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How Your Workout Music Can Make Your Workout Better

headphones workout

Your choice of workout music, will increase the benefit you get from your workout. You will burn more calories, build more muscle, and get a better workout for the time invested. Recent studies done on a group of cyclists back this up.

The studies showed that cyclists who pedaled in time with the workout music used 7% less oxygen to do the same work as without the workout music. The studies also showed that their endurance was increased, and their perception of how hard they were working was less than reality. Turning up the volume of your workout music slightly also showed to have a beneficial effect.

Another benefit the studies showed was, the desire to quit was reduced as compared to when not listening to workout music. Anyone who has worked out regularly with and without workout music, knows that music really does give these benefits. What you may not know, is that all music is not the same.

To get the most benefit, you want the beat of the workout music, to match the beat of your exercise. The beat of the workout music when correct, will also be close to your heartbeat. The key to the optimum workout is to determine your target heart rate, then find the music that is near your target heart rate in beats per minute.

The way to do this is to find the beats per minute of songs that you like, and group them to the type of cardio that you are going to do. If all the music you listen to during your workout, has the right beats per minute, you will have a better workout. Here is a free website that will help you determine beats per minute of many songs.

Because of the dangers of biking or running outside, in public areas, you should not wear headphones while exercising outdoors. You can’t hear cars or trains, or other people. Several people around the Twin Cities have died this summer after being hit by trains, while wearing headphones and listening to workout music.

Picking the right workout music will pump you up, make your workout go faster, and let you work out harder while feeling you didn’t work as hard. Set up the right songs and see the benefits. Be safe and use it indoors only if you use headphones.