Proper Precautions When Using Snake Repellents

Many snake deterrents on the market today are made with natural ingredients that trigger normal avoidance behavior in snakes. With such products, there are not any safety concerns to consider.

You can use a natural snake spray or powder without worrying about kids and pets.

Avoid products that are not registered with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Also stay away from low-quality snake deterrents that make no promises about not harming snakes. Harming snakes unnecessarily is bad for your local environment as well as the environment at large. Such a snake repellent is also likely to contain ingredients that can be harmful to people, animals and plant life.[1]

Use gloves, safety goggles and a dust mask when applying snake repellent treatments.

When finished, discard those items or set them aside in a safe place for that specific purpose.

Wash your hands thoroughly before moving on to any other activity.

A final precaution to note is to size treatments appropriately. If you apply a treatment designed for an acre around a 3-acre lot, it is not going to work effectively. Snakes will get through gaps in coverage.

Wrap Up

good snake deterrent

Be mindful to remove any snake attractants that may be in the area.

This may be impossible while camping, for instance, but at home, you can keep grass trimmed, avoid stacked wood and other concealments and avoid food items that attract mice and other small animals.

The best snake repellent will work even better when you take these steps.

How effective any particular snake spray will work depends heavily on your environment, including the snake types that are common to that area. Not every snake stopper works for all kinds of snakes.

Our last but certainly not least bit of advice is to heed the directions!

Whether you are using a snake spray or granules like Snake B Gon, it is imperative that you apply the treatment in the exact way that the manufacturer recommends for best results.

And with that, good luck being snake free!

Paul Hickman